CRYPTO TKOs ISSUE #010: Cloud 9 for Cardano closing in on 1/4 of ETH Market Cap, What's Best/Next for SC Developers?
Cloud Nine for Cardano, seriously chasing  Ethereum's Number #1 Smart Contract Market Segment Leader

CRYPTO TKOs ISSUE #010: Cloud 9 for Cardano closing in on 1/4 of ETH Market Cap, What's Best/Next for SC Developers?

Fast than a speeding Bullet.

That would be ADA these days in the world of Crypto, as Investors start to wake up to who the next Smart Contract Leaders will be in the next few years in the world of crypto and business.

Yesterday CARDANO's ADA was 1/4 of Ethereum's Market Cap, with ETH rebounding today to wide the gap ever so slightly.

Yes, the venerable Ethereum, now heading into its 8th year will be around and prevalent in the SC market segment.

After all, (way too) many ETH protocol ERC20 centric developers have staked their careers in the Javascript like language of Solidity to write on chain Ethereum Smart Contracts to support their respective new value add services/products business models. My Advice in this respect is for Solidity developers to deliberately carve out 2-4 hours on the weekends, over the next month,to look at CARDANO and Haskell, to CYA at all costs and, here is why..,

Cold War Propaganda Film What to do in case of a Nuclear Blast

Easy to Learn, Not really a "Haskell" after all: There's money in them there SC creation Jobs for CARDANO!

How quickly the education institutions at all levels secondary and post secondary,  turn into CARDANO educating students in business and computing science at all levels, will be one of the major driving forces to watch and will determine how quickly we see Haskell's adoption by nw and existing developers of SCs on the way to  becoming the pre-eminent scripting language for Smart Contracts.

The 'stars look aligned' right now for CARDANO and Haskell, imnsho. ;)

In this regard, do expect the Business Schools to be all over Haskell, adding this relatively new SC Scripting language for CARDANO into their Information Systems Curriculum.

Does it matter if the Compute Science Departments embrace Haskell? Yup, that is if they want to keep their enrollment levels up.  (Higher margin 'Bums in virtual seats' these days with more online post secondary education offers out there, so first mover advantage to Haskell curriculum will 'rule the day' in the coming year or so)

Some Haskell History here.

OK maybe SC Developers should take notice of Haskell and Cardano? yuh Think?

Haskell: The Great Ethereum 'Flippening' Retort?

CARDANO's HAskell just might be the 'Flippening Spoiler' in all that ETH 'flap'- Here's 5 reasons why:

(Refer to this post to understand the Flippening, the dreamed of day when the Market Cap Value of the ETH community is larger than BTC)

1. The Ethereum community is so badly fragmented and bleeding developers left and right as we speak. Long on promises and short on delivery of new value, as well decent job opportunities for up and comers just graduated, Anyone with Java Script skills can make the transition to either Ethereum or Cardano. If you  are recent grad of a business  or computer science program and have a big student loan to pay off, I know the one Scripting language I would be picking at the moment and, it starts with Haskell and ends with Cardano.

2. The Twin Phoenix's of Ethereum, born with former Ethereum Co-founders,  are on a relentlessness mission at both CARDANO and DOT, to woo developers over to their respective camps. Polkadot, the makers of the altcoin DOT, are still very much an Ethereum play and, additionally an Inter-Blockchain Router of sorts.  Cardano, while not delivering the same functionality at the moment as Polkadot, clearly has the capabilities to enter the Inter-Blockchain Router & Settlement market segment from a position of UTXO accounting strength, (UTXO is how LTC and BTC and IOTA operate.)

TK tip- The players in the UTXO ecosystem of crypto settlement mentioned are actually 3X+ larger than DOT+ETH and all their  shared ERC20 protocol based and 'forked' altcoin derivatives today.

3. Haskell- It's a Business Scripting language and serves the Smart Contract world of crypto much more precisely than Solidity (The JS look a like), the where latter is more free form (Prone to more developer errors?), the former more structured and easier to read.

