CRYPTO TKOs ISSUE #007: NYC AI is "Running the Table": IOTA & BAT up Next?
NYC AI Sharks run the TOP100 Table in Crypto pocketing profits, high value delivery plays IOTA and BAT next?

CRYPTO TKOs ISSUE #007: NYC AI is "Running the Table": IOTA & BAT up Next?

In the Billiard hall, "running the table" is well understood.

In Crypto, right now, AI is doing the same.

As NYC goes, so does LonDon, when these big league finance sharks enter the fray, anything goes and most everything goes in the market, up and down more frequently, the way such Sharks like it.

So you better be a Killer Whale hodling a very fast bunch of "bottle-nosed porpoise" like , agile cryptos, all of which are able to "hold their own" against the sharks (A well aimed series of deceptive thrusts from many porpoises  in the ribs sometimes take sharks out completely, if they aren't paying attention). 

As the Sharks run the table Top 100 in crypto, their next few "shots" aimed at "pocketing BIG profits" look to be emerging on the backs of IOTA and BAT, two long standing well known cryptocurrencies focused on very different markets, the former on the Machine Economy, the latter on the emerging Permissioned-based Advertising market set to show  under different country laws in 2022.

In this ISSUE #007, lets first take a look at the resurgent fortunes of #BAT and what the Brave Browser Co. is doing to steer themselves and their Hodlers toward even greater prosperity.

Stockpiling Almonds During Harvest - The Almond Doctor

How Much BAT remains un-issued? BAT Inflation Tsunami coming = BIG price suppression/drop shock ?

Much has been said about the un-issued BAT sitting on the sidelines. Yes, their have been 'security' and 'policy' challenges, all now well addressed.

Is the #BAT development and management team absolutely Tier 1? IMO yes. Are they focused with a good roadmap and delivering value well?


Personally I don't worry so much about the extra BAT "on the sidelines" waiting to get into the game, Brendan Eich at #Brave is a lot smarter than that, as the consumption and re-spend of BAT on Permissioned based Advertising placement as distributed, to the ever more popular Brave Browser (5X faster) growing Legion of Brave Fans (12M strong and largely techie and crypto types?), Advertising protection ready for the 2022 regulations and, the pooling of BAT in liquidity pools or balancers with more exchanges adding direct conversion liquidity pair will easily absorb the extra BAT now parked on the sidelines. Absorption  of BAT into the Main St. and Crypto Financial market segments will be  largely Advertising market segment driven. Heck even the popular crypto hardware wallets support BAT (as they do IOTA).

What is as interesting,  is the BAT commercial network growth,  which went well in 2019 (those placing ads via the Brave Advertising network paying in BAT), only to take a growth hiatus for most of 2020, after the big Crash in March 2020 of the entire worldwide market of everything for WEC/CB related reasons, which we wont "get into" in this post. ;)

I have just hit 500 subscribers on Publish0x

The Publish0x BAT Vanishing Act, Revisited with hindsight.

As a result of the economic downturn, BAT essentially 'spun sideways' to such an extent, that our own champion of crypto blogging, Publish0x decided to shift their own tip pools into Ethereum, as well as shifting that hard earned (writing and reading is tiring some days)  BAT value with a two step buy into FARM via wrapped Ethereum offers or by stepping through Stable coins and into  sophisticated  crypto "DEFI" finance plays with that previously BAT earned hard store of value into  Ample and FARM (, leaving BAT completely on the sidelines, with Publish0x trying to minimize what had become exorbitant ETH GAS fees for each transaction move.

Hindsight is always 20/20, so it's very easy to say Publish0x made a mistake. In reality, the market dynamics have shifted generally to be largely powered by NYC and LonDon sharks showing up to playing a big way "running the table" potting big profits while driving up the market cap prices of BTC, ETH, DOT, XRP, and by shear volume TETHER. Many other alt-coins have benefited with lesser volumes in play, but none so much as ADA (CArdano) in the last week or so.


