Dont Speak: ALICE II

By Piandex | Blogadag | 30 Mar 2019

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Dont Speak: New Student I

Dont Speak: New Student II

Dont Speak: ALICE I



Janette nods miserably as she sits on the vacant seat at front. Only having Jake realize that her seatmate was a boy.

Jake growled as he tried to shrug it off and go to his seat. As he saw, Alice was there beside the seat.

She looked at him and gave him a close eyed smile. She showed her board which read: "Hi."

Jake smiled back as he sat beside her. "Heya. Didn't know we'd be sitting next to each other." Jake joked, "Or be in the same class."

Alice wrote: "Yeah. Me neither."

A moment of silence concealed around them, only hearing the chatters of the surrounding students.

"So.." Jake starts. "You're Alice?"

She nods. She writes: "Yeah. I am. And you're Jake, correct?"

Jake nods.

A few minutes later, the two got to know each other more. "Oh so you watch Jacksepticeye too?" Jake asks, excitement present in his voice.

She smiles and writes: "Yeah. I do. I just love his loud personality!"

She was smiling broadly, Jake could sense it. Jake laughs silently as the bell rings and the doors open.

It was the teacher. She looked... Nice.

"Hello everybody! As all of you may know, my name is Luna and I prefer to be called that!" She beams with excitement. "I see we have some new faces here. Ah, hello Alice!"

Alice waves as Luna smiles. "Now, since we just-..."

Luna continued as Jake listened carefully. He was always interested in Math and numbers. Heck, he was a genius with those.

As he listened though, he would time to time glance at Alice, who, would not be listening and would be staring out the window.

Wonder what she's thinking.. Jake thought to himself as he shrugs and faces the front, listening once again to Luna.

Math and the next subject, - Science -, goes by in a flash and it was already recess.

Jake couldn't find Cassandra nor Alice so he sat with Janette together with the guy she sat with in Math.

"This is Robert!" She introduced enthusiastically. She whispered to Jake: "He's gay. Don't worry. and he has a boyfriend, chill."

Jake nods and sighs in relief. Janette scoots over to Robert as he extends his hand to Jake. "Nice to meet you, Jake."

Jake smiles and shakes his hand, "Nice to meet you too, Pedro."

Janette smiled proudly. "See? You two are friends now!"

Robert giggled as Jake chuckled and they chat, eating.

Janette's nose starts getting itchy as she prepared to sneeze. She looked away from the table and sneezed.

At the same moment, the school rumbled.

The students around them started freaking out as Jake looked around confused, lowkey snickering.

"Dang Janette," Pedro said as he held tight to his belongings, "your sneeze just made the school rock!" He joked, causing her to pout as Jake bursts out laughing.

"What's happening!?"

"This wasn't in the news!"

"I don't wanna die!"

"You're not gonna die, Hannah!"

"Chill, she's on her period!"

"This is so uncool!"



Multiple complaints and scream could be heard all out campus as the speakers turned on. "Everyone, don't panic. Go under a table and hold your hands above your heads. Do NOT go out under any circumstances unless the earthquake stops! I repeat-...."

Jake, Pedro, and Janette does as said and so does everybody else. As they reached under, however, the earthquake stops.

Everyone were utterly confused.


"Comet get down from there, goddammit!"

"Wait whaaa???"

"I am so damn confused."



The speaker comes on once more and tells them to just go home for now. "To ensure safety for students, I suggest going home to your houses until tomorrow. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. If you are in a dormitory, please just go with a friend. If you don't have any, your loss. Thank you."

"Oh wow," Pedro commented, "rude."

Janette laughs as Jake chuckles. The three of them stand up and head towards their lockers. They split up and meet back again at Jake's locker.

They head to the gate as they laughed and talked. Jake was listening to Janette and Pedro talking until he layed his eyes on Janette's roller skates. "Oh shxt!" He yelled out, "MY SKATEBOARD!"

