The Rope A Dope: Big Gov vs. Crypto
Big Gov has Crypto on the Ropes? Let them believe it...

The Rope A Dope: Big Gov vs. Crypto

We may be down, up against the ropes, but we're not out. 

As Big Gov maneuvers the herd into the next Big Economic Reset  dangling tidbits (universal basic income  UBI trial balloons) to their  'non-royal'subjects , parts of the 'flock" are bolting to Crypto and some of them are "shooters", "Hunters" leading the way.

The  herd  'flight' has seen some of them (in Wyoming for instance) turn to "fight" a bit on the old playing field of Big Gov.   

Most of the herd in flight see a way out of this mess called fiat, a mess dictated by Big Gov as prescribed by their Central Bank Masters. It's my belief our choices are all better served IF,  the 'herd' generally knows about the details of their  Big Gov prescribed fate.

After that, it's up to you..

imo, 50% of the uneducated herd making up 80% of the herd might listen, inherently sense the danger of their current situation and, 'bolt to the greener pastures' of crypto's "hard store of value", in order to protect their 'fast eroding' buying power (we all have to eat, heat our homes, fuel up stay connected on the web these days). The odds say the other 50% of that 80% will stick to what they know more or less, and comply with the incumbent herd leaders (big Gov)

The #20%changeagent types  (I like to think i am in this group) are in full flight at the moment, and they are not looking back, from what I can tell.


DNA Collection is Next? It sure looks like it if you want that govt check...

So What's Next? DNA grab via COVID19 Testing then a GOVT ID so your can collect your Pogey?

It's starting to look like the actions of Big Gov in the USA is heading that way, grab your DNA via Test, offer you cash IF, you show your new DNA based ID , for the benefit of the few and not the many.


Anglerfish in a

Taking the "Big Gov" Bait, Will you do it?

Like the  Camouflaged Anglerfish with no teeth (they swallow you whole, as you go for the fake bait) Big Gov is "going to save you" with a monthly UBI check IF you comply with Big Gov use of your DNA (via the COVID19 test covertly and/or via your own compliance) coded Govt ID card. An invasion of your personal privacy? Yup. Un-constitutional? Yup (especially when govt. leader declared without a legislative assembly  majority vote under "emergency measurers" declared again without that legislative assembly vote.

TK Tip (See Bill 10 in Alberta Emergency Measures suspends your rights )-  bring your  black marker kit to see what jack boots and a small moustache would look like on the provincial "leader" there, with his Sh&t$ eating grin, disgusting...)  

Anyway you shake it,  UBI is a really, really, bad idea, it just "kicks the can down the road" for you, your children and grand children to pay from less disposable income and weakened buying power.  Hell Alberta Big Gov is already "floating the idea " of a Provincial Sales Tax to fund their largese and handouts,  where such a PST is guaranteed  to shrink disposable income buying power among voters with higher prices (Oh I keep forgetting, the herd forgets all that, every seven years...) 

So who is behind all this  Gov UBI and  Gov ID  stuff anyway and what can we do about it to protect our hard earned (or cleverly speculated) fiat gains?

Before I dive into that, it's worth noting, your rights are at stake, the choice is clear , choose 1984 or Popular Sovereignty

I have chosen the latter...

Maybe we are on the Same Side?

A New "Battle of the Ages":

Cycle? What Cycle?- ID2020 vs. the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

As this insightful circa 2012 California Political Review article shows, we have been here before.

The Cycle? It appears our long term  'herd' memory   "peters out" about year 7, as we flip flop between Big Gov QE and (Big Gov engineered) crony capitalism

When you dig a bit, its clear to See Bill Gates and the Rockfeller clan are the money and power behind ID2020 and it is linked to the vaccination agenda, where vaccines have never been proven to work. say what, that's right, there has not been a constructive effort since 1933 to prove that vaccines have ever worked via the scientific method. It's all malarkey and they know it, viruses are proven simply the best way to panic the herd.

