BAT on the Jan to June Ramp: Towin' a BTC Ride to 4X

BAT on the Jan to June Ramp: Towin' a BTC Ride to 4X

In RT(Real Time),  I see a Nice Market Dip Buy opp for BAT to buy Bat IMO.  The early turnaround hot uptick of smart Buyers coming in on Chainlink and Tezos are decent early indicators the dip is coming to an end. profits have been taken to fund March break holidays, big toys and new 2020 investments needing fiat, a harvesting if you like driven mainly by Whale programmed algorithms not significantly modified since last year.. ;)

As far as BAT goes,  the smart money has known what the main stream media is now trumpeting, COVID-19 is pandemic,  their "scattering" of value  began then to harder stores of value in metals and guaranteed dividend yielding stocks like utilities first, with a high risk profile slice heading back into crypto happening right about now from which BAT is poised to benefit because their value delivery model is really, really sound. 

'Permissioned' base advertising purchases with BAT, are placed into the Brave Browser world  for users  on a 'permissioned' basis, meaning, if the advertiser gets the click thru and view, the conversion rate to a purchase is much higher than 1%, closer to 3% or more depending on the offer (Much better than  junk email or paper mail advert conversions). All good.

On that note, last September I recognised a repeat behavior in the Whale authored crypto trading algorithms driving a large percentage of the Buy/Sell  order log offer transactions for BTC  and to some degree ETH, on which most popular cryptos being largely speculative gambling tables, ride.

There are a few alt-coins which truly add new value beyond speculative gains and secure (maybe even 100% private) transactions, which in many ways daily are detached from the BTC magnet, but only partly.

BAT imo, is indeed one of those value-add alt-coins with a really decent biz model which delivers great service to online users of their Brave Browser and is indeed getting a BTC tow,  a tow up the ramp January to June which IMO will out perform most other alt-coins and BTC itself in the Jan to June Ramp,  a ramp building and happening as we read this post. (Yeah there are some minor holiday dip buy opportunities like the one RIGHT NOW and whale market manipulation along the way, so investor beware.)


BAT poisedfor 4X Big Air Jan2Jun2020! 


BAT 4X BIG AIR Jan to Jun. 2020: A Distinct Possibility and Nobel Value Add Cause.

4X is my topside BAT estimate based on the 2020 Spring Ramp starting from Mid January at  BAT US$ 16 cents, which means any savvy investor believing in the crypto market influencing mechanisms  (largely human in nature executed with robotic precision) I have described in earlier posts will see the BAT price crest as early as late May and as late as end of June this year somewhere around US $ 0.64 cents per BAT. (barring of course any crypto being stolen from BAT's internal private ETH blockchain, which is highly unlikely..)

Could the brave souls at Brave start circulating  unscheduled Air Drops and bigger ad watch tip incentives some of the un-issued BAT to take the edge off the Spring Ramp? Well anything is possible and, investors should be vigilant in both regards. (Run the Brave Browser to watch per ad tip award amounts based on your own permission settings for Ad watching in Brave and stay on top of Brave Press releases and you will be covered)

I like Brave's advert model and the speed of their Browser a lot. Coming from the world of tech, having "swum in a sea of IETF RFCs" for many years. I get what Marshall Rose and Brendan Eich are up to, trying to break Google's stranglehold on online advertising, where the latter is really likely to get served up a big US govt. Anti-Trust suit post 2020 Election, should Mr. Trump win the day.

A vote for BAT, is in a way, a vote for Free Market Capitalism with privacy built in, which should rule the day in the Republic in October's 2020 Election, should such an anti-trust suit finds it's way into the US courts which leads to the break up of Google businesses into smaller "walled off" parts to stop them from bundling and sharing data among their different business, a strategy Google employs today (as MS did in the 1990s, Where did Lotus 123 go anyway?) to squeeze out the competition,  largely an AI driven analysis of big data , which enables this squeeze play, data that was never theirs in the first place. 

The post election outcome, should it be Orange Man colored,  will be the biggest conundrum for the US left coast, in that they make their money doing one thing well (concentrating wealth beyond belief)  as part of the FAANG gang and by their actions and words, say another through their politically charged megaphones.  Reminds me of the Roman god Janus. (two faces which one will see today?)

Anyway, please keep "an eye out" for Brave BAT "Basic Attention token" , all the signs are there BAT will get towed up the BTC Jan to June 2020 Ramp, barring some world changing event,  with a 3X increase in value over that period driven by algorithmic Whale trading looks to be a cinch, maybe even going to 4X at the peak before summer.

TK over and Out!



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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012
Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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