A Bright and Shiny Cryptopolis, Which keeps the people in control of AI, via Blockchain ?



Is on most of our minds.

(at least those of us sentient beings equipped with empathy and lots of cognizance, trying to make this place better for everyone.)

It certainly seems possible to create that "better world", as various crypto projects speed forward to toward what seems to be a vision of a..,

BRIGHT and shiny CRYPTOPOLIS ... (Not the Swiss Fintech effort in Ticino) 

Will we Get played  by AI or... or  Will the Future be Bright?

The Crypto Future Wild Card Outcomes:  AI (and machine learning as well). Will we control AI, or will AI control us?

Talk to any Data Scientist about  "AI" and they light up the room with ideas of what is possible  with AI and,  what everyone is working toward to "slurp up the lake of data" with AI and machine learning and,  have AI make some sense of it all for the betterment of mankind (while we all  sip Margaritas at the pool side, claiming victory). 

Ask any of these "Data Scientists"  the BIG question,  "Who is in control of AI?"  Is it us or AI? My guess is you will get a kaleidoscope of answers, mostly technical in nature, some spiritually based and, a few which try addressing morals, essentially ethics based (Think iRobot). The volume of data on AI you will receive will make any normal person's  "head spin". 



Will the AI Swarm prevail?

Now Let's just say Blockchain Technology is implemented to make that 'Utopian' world REAL, by 2030, which I refer to as CRYPTOP0LIS,  better for all  humankind.  What might 'it' look like (controlling the AI robot swarms), and how will "WE THE PEOPLE"  actually benefit?

Well I spent a few hours stitching together a rudimentary  flowchart below, really for my own edification to better understand how the "mashup" might look using today's technology to create what I see, as the first step to Blockchain aided self government of a hybrid republic: (Beyond the Swiss Model, preserving the best parts of the US model, built with technology we know works and can scale, with some special sauce coming rather quickly in 2021).


Self Governed Republic "SGR": Via Blockchain Tech- TK's current Pipe Dream.., "FOR the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE" (to control AI)

The TK 'design goal' of this flowchart is simple, "WE THE PEOPLE" ,  leverage Blockchain Tech  to help the people(you the voting body)  manage all branches of  your government transparently to, for once, get the people in control and, not have AI takeover (via some lobbyist cartel managing the current #sockpuppet actors  reading teleprompters and, driving to places we don't want to go via the current busted political system). 

When We the People Manage Crypto & AI to Serve the People

The premise of this 'dream' world above, "A Voter Self-governed Republic",  now under construction, is that,  crypto's (Blockchain tech in the public, distributed permissionless sense) best properties: security and; transparency, shine forth, "for the People" and,  finally create the Bright vision of the future some of us have been striving to build, for decades.

There are many  good and "nefarious" stakeholders in 'that' future under construction, moving forward at what seems lightning speed, in what is more of a wild west set of Crypto and AI  R&D environments,  where related projects ( public Github et al) are rapidly experiencing the encroachment of AI  and their backers, having "parked" at the edge of their open source project, trumping up their AI "Added Value" plans.  (For whom? Well you can guess that part with reasonable accuracy, the people behind the AI crypto derivative work).


Beware of them Cats!

IT'S POLITICAL: Expect the Three Branches of Government to intervene Executive, Judicial and Legislative, at all levels. 

Not to go "iRobot" on your brain, there is however some ideas presented in that film, which, as of today, have not been addressed by any government.

Will the govt. regimes of the day step forward, and take action to protect us, "we the people", so we stay in control of the "AI thing" or, will they let  AI run the show?

TK Tip- Some believe that some form of AI has been in control since Cromagnon (us) first worked the earth, to essentially serve 'it', but I won't go there in this post. ;)  If that is an alternate area of interest, I suggest you seek out Michael Tellinger of SA in this regard, he has some interesting archaeological evidence which backs up such a notion, with evidence that is about 300,000 years old.


The underlying problem in the Political Scene, your elected reps don't have any,

If "We the People" are to dictate how Crypto and AI "Serve the People" (THE RIGHT THING), then Governments need to embrace 100% transparency as the Law,  which means a world essentially given back to the people (did we ever have 'it' in the first place?),  governed by a voter controlled form of "Blockchain Politic".

Can we get one sitting Senator or Premier or Prime Minister or President to table "Blockchain Politic" where "we the people" drive the show and they "serve the people"?

It's a tall order, which, for most politicos of the day, seems like a "career (or even life) limiting move.

Will someone break rank? Likely imo.

Will it happen soon? Maybe.

Has Wyoming shown us the way? Partly.  (Crypto bank regulations and crypto asset protection)

That said, "WE THE PEOPLE", are still waiting for Blockchain to take center stage to help us out here.


RESTORATION OF VOTER TRUST IN GOVT: VIA BLOCKCHAIN? Not likely in time for US 2020 Fall election

Right now, Blockchain's emergence as a key enabler toward restoring trust with 100% transparency in government  is behaving mostly like "Sideshow Bob",  where "Bob" has the US Postal Service  in the starring role ( meaning it is not likely we see any form of Blockchain technology implemented in  time for US 2020 election to help stop past voter fraud and ballot harvesting).

Too Little to Late from

Which means other crypto projects will need to take centre stage here, aimed at 2021 or later implementation of "The Blockchain Politic",    to help 'the people' fashion CRYPTOPOLIS "FOR THE PEOPLE" and, not AI.

Stay tuned, ;)

TK over and out.











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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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