Dont Speak: New Student I

By Piandex | Blogadag | 29 Mar 2019


New Student

"Hey get back here, Samantha!"

The girl laughed as her boyfriend chased her through the fields. "Catch me firstsweetheart!" She taunted as she giggled.

The boyknown as Jakeran as fast as he could to try and catch the girlSamantha ran even faster as she hid behind a treegasping her breath.

She checked to see if the coast had gone clearAs she got visiblearms wrapped around her and she falls down together with the host of the arms.

He was on top of her.


She giggled as Jake leaned inSamantha dodged every attempt successfullyHe pouted childishly. "Come on...just one kiss?" He pleaded.

She stick her tongue out playfully. "Nu." He pouted once more and leaned inShe dodged once more and pecked himShe wiggled out of his grip and ran.

He snaps back to his senses. "I didn't even get to kiss back!"

"Love you toobabe!!"






Jake shuts his alarm clock off as he sits up. "Oh great. Second day of school already..." He mutters as he stands up. Only resulting in him falling back down.

He faces the wall. "I can sleep for five more minutes..."

"Also..." He adds, "Why that dream..?"

He starts tearing up. He shakes his head as he wipes away his tears.

He sighs as his eyes droop. As he was about to go back to slumber, his door slammed open. Jolting his eyes wide open.

"Wake up, big bro!" His sister called out. "You wouldn't want to be late~!!"

She jumped onto the bed beside him as she smiled brightly. Her dark brown eyes glimmering, and her mocha brown hair seemingly shining in the sun's ray of light.

She faced him towards her as he groaned unamusingly. He stared at her blankly as he rolled back. She shakes him furiously. "JUST WAKE UP, BRO!!!"

"Leave me alone, Janette..."

She frowns childishly as she sees wet marks that have almost dried on his cheek. "Wait.." She whispers, more to herself than her brother. "Were you crying, Jake?"

His eyes burst open as he hides his face in his pillow. "No!"

She wasn't fazed. "You can't lie to me, brother. You know that I can always sense when someone is lying."

He sighs. "Okay fine, yes. I just...just remember her, okay?"

She chuckles. "Look, I miss Samantha too. She was such a nice girl. She acted like my sister that I never had."

He faces her as he smiles as well.

A few minutes of silence passed and she jumped off of the bed and threw a shirt to his face. "Now hurry up and wear a shirt! Don't think you have abs!" She teased as she runs out of the door. He blushed. "Hey! I DO have abs!" He yelled, lowkey offended.

"Love ya too, bro!"

He rolled his eyes as he chuckled and put on his shirt. He faces the mirror and sees his messy raven black hair. "Jesus..."

A few seconds later, he went down the stairs and into the (WOODS-) living room, in where his mom and sister were waiting.

He greets his mom a good morning as he makes his way to the dining room. He sits down and was greeted with a fresh plates of; "Eggs and bacon. My favorite!" He exclaimed happily as his mother laughed.

He took a bite and savored the sweet and amazing taste. With a face that said it all.

"Oh you can act so much like a child." She chuckled as a memory found its way into his mind.

"UhJakeWhat are you doing?" Samantha asked curiouslyholding in a laugh as she observes his actionsHe was happily playing pretend with a child that Samantha was babysittingPlaying pretend on a tea party.

She chuckled as he looks at her happily. "Care to join usm'lady?"

She laughed. "I bet she forced youhuh?"

As he was about to say somethingthe little girl cut him off. "Nouncle Jake asked me to join him."

He blushes madly as Samantha laughs hysterically.

"Oh JakeYou can act so much like a child."





Jake breaks away from his thoughts, drenched in sweat. His breathing was fast and rigid, tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

"Jake what is wrong?!" Janette yelled as she was holding him by the shoulders from shaking. "I..I..I I-"

"Janette, enough." Their father demanded. Janette lets go as Jake steadies his breathing.

"Jake, what's wrong?" His father asked sternly, worry still laced in his tone. "I'm fine, dad.." He mutters as his father sighs. "Alright. Now go get ready. You two wouldn't want to be late."


To be continued...


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