4. CARDANO and LTC are on good terms at the Csuite level. More collaboration coming in the area of Wrapper support for LTC to allow developers to Use CARDANO to wrap other UXTO assets like LTC to create yield farm and  aggregator/balancer solutions with CARDANO in the UXTO world? Yup because nobody likes paying fees  and stable coins pegged to UD or Euro currencies in the big Western  Markets are here to stay.

5. BTC Lightning-. Yeah its been a 'slug' getting the Bitcoin BTC Lightning Network up and running and getting the adoption and real transaction use going in retail and services sectors. Certainly the Tesla deal supporting purchase of CARS using BTC and more BTC purchasing coming in Real Estate, will  likely tip the market a bit back to BTC in terms of MARket CAp Share versus Ethereum and, CARDANO is posed to help, thus  ensuring Bitcoin's place as a wrapped asset in UTXO land (avoiding BTC fees)  operating within  yield farm and aggregation operator tokenized wrapper solutions (the heir apparent forms of Crypo DEFI Fintech already replacing the use of traditional fiat based mutual funds). CARDANO looks to be set to lead in the 'wrapper' area powering the yield space, very shortly, that is, if Charles Hoskinson is man of his word (per a recent video).


Some things do change... Even BC comics , it just takes time to digest the forces in play effecting the change

'COBOL 3.0'- Haskell operating on the CARDANO Public Distributed Ledger- Biz Ready to "SC" Rock

If JAVA programming language can be thought of 'COBOL 2.0' replacing the IBM Business Programming Language of Yore, COBOL, then Haskell is the replacement for JAVA in many respects, since much of what runs on JAVA is in fact , a Browser based or Applet based Java SCript front end (the 'ECMAscript' VM modified in language terms to look a lot like Java). 

Will there be ups and downs with Haskell, yes, but only when the documentation sucks and, in CARDANO's case they are doing a credible job in that area, for now. Active online education. lots of templates to jump start projects and people readily available in their developer 'Community', ready to lend a helping hand are key to maintaining momentum, for now.


Think about it there are better alternatives...for SC development now in play, Haskell and Cardano, IOTA and many others

VISION,  Direction, Strategy: CARDANO's future RoadMap- How 'good' is it?

So far, CARDANO has not had to pivot in reaction to changing market dynamics in the crypto world.  While the artist name labels for each phase are a bit over the top and somewhat abstract, CARDANO is well organized and did pull off a virtual convention stretched over a few weeks quite well during this "new normal" shite. So Kudos in that regard.

Will CARDANO adjust to the impending "Old Normal 2.0 Variant" when the marketing pendulum swings back to more personal 'face to face' events being added in e near future post #facediaper #lockdown, as  developers and, especially business people, get tired of Zoom isolation?

We will see.

For now though, in my books, for the next year or so, CARDANO will continue to grow in Market Cap valuation terms and, also additional main street value to the developer, growing likely at a faster rate than either Ethereum or Polkadot (Less Spin more RoadMap and deliverables please), which means SC developer market share will grow as well for CARDANO quite rapidly (the kids graduating need quality jobs and I expect  any smart biz operator will come to their own conclusions CARDANO is the better strategic, lower risk (less SC maintenance muss) choice for the next few years).

'In a nutshell',  CARDANO is poised to win big developer market share because of a faster rate of SC developer adoption of Haskell.


LTC Leader Jimmy Song has some wise SC words posted here... What's Next in 2021? Real MainStream Fintech and Biz  Production Apps powered by SCs & DLT.

The New SC King? Will CARDANO get to Ethereum's Market Cap level by end of 2022?

Maybe, as Ethereum currently shows a downward trend in its price under the immediate double pressure and rapid rise of both CARDANO and PolkaDot. (Wise words on SCs from #LTC Founder Jimmy Song circa 2018)

it's not out of the "realm of possibility", that,  in 2 Years,  CARDANO could be on top in SC space, IF CARDANO execute everything just right, per their road map AND, no unforeseen exogenous market forces 'tip over' this well designed house of CARDANO.

(A Meteor from outer space is the only thing that comes to mind at the moment, which could change CARDANOs's fortune quickly :) )

So that's the TK story and, I am stickin' to it for now.

I promise I will revisit in six months to checkout the progress of all three, post US Election fallout, coming your way, right now.

TK over and out. ;)











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