KULTUR TKOs Issue #002: AI on a Crypto Smart Contract LEASH- For Humanity's Sake
The AI Monster is Real, roaming around like a free range chicken, because the Whale Crypto Investors like it that way...

KULTUR TKOs Issue #002: AI on a Crypto Smart Contract LEASH- For Humanity's Sake

Ready Fire, Aim!

Elon opens his 'Trap' and the MSM Jumps on his every word, to get those Clicks and Ad Revenue $ from Big Daddy Google, AI Style

MSM Blaring away about Musk 's view of BTC and DOGE 14 May 2021 Dsearch First Fold

Did the MSM AI driven Search, fed by ML Machine Learning Web Crawlers get their job done?

You bet they did and do, every time.

In this #002 issue of KULTUR TKOs,  we dig a bit deeper through all the SC platform 'noise' to uncover a few nuggets  in #IOTA 's upcoming Smart Contract release, expected to be MVP ready by year's end according to my internal sources at IOTA.


AI did it, with some help from HARRP?

The New AI Order of Crypto World: Fin Tech Order Router Powered Pricing- The Crypto FinTech Fiasco

Let's take a look at the 'Crypto Disaster Recipe in the Making Numero Uno',

aka 'How to Sop-up Fiat inflation and get crypto rich fast then divest  the speculations into hard physical & work  value to crash it all': 

First, Listen to Elon Musk News (with his masters already positioned to win), second have AI react accordingly.., and have your AI be faster than every other  AI driven Order Router at executing your AI dynamically changing  price position at the right time. (Humans be damned!). 

"First Fold" SEO Results,  those first few entries you from your search result,  get most all of the Google Ad Revenue, because those First Fold posts get all the Eye Balls, the 'click thru', which means those eyeballs, in this case, see MSN, CNBC Yahoo and Bloomberg Ads first, where a certain percent actually click thru the actual ads shown, making the ad payout even bigger to these  MSM outlets, who receive revenue by those entities posting the actual ads on the MSM page shown in the first fold search.

Such Short Term AI/ML automated and Enabled capabilities have also  create huge Investor Gains in the fiat and crypto worlds of Fin Tech, which ironically almost always end in Human Rate Payer Pain ie- loss of human buying power on Main St.

DOGE holders thank you. BTC short sellers thank you. The hidden hands behind big Crypto world thanks you, a lot!

It used to be largely natural weather events moved markets daily around the globe, then there was AI enhanced and gamed the weather events with help from HAARP, Now AI responds in kind to anything it wishes to move markets, including Ole' Elon. 

Average human beings trying to eke out a living so they can pay for groceries and gas weekly, get to pay or the gains with higher prices, caused by hyper-inflation of fake prices everywhere, because none of this market price action is based on anything other than gamesmanship or Order Routers driven by AI, each trying to outsmart the other to increase store of value gain. 

AI is in control, make no mistake of the world's financial markets, guided by the hidden hands of the powers that have been and should not be, sort of.

Putting the Leash on A for Humanity's sake and survival of you and the generations that come after, is where crypto and DLT and Multi-Sig Wallets and Colored Coins can actually really shine, especially when its all linked via /distributed public ledgers running eVoting and eGovernance, with full electorate Transparency and inescapable political accountability. 

Good Principled Communities of Crypto will eventually take on this challenge, the question really is will it be too little and too late?


So who really is in Charge? AI or Us?

Galactic Empire to Humans: "Get your Shite together, otherwise expect to Perish at the hands of Borg Tethered AI"

Which is why there is a pressing need for Human Control of AI/ML Everywhere, yet most of the world is asleep to one of the biggest threats to Humanity , no operating in your smartphone, guided by AI hosted in a Data Centre or Colo site near you.

The un-attended, unrestricted,  AI directed impact on humanity's ability to function in daily life is readily apparent simply by looking at the average person's buying power eroded before their very eyes. A simple test of this fact is validated simply by checking the price of a loaf of bread in your local store. In Canada a good organic loaf of bread is CDN $5.99 or US $ 4.91 (exchange rate of US 82 cents to buy CDN $1)

The fact is, in the Fin Tech space of fiat today,  most AI/ML machines and their Order Router algorithms are largely left unattended (little and infrequent human oversight) doing their thing, on behalf of their well vested masters, with their admins tuning their behaviour every week or so after a week of trading mayhem,  a condition also mirrored identically in the world of crypto Fin Tech. (Because the techies come from the same place building that AI/ML and the related Order Routers, those big fiat financial entities where they first learned and plied their casino gaming skills in the 'old' markets of fiat stocks, bonds and commodities trading.)

So what about SEC regulation? lol.., don't take me there in the comments section. I will never stop laughing.

We can all agree I think, having the same kids who eat most of the candy watch over the candy shop is never a good setup.

Time for Humanity to assume an Adult Stance and put the AI-armed Whale Children and their shenanigans in place.


Hmm, who is driving the Big show anyway? Aliens, AI or Humans?

The Missing Links in AI/ML control: Humans Needed. with Principles, 

SC Multi-Sig Sign-offs & Severe Staking Penalty  & Trader Reputation Downscore Consequences for Bad AI Driven Trading Actions

Financial market controls voted on by the people, administered by the people's elected representative, based on the financial platform they were elected on in the first place, in plain sight, all the time, for all the people to see.

(transparency in the vote and the follow on budget & regulatory   adherence and/or formation to the elected representatives financial platform goals.)

We also discuss a few thoughts about how to reign in the application of AI/ML in the Fintech space, to re-create a set of financial markets based on re-created , next gen fair financial market practices using crypto tech, designed to well benefit humanity and the principled investor alike. 