Need your govt. UBI check? Well the caveat will be: Have you had your vaccine? Get the big picture? Can you hear the "moo-ing'?

Maybe we are all on the same side this time... when it comes to this type of Bog Gov intrusion?


Cryptos will Bounce Off the Ropes to deliver the knock-out  series of blow

Crypto will "bounce off the ropes" and

Deliver a series of Knock out Punches through 2020 and 2021:

To Big Gov (Around the world)  when they turn on their own Centralized Digital Cash Systems

The Wild Cards in all this?- CRYPTOCurrencies of PoW type... 

The thousands of You and your regular use of several cryptocurrencies using distributed  permissionless public ledgers and PoW will turn the tide in favour of the masses. (Proof of Share is the same old game those with most, control the rules of the game, sorry EOS et al, and maybe ETH too...)

Remember it only takes 4% of the population to successfully invoke change. Consider, only 20% of the people on average, really see themselves as change agents. "1 in 5".  For example: Canada w/ 34 Million people has 20 million income earners  which means to effecvt a big change Canada only needs a critical mass of 1 Million income earners to make cryptocurrency daily use a reality. In the USA they need 10 million income earners to flip the switch to crypto use to make it a sustainable reality. 

If you are in desperate income need given this plandemic and, you must take a UBI check, my advice? Buy what you need and convert  say 5% or 10% right away into cryptocurrency , as the fiat portion you will spend that week or month lives in world of runaway, govt money printing inflation eroding the value of that fiat stipend as fast as you can say fiat, with no upside, so no point leaving it in the bank, that fiat check won't earn any interest anyway.

Right now BTC Bitcoin rules the roost (64% of Market value)  as the best and most widely used  hard store of value in the world of cryptocurrency. The privacy coins worth a shout out are the typical suspects, Monero, Zcash, Dash, etc... mainly because the latter two have figured out to scale TPS ("Transactions Per Second performance) so settlement is fast (especially for small transactions) 

The Ethereum camp is talking a big game with ETH 2.0 PoS "Proof of Stake/Share" however PoW  (with it's paltry 8 TPS  will be carried forward. This means  #ETH2.0 sharding and side chains will be as important  where #ERC20 hard fork "altcoins"  use PoW moving forward for as part of the extended Ethereum crowd.


IOTA: Super Freak Heros?

The Geeky Crypto Crowd, a few are just beginning to understand:

IOTA & QUBIC- the BIG Wild Card in the Machine Economy, emerging near you..

In the nascent and, newly emerging Machine 2 Machine Industry 4.0 economy, #IOTA is making big strides with their #QUBIC effort.

QUBIC is an ensemble  of new capabilities not  really seen until now which includes:

  #QUPLA  a "JS, Solidity-like" scripting in Flow Language form,. IOTA just finished it's PoC "Proof of concept" on a binary FPGA to show Qupla will compile to it's ABRA intermediate language and that code, (to  be in future controlled by a QUBIC Smart Contract),  will  (convert to trinary/ternary) and now operate on a binary FPGA, the cheap silicon, first engineering (low volume production) step before IOTA and their partners commit to really cheap ASICs used for specific purpose, ultra low cost computing  (consuming 1/2 less power in ternary form) running  attached to sensors, meters and the like. 

Scalable PoW TPS anyone? IOTA has it now, so a good time to run the lightweight Hornet Node and, get comfortable first

This recent IOTA PoC success in the past week is important,  as IOTA also supports PoW like BTC, however in IOTA's case, it is the IoT device running as a #Hornet (lightweight running off ledger snapshots) node  which executes the two PoW puzzles before validating two other transactions to attach to its #DAG style of public permissionless distributed ledger called the #TANGLE. As PoW execution is highly distributed among many nodes verifying transactions before their own transactions themselves can be  'eligible' for verification, the  TPS has proven to be close to linear on the new test network employing distributed #Shimmer consense (No Central Co-ordinator). The IOTA #Hornet node is lightweight enough with snapshot history pf the #Tangle DL so anyone can run  #Hornet on pretty well anything, an old PC, laptop, even a linux tablet with a dual 64bit core 2Gbyte of RAM and a reasonable amount of storage. 