He ran back to his locker as he hears Janette yell a: "Welcome to me and my dumb brother's life, Pedro!"

He growls and shakes his head playfully as he speed his way.

Damn. He thinks, The school's already deserted.

He shrugs as he opens his locker, sighing in relief as he finds it there. He grabs his skateboard and as he closed it, someone had bumped into him. He heard no reaction as he looked to see who it was.

"Oh." He whispered more to himself, "Hey Alice!" She looks up at him and smiles, waving. She writes on her board: "Hi! I'm so sorry for bumping into you! I wasn't paying attention..."

He smiles. "Its okay, Alice." He thinks, "Say.. What if I walk you with me to the gate? I can introduce you to Janette, - my sister -, and a new friend of me and my sister's, Pedro! Is that cool?"

Alice nods as Jake grabs a hold of her hand. "Great!", and with that, they speed walk back to the gate, Jake mentally getting ready for his sister's teasing.

"And so- Oh! He's back! And he has a-" Janette got cut off, "Ooh~ He has a lady friend with him~" Pedro finished as the two newly best friends giggled.

Jake blushes as he shakes his head. "Cut it off you two. Don't embarrass yourselves in front of her."

"Oh okay then~!" The two sang in sync as Jake facepalmed. Jake could form a smile on Alice's face through her face mask.

He smiles slightly.

"Ahem." Janette said, wiggling her eyebrows as she looked at the hands of the two classmates. Jake raises his brow as he sees his hand still intertwined with Alice's. He blushes as he lets go.


Alice wrote on her board: "Its okay."

"Anyways!" Pedro cuts in, "Let's go home!"

"Oh! Of course." Jake faces Alice. "Where do you live? If its close by, we can go with you."

She smiles. She writes on her board: "No. Its okay. Its pretty far. You guys go ahead. Thanks for the offer though!"

Jake frowns but the smile slapped back onto his face. "Oh. Okay then. We won't force you!"

He looks at Janette and Pedro, smirking and eyebrows wiggling like crazy that it might just run off. He glares at them. He turns his attention back to Alice as she shows them her board. "Thanks. Bye now! Mom might be getting worried!" And with one final smile, she took off. Leaving Jake in a state of being daze.

As she was far enough, Pedro and Janette burst out laughing. "Jake has a girlfriend! Jake has a girlfriend!"

Jake blushes furiously. "No I do not!" He embarks, making the two only laugh louder.

He huffs as he walks home, leaving the two laughing.

Janette takes notice as they follow Jake. "Awe come on, Jake. It was a joke! You know me!" Janette whined playfully as Jake ignored her.

She frowns as Pedro reassures her. "He's fine. I know it. This always happens to my boyfriend, and I know he'll eventually be back to normal." He grins as she shrugs with a smile. They pass a turn as Pedro stops. "Welp. I'll be taking a turn here. Thanks for walking with me, Jane and Jake!"

He hears a mutter from Jake as Janette laughs and hugs him. "Alright then. See ya around, Pedro!"

He waves goodbye as he went his way.

Jake continues walking as Janette catches up. "Awe come on, big bro! It was just a joke! Geez, you can act so much like mom sometimes!"

She thinks, "Oh wait no that was dad when he and mom were in highschool." She snickers, "Lol."

Jake pays no attention as Janette catches up to him. "Jake..." She starts softly. "You know that I was just joking, right?"

He sighs and looks at Janette with a dead ass looking expression. She cringes. He looks back in front of him as Janette looked at him horrified. Then, he laughs.


"Oh you should've seen your face. Bahahahahahaha!" He clutches his stomach as Janette's eye twitches. "Love ya too, sis!" And he takes off running.

Janette screamed as she chases him and bonks him on the head. "Did you seriously forget that I'm as fast as mom!?"

Jake rubs his head as he continued running, "Owww...."

As the two disappeared over the horizon, a girl chuckles as she keeps her phone, stopping the recording and saving it. "You'll meet me soon...soon.. "

As the two siblings reached home,

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