In this issue, at TKOs, we seek to go beyond conventional financial market thinking and dream BIG.  Fair Market Capitalism is one label that might be applied, in the end the people (and your comments will nudge us all in the right direction)

What is certain though is AI/ML driven Order Routing wars are now revving a all time high trade velocities, which mke it virtually impossible to discover price properly for anything in crypt, never mind the totally rigged fiat based markets.

This past October, 2020 IOTA took a bold step forward with it's pre-Alpha release of their Smart Contracts on the WASP Test network , complete with a few working examples to try out, in an effort to get community feedback to better guide the IOTA SC effort,7 months later today,  it looks like in another 7 months of effort by the core IOTA team focused on SCs will see the IOTA community could get their hands on IOTA SC MVP capabilities, likely first running on the WASP test network for public use, and more or less ready for integration into commercially, privately forked variants of WASP  and BEE/Hornet distributed parallel node network.

In the means time AI still rules the roost most everywhere and is advancing fast.

Heck even ole' Elon is 'afeared'. (or a minimum that is the fear porn he and his masters are selling..)



Step Right up, Pick your Favourite Gambling Table! AI Driven Crypto Casinos Rule.

Yup, it's pre-Castro Cuba all over again, rife with Crony Capitalists, one upping each other up and down the Crypto 7000 List.

Can Regulations determine the shape of the crypto future? Partly.

It's a symbiotic effect in conjunction with  crypto fin tech world advancements.

That is if a viable model emerges to reign in crypto fin tech AI/ML driven market behaviour with Smart Contracts and oracles, then imo, we should be looking at this, like yesterday.

Without trusted Price Discovery coupled with Regulated control of AI behaviour via some combination of SCs and Multi-signature wallets forcing Colored Coin staking within the trading window, with penalties enforced automatically,  'Free Range' AI will continue to rule as it wishes, human control be damned.


Yeah it's a Complicated LEASH, No Pain No Gain when Humanity is playing for all the Marbles against AI

Humanity's LEASH on AI- What it might look like, IOTA SC Enabled

Reigning in runaway AI/ML Driven Crypto Markets starts with trusted , deterministic price discovery, you either have it or you don't.

That is the bid and ask positions are Staked with heavy penalties attached for early or late  withdrawal of your price position. Build a reputation score of being honest and you get a tax break, get caught over and over again and your tax rates escalate , three strikes you are out and you go to prison.

Above is an Archimate 3.0 diagram scratched out by moi, on diagrams.net extension tool for Chrome(Brave) added to my  free Gsuite, which I use from time to time.  Done so for my own edification and understanding, I have sketched out  visually how SCs and multi-sig wallets could interact in order to control  AI directed attachment of Applications needing Fast Storage as A Service with AI reacting to ML Machine elements doing the advice work in reaction to actual hard deterministic price feeds... It's a mouthful and,

sounds hard, but in today's world, what do you do? Arrest the  AI riven Order Router Code running in an Amazon or Digital Ocean Container?

Stand back and take it? Nope.

ASk yourself this question? Which Human signed on to let this 'Free Range' AI/ML action happen in the first place?

AI/ML is running the Show and you, the human investor, has no chance but to mimic AI's behaviour , 'coat tailing AI's market moves.

AI in this form is a Humanity extinction level, happening right now, at ever faster rates, daily.

Humans need to get back in control of AI/ML everywhere, like yesterday and, be held accountable if they are not in control, asap.

It's that simple.

But how?

Crypto Smart Contracts save the day? Sure but from what and from whom really, why?

The fact is, today, High velocity Buying/Selling in the crypto world by AI/ML driven Order Routers controlled by Whales leaves the rest of Humanity behind and, Economically Poorer as a Result, right now, with it getting worse every day. (Just follow bread prices at your store to better understand the hidden inflation impact of higher artificially gamed AI set prices authorized by Whale Crypto Investors and their Masters.)



Rage Against the AI/ML Machines? Yup, Smart Contract and Multi-Sig Wallet Style - Colored Coins Included

Humans Running AI as a Token Operated Car Wash, to be our bitch...

Rage against the Regulators? That too.

Rage against the architects building this Stuff?

Not really, because the regulators don't have a clue how to fix this for the people.

Seriously, State Legislators need to step in the way they do to regulate State Gambling most everywhere.

But first you have to give them the education and tools to argue the case, which comes down to producing an open reference platform which van make use of most any SC, oracle and DL platform to actually reign in AI/ML, not just in crypto Fintech markets but in all Fin tech market and most any market that AI/ML touches.

Frankly, cleaning up all the Crypto Whale Acts currently running the big show with Free Range AI will take time, effort and a great deal of crypto tech to make it happen for the sake of all humanity

Imo, IOTA and a few other emerging 2nd Generation (post Ethereum) SC platforms do have both the low power consumption and micro transaction TPS scale to build the AI LEASH. So we have the tools, we just need the right open forum and  clear impetus to pull an AI LEASH reference platform together, which every crypto community interested can trust to fork and thereby rapidly create their own value add variants for different markets.

Thereafter, the Regulators will have no choice but to step up and put the LEASH on AI, for humanity's sake.

In upcoming KULTUR TKOS issue 003, this coming early June 2021, we  will dive a bit deeper into the AI Threat to Humanity,  to see what a solution looks like with some detail and, how we might all work together in the crypto community across various projects to create Humanity's AI LEASH reference platform, sooner rather than later.

We will also explore how IOTA's Selv fits into the overall picture to validate identify before granting access to multi-signatures controlling the IOTA WASP hosted Smart Contracts directing AI behaviour., so lots to cover.... ;)

Until then, 

TK over and out.



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