Sharks Are Terrified of Dolphins - For Scuba Divers

AI Sharks, Captains of the Crypto Seas, with their heads "on a swivel", buying up BAT

Well now it looks like the AI algorithm List (the table) has focused algorithmic trading on BAT, collectively building the Buy Price wall strike price ever higher with hodlers playing a role to some degree in this upward movement, selling off to take profits on the way up. In reality the oscillation of hi-frequency, hi-velocity trading between buy and sell is what magically drives the price up or down, is small transaction amounts. 

That said Shark knowledge of these crypto seas is well, catching up to the Whales who really understand and sympathize with the crypto porpoises. Will their be Shark causalities? Absolutely, so small investors please, don't just follow their AI trends blindly, remember, Sharks will also eat a wounded Shark. ;)

The good news the Crypto centric Whales are suitably "AI"  Order Router armed as well, in fact maybe better armed in some camps with "AI" tech and a better understanding of the  school of crypto porpoises such, they can better avoid getting jabbed in the ribs by a school of crypto porpoises,  due to better crypto market intelligence, especially in the alt-coin space, where as the Sharks avoiding such hits (corrections or fast rises), not so much.

Will BAT prosper in 2021? Will their be a 2021 pullback correction? Is 2022 the big breakout year for BAT? Yes, Yes and Yes to all three imnsho.  ;)


The Best of This Week From Hedgeye - Deflation Fed football 1.28.15Some crypto prices need re-inflating too

especially the ones creating real value

Do you really give one IOTA? 

Well yes, you should,  especially to the ones you love, maybe Feb 14th is a good day to start that Tradition. :)

All joking aside, IOTA is a very serious investment opportunity with  big brand name players in the automotive space behind IOTA, check out their site here to learn more.

Personally I am deeply invested in the #IOTA technology scene as a member of the IEN and, subsequently, VERY happy to see IOTA announce on Feb 8th, 2021 IOTA are really going to deliver on their oracle external data feed tech so as to marry such tech up with IOTA's emerging Smart Contract Capabilities. Why? Because I am working solo right now building some open source of value in SOVRINTown  on github which requires both pieces of that IOTA puzzle to really make transparent secure combo  paper/plastic vote card/ online eVoting and similarly handled eGoverance work (with multi sig wallet support of course). So expect more  SOVRINTown code to show up in github repository for SOVRINTown over the coming three quarters, with the idea there is a complete set of "lego" in place, for any developer groups to use from that project by year end, 2021.

In my day Job, we also need the same IOTA oracle and SC components to make some other value we are creating work in the Colo as a Service space at CloudProx, in commercial projects, also partnered with Accipiter Systems of Pittsburgh, PA. That same joint project work will at some point, also tie into the value created by XLM and also ADA.  Not to mention such links via Oracles will also be enabling payment for colo and WAN/MAN operator  Tenant hosted and Networked Services in  BTC and ETH and maybe anything ERC20 via DOT, all of which I consider to be "the Big 5"  emerging to power the new crypto enabled economy as the same sharks engineer the controlled demolition of the fiat world ensuring maximal profit taking along the way. (WEC Great Reset? lol. good luck with that Dr. Evil. ;)  )



Pocketing Profits in Parallel : These Sharks are the Best in the Business driving BAT and IOTA to new heights.

As the NYC and LonDon sharks run the Top 100 Crypto table "pocketing profits" along the way, now buying up IOTA & BAT, the original crypto Whales and small investor hodlers of IOTA and BAT are being rewarded after a long wait, one that began in early 2018 after the 2017 market hype spike. 

As far as IOTA  development goes, despite the youth of the founders at their 2015 start, IOTA Foundation "IF" has adroitly added both age and experience  to transform from what was seen as an experimental, IoT  "research" (Science experiment) project  and team , doing so largely this past eighteen months , moulding their development effort into a small  group of very competent, very roadmap focused core developers, with much tighter , realistic road maps which has as team, made good on most delivery promises more or less on time (its software so get over any dealys please, bugs happen), where for the most part, like #CARDANO, that small group of IOTA developers is delivering together WITH their IOTA developer community on the promise of realizing IOTA's Smart City and Connected Car powered Machine Economy value add.

