FEXIT to Crypto: The Bond Apocalypse is Coming- Global Economic Reset
FEXIT to Crypto - Avoid on the Oncoming Bond Apocalypse
FEXIT to Crypto: The Bond Apocalypse is Coming- Global Economic Reset

The #FEXIT "Fiat Exit to Crypto" is well underway, if you are tracking the Whales.

#Kraken deposits from Fiat to Crypto up 98% in just a month or so? hmm..

What's got them Whales spooked?

The Bond Apocalypse: The Next Really BIG Show...

Really nothing, other than they have inside info as to the time frame in which the REALLY BIG SHOW, is coming to a wrecked economy near you, the Bondpocalypse, which is 13X the value of ALL Stock markets today.

The #Bondpocalypse, likely coined way back in 2013 by Max Keiser, host of "The Keiser Report"  has finally arrived, courtesy the #plandemic trigger of COVID19(Post virus Forensics will be for sure of "911" quality). Max identified the problem a long time ago, now that the "Black Swan" event is in play, (COVID19) having crushed the overblown values of the Stock markets world wide by at least 35% and likely more over the next 9 months or so (this is only round 1, the QE "money printing" pumps have steadied the markets, for now), the REALLY Big Show takes centre stage.

Dr. Shiva the inventor of email also has an interesting take here on COVID19 in his campaign run for a Senate Seat in the USA, where  Dr. Shiva "takes a round out of Fauci" debunking everything he says with hard science on his Twitter feed, If you agree sign his #FIREFAUCI petition

The Horror: 'Kicking the Can down the Road' for Future Generations to Pay

Bondpocalypse Now- for the next 12 months or so..The Scream Edvard Munch 1895 pastel

At a (currently) estimated US $100K per citizen (US Bailout now underway) expect your tax bills to rise and manifest as a "tax payer funded" bailout over the next five to 10 years (after 2025, how convenient). The signalling is clear, The Trump Administration may turn a (deservingly) blind eye to private equity bailouts  or he may not, if this happens it will enable these types to buy up everything at a bargain basement price...

See how your wealth is transferred to a few vested interests?


DailyMail UK Article Swimming w 50ft Hump Back Whale

 What's the Fix? follow the Whales.. FEXIT to hard stores of value ASAP... Crypto, Metals, Land, start using Barter, Grow a Food Garden

Most of us as small investors have little room to maneuver. That said, any small amount of fiat which can be converted toward BTC backed investments is a good move and likely to see the conversion/buy/trade execute quickly on most exchanges.

The #BTC halving is coming, down to US$ 6.4K per reward, mined as the hash rate doubles, a veritable #hardening of Bitcoin's "store of value" characteristics.

The other "hard store value" choices are to snap up land (at a fair price) and, start stacking #SILVER or make a physical #GOLD purchase (if you can get one done, at a fair price).

Also quality "true value add" Altcoins like #BAT with good liquidity into #ETH is a two step way into crypto "hard stores of value"

Crisis? What crisis? It sure aint COVID-19  - Heads up the Bond Apocalypse is coming fast

Why Now?: Never Let a good crisis go under utilized: Engineering the #s for more Power and Control- FEXIT to Crypto Now

The current #Plandemic and the truth behind it  is serving the purpose of its inventors to: a- gather in more power through citizen reduction of rights while at the same time;  b-  generate more wealth via the bailouts AND; c- reduce public and private exposure to pension plan payouts/burdens by reducing the number of people faster and the size of the payout(CPI inflation #s).

You don't want to get caught in this financial mess. 

In the face of this "continuity of the status quo" Gambit, we as investors and consumers have a clear choice to FEXIT to crypto and start using it more frequently or not. 

Mad Max Barter Town

WE can all FEXIT at least partly, start using barter and, also invest in other hard assets like land, silver, metals, a food garden, etc..,

In practical day to day terms, we also need to start using barter to manage the exchange of goods and services,  grow a food garden and learn how to dry, preserve and freeze the excess garden food we grow.

For those hunters and fishermen, or farmers growing livestock, I expect your skills will also be in demand.

It's clear with the current state of affairs being what they are,  we have all reached the fork in the road for sure.

IMO it's time to make some good "hard" choices , FEXIT being one of them, to help start and create a sound, principled economic foundation needed based on "hard stores of value", doing it now to create a better world for our children and grandchildren in the near future.

Protect yourselves and your hard earned (or cleverly speculated) gains and start working towards your own:


TK over and out...




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50% Big Losses on Power Grid EveryWhere! The Fix.
50% Big Losses on Power Grid EveryWhere! The Fix.

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