Dont Speak: Her Voice Intro

By Piandex | Blogadag | 29 Mar 2019

Daughter of a demon. 

That's what she is. 

Most people think it's nice, but in reality, 

it's like your first kiss. 


It can either go wrong, or either go right, 

but either way it goes, 

it can be a painful sight. 


One wrong word, 

and everything changes, 

either something explodes,  

Or dropping a ton of cages.


A lot of things could be done,

Like World domination.

Say the wrong word,

And it'll cause abomination.


She ends up in earth,

A nice place to live in,

But with the problems,

It feels like the place in where she's been.


Chaos always followed her,

Voices in her mind,

Sins crawled down her back,

It's not that hard to find.


Her mom meets a new guy,

The girl weeped with joy,

Little did she know,

She will only be his toy.


- Alice


Follow the story of Jake, who has met Alice and discovers something sinister about the mute girl's past. Uncover her deadly secret and real identity as you see how she came to be.


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This is our combined works with me and my daughter. She loves writing short stories so I started to love it as well.

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