I expect IOTA to role out Smart Contract support for #QUBIC along with additional 3rd party gateway 'oracle' functions throughout 2020. As IOTA get's past  this recent PoC "Proof of Concept" for FPGAs and moves to ASIC support, I expect IOTA's partner BOSCH to adopt this IOTA break-thru QUBIC technology and integrate IOTA  into their existing and future IoT product lines as ASICs. 

As IOTA QUBIC Smart Contracts get rolled out (I expect later in 2020),  IOTA Hornet(snapshot history) & Full (all history) nodes will be able to participate in  IOTA Quorum epochs( job rounds) to help solve the qubics(compute jobs) attached within a network of Economic Communities (zoning of the quorum reach (available compute capabilities within the spec. of the Smart Contract qubic job requirements)  for the epoch , even in geographic sense if that is what the Smart Contract dictates...) 

It should be noted IOTA is still very much in R&D mode beyond it's current offering with great partnerships and laser like focus, so imo it's a long term buy and hold, as the price swings more or less following BTC's ups and downs. IOTA  have recovered from their latest Trinity Wallet breach about one month ago, The team responded well, however the main net was down for about 10 days, thereafter the lead founder David Sonstebo (Norway)  paid everyone back who lost value in that  Trinity Wallet breach, which is if nothing else transparency and an example of doing the right thing.  


A Little Batty? BAT without Mining? Yup...

A "Special Kind a Batty": BAT from Brave- No Mining required...but still ERC20, with decent liquidity

#BAT is a special "no mining or gas fee required" case running on a privately managed hard fork of Ethereum modified for The Brave co.'s needs in the permissioned advertising space, where advertisers buy BAT and then the buyer  spends the BAT with Brave to place Ads  on their permissioned Advertising distribution system view-able through their Brave Browser , through which  Brave shares 70% of the revenue as rewards to both content publishers and viewers of Brave  browser (user) permissioned Ads. BAT's recent convertibility via ERC20 to ETH and then conversion to other cryptos and fiat (you will pay fees to convert but they are minor) is definitely a boon for the currency, we just need the Google enslaved Advertisers to re-evaluate  their budget spend in the face of clear evidence Brave's permissioned ad targeting has higher conversion rates for BAT's market value to rise, so spread the word.  Recent partnerships at Brave for BAT will start to kick in this year to boost use for day to day purchases via gift cards per my earlier post here     ;)

Crypto delivering a Series of Knockout punches over 2020-21 : Big Gov to the floor..

So when will we see this Series of Crypto Knock out Punches by Cryptos?

2020-2021...starting now...

The quicker you all starting using the above cryptos and more...for daily purchases of goods and services..., the quicker the knockout happens..

The USA,  which represents 50% of the world economy,  really only needs 10 million souls to shift into the space even part time , to initiate the greatest event of our time #FEXIT  (Fiat exit to crypto and other hard stores of value) . Clearly, getting consumers to buy and sell the bigger items home and car using crypto will rapidly shift the advantage to "we the people" away from fiat fueled Big Gov. 

The choice is ours 

Fight, Flight or Freeze, the choice is yours, mine is #FEXIT

Cryptocurrency Use in 2020:- 'The Flight' of a Fiat Insider

to close off, I point to one recent relevant example, a former Goldman Sachs Executive who is shifting his portfolio to BTC mostly...

It's worth a read, as the article emphasizes the above quite clearly, from the perspective of a fiat investor veteran, living on the inside(of the borg)

For the record I am not a fan of or have ever been involved in GS, just sayin.. ;)

TK over an' Out!



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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012
Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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