For that combined Herculean Effort alone, IOTA should and has been (most recently) rewarded with a higher coin price.

Also, IOTA didn't try to boil the ocean all at once by "opening up too many development fronts" like ETH.  As a result many IOTA hodlers were disappointed the IOTA price had  languished  this past 18 months and,  IOTA did indeed slip out of the Top 20 this past year.

Now IOTA is back at position #26 after slipping into the 40s, IOTA is back and on its way to the top, largely rewarded by good planning, a coherent roadmap and strategy, to to mention a great vision which they have stuck to, sporting a Market Cap Valuation of US$3.1B.

As IOTA's Smart Contract capabilities get discovered by old C++/C developers migrating to #RUST and #GO languages, expect IOTA to be used more and more to develop most all IoT  applications. Why?  For this simple fact alone: IOTA's TANGLE distributed public ledger today does scale TPS in a linear fashion as transaction volume grows (lightweight PoS or energy efficient PoW consensus take your pick) , scaling reliably.

TK Tech Note- both Rust and Go programming languages  support 'thread safe concurrency' without 'memory leaks' because they employ programmable 'Garbage Collection' memory management capabilities). As a result IOTA's core team use of both languages, combined with  their extremely large #IoT centric community having strongholds of developers worldwide and a rapidly expanding footprint in North America (Linux foundation, Automotive Linux, et al),  are well positioned to raise IOTA's Market Cap up  back into the TOP 20 , as IOTAns deliver more and more scalable crypto value to their target verticals markets (IoT, Smart Cities, Connected Cars) via community developers building these nextgen industrial  and machine economy solutions with  both Smart Contracts and oracle the IOTA way.


SpaceX celebrates historic rocket landings with new 4K footage - Cars Insiders

Too the Moon,  for vastly Different Reasons: IOTA and BAT take off

IOTA , like BAT have a "rosy" future.

In IOTA's specific case, the caveat is IOTA must keep the IF grants powering community development  and their core team energy focused on those applied research and early commercialization efforts which are IOTA core competencies, packaged as easily consumed developer units of value, as promised and, IOTA must keep encouraging & promoting the rapidly growing IOTA worldwide Community to do the rest.

BAT, on the other hand, needs the advertising buy and placement part of that social media market to 'wake up' to the fact Brave's permissioned Ad placement and the BAT BD team are doubling up their effort to get retailers and service outlets on board to place ads on their network. Now that consumer product manufacturers such as Tesla Cars now allow purchase BTC, the ETH to BTC wrapper and balancer offers will be important to  Brave to ensure their developers (BAT which is ERC20 can effectively support double entry accounting based ETH conversion to UTXO format (BTC) . Brave  will also need liquidity pair exchange partnerships in this new DEFI segment of the Crypto market to facilitate such conversion of BAT ERC20 to the UTXO format of BTC (also used by IOTA) to allow BAT to be spent and or staked and loaned out to be part of such Big value purchases (Which is what will move the BAT price upward more imo). So there is work to be done in the Brave BAT camp before Brave and BAT Main Street Ad Revenue results really take off.


The Associated Press

2021 TK Outlook- IOTA and BAT to the Moon? Yes!

My call for IOTA in 2021 is to regain their position in the TOP 20 solidly, and for BAT to climb back into the TOP 30 and stay there for quite awhile, once this latest 2nd big historic market hype in 2021 settles and, we all see where the real value is and who is executing best to deliver that value.

A Tale of Two Coins? Both are winners in my books, so what are you waiting for?

Stay safe, don't worry about short term corrections and go for it. Think Long. Hodl like Heck. :)

For IOTA and BAT, imo It's really just the start of much greater returns to come, AI Sharks included. 

TK over and out. 







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