GO GNOMES GNO: Go Language for Smart Contracts in GNO.LAND- REVENGE of the GNOLANDERs

Ok ONbloc the South Korean coding power behind many of the recent Gno.Land early material efforts posted on Github designed to get GO developers into the DApps and Smart Contract space of Blockchain, is  largely powering serial blockchain inventor Jae Kwon who is chasing that huge gaming market hard.


A  pure altruistic move? not.  


That said who can blame Mr. Tendermint for fleeing the Interchain Foundation for greener pastures?

(imo no one needs such #WEF collective 'bum wad' stuck to their foot to drag them into the CH  A_  #BIS , right?)

( all the while is still staying connected to the COSMOS Network with a hub,  coming our way  next year in 2024)


Kwon, the self proclaimed Head GNOME of has been on a mission the past 18 months or so to make GNOlang the  gaming Smart Contract language of choice by showing the world of gaming in Korea what GO language can bring in the way of innovation to Smart Contracts and Dapps. 


Making ATOM Great Again?  GNOT and GNOlang GRC20/721 based Smart Contracts and Dapps might just be the indirect GNOT token tonic from which ATOM Hodlrs could really benefit.

OK how does that work?   


To play in you must buy GNOT with ATOM. More interest and use of ATOM is a good thing.

(good thing its not named,   otherwise we would all be buying SNOT.   I could not resist, sorry Jae!  ;)   ) 

Given the plethora of related sites, as far as I can tell GNOT is not here yet.

However, imo there will be a day coming soon where GNOT powered Gaming in Korea will surface in a big way.

Will it require games to stake GNOT to play Maybe.

More details on  GNOTonomics will be forthcoming in future TKO reports. 

One thing is for sure though, the same COSMOS voting privileges tied to staking your vote to proposals or issues  'yes/no' or 'abstain' or 'dont bother' still applies to, where many ATOMs are sure to flee (with the promise of big upside use and price rise of both GNOT and ATOM).

That said though will be its own L1 Blockchain hub and will likely sprout multiple gaming side-chains with Dapps and GNOlang SCs galore running on new Rust VMs governed by Tendermint2.  


To Stake or not to Stake that is the Question? (Per Issue or Proposal)


Your ATOMs in ?


Shifting the Balance of Voting Power the COSMOS way, to GNO.Land 'staked collectives'


In reading Jae Kwon's  'canon event'  related Medium post a second time, when one really thinks about his thoughts on voting a bit more,   each voting block is really it's own 'collective like-minded stake' in COSMOS.   In this sense, per issue or proposal voted on, this 'collective stake' shrinks and expands its 'staking interest' accordingly.    


Is COSMOS a mob rule democracy like CH Kantons?   No.  


I personally have been and lived there for seven long yrs (CH) and observed that voting in action many times.


The CH system sort of works some of the time at the municipal level,  which now a days,  causes every 'Swissie' to evote on their mobile phone most all of the time,  


So the CH form of democracy at that municipal 'county'(Kanton) level is a different type of frenetic voting confusion or fluster aimed the CH herd's way, forcing the voter to read up on the issues of the day.


(Thank you Napoleon)


keeping all CH citizens off balance (imports can't vote), most all of the time.

(impe it's Not good to be a CH tourist on a voting day, as you're likely to get nipped or chirped at in a way you  won't like.)     


Is COSMOS Voting like a Republic  ie- the good ole' USA?  


Not really.  


COSMOS voting mechanism is  really something else, something most of us have not experienced before.  


To see how COSMOS proposal voting works go to


where you can see transparently how each of the #COSMOS 'staked collectives' actually vote on different proposals.

(and who generally hates/opposes who in the COSMOS Network, depending on the proposal)  


Imo COSMOS is more like a bunch of competing 'pooling of interest agreements',  


each with their own collective stake view, which will change proposal to proposal, inside the staked collective, after they have read and digested the proposal (actually know the issues and figure out the likely outcomes before they vote, how novel, an educated voter)  


where the parties 'with-in' the staking collective generally have a shared 'outward' view of how things should be and vote that way (after dealing with and sorting out their own internal politics to come to one conclusion on how to vote as a group),  


voting as single unit of staked value in the context of the issue or proposal placed in front of them and the other staked collectives for a vote.  


The amount of ATOM staked, large or small, staked on the issue/proposal to support their vote position, is an indication of how interested any of the participating staked collectives are in influencing the vote outcome of that issue or proposal.  


Because the size of the stake is dynamically elastic per issue/proposal and reflects the level of interest in the outcome by each of the staking collectives, proportionately balanced by other staking interest  'weighted' voting power,


one could say COSMOS is in fact a Dynamically Staked Collective Democracy governed by the COSMOS consensus(Tendermint) voting mechanism driving the direction of multiple staked collectives in what is really a Confederation of Staking Collective Democracies.    


Is the COSMOS voting settlement mechanism a 'supreme court' in the current sense or understanding of that phrase?

(as Kwon suggests in the above post link)  


Not really, as voting attendance by staking collectives is not mandatory per issue or proposal.  


One might then reasonably label the COSMOS voting settlement mechanism as a Distributed Participator Collective Court (DPCC?),   overseeing the prosperity, growth and safety of what is really the COSMOS Confederation of Participating Staked Collectives.   (CCPSC?)  Yet another HUB and many more staked voting collectives coming to COSMOS?  


So what is Jae Kwon really up to?  


Imo  Kwon's project has the potential to transform a lot of South Korean game developers using other blockchain SC and DApp tech to migrate rapidly to GNOlang Smart Contracts and DApps.  


Such a SC developer  foothold in what is a giant South Korean gaming market would imo,  


bring a sizeable number of other staked, gaming developer powered voting collectives into the COSMOS because ATOMs are used to get GNOT     


and     that growth in ATOM Stakeholders in S. KOREA will 


start to really influence which way the COSMOS cryptoverse  really rolls, in a big way.    


Revenge of the GNO.landers coming to the COSMOS  Interchain Foundation's way?   


Imo  this very much looks like a gamer developer mob slaying/re-balancing of voting power coming the Interchain Foundation Cadre's way.


Nice work Jae.  :)    


Stay Tuned for more fun and excitement, as there is never a dull moment in the COSMOS Network.    


TK over and out.  


ps- MotherWEFers watch out, the GNOlanders are coming for you.  ;)

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