Dont Speak: New Student II

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New Student I


He nods as Janette goes to her bathroom to take a short shower. Jake continues to eat. His hands shaking every time he lifts to take a bite.

A few minutes later, the two twins were ready to go. The school was close by so they could just go there with no problem. 

Janette passed Jake's helmet to him as he catches it with ease. "Nah." He states, "I'll probably use the skateboard today. Been a while."

She chuckled as she grabbed her brother's skateboard, tossing it to him. She sat down and wore her roller blades. "I'll stick with this."

She placed her helmet on her head as they exit the garage and house. "Bye mom, bye dad!"

They both greeted as they greeted back. "Bye! Be safe!"

As they sped their way to school, their mother sighs. "I'm getting worried about Jake, Chip. He's still sad about Sam's death. I mean, who wouldn't know what I mean?"

He sighs with a smile as he drapes his arm across her shoulders. "Cheer up, Fifi." He kisses her forehead, "He'll be fine. Both of them. I promise you that."

She smiled. "I guess so.."

They went back inside the house.

At school, the two siblings arrive at the main gate. As soon as Jake stepped his foot off of his skateboard, he could already hear the screaming and squealing of his..fangirls. As Janette would call them.

He sighs as Janette laughed. She leans on one hip as she has her helmet under her arm. "You can deal with it, bro."

He sighs as he mutters an: "I guess so.."

The two siblings walk around campus, apparently 30 minutes early. "Goddammit we really need to fix the clock at home." Janette complained as she skims through her phone.

Jake chuckled. "Yeah. I'll tell dad later. He knows more of that stuff than me."

Janette's face molded into confusion. "Dad can fix clocks?"

Jake bursts out laughing as Janette looked at him in confusion and disbelief.

The two continue walking as Janette snickers. "What's so funny?" Jake asks,

"Oh I don't know. Remember yesterday? When we were in PE and I accidentally sprained my foot a little and fell? Yeah. I still remember that moment in where it was your turn to run and the girls cornered me. Saying things like I shouldn't be so close to you cause you're theirs, yadda yadda yadda. And when you came back and helped me, I thanked you and you said: 'Anytime, sis.' And I just remember the girls freezing there in shock it was awesome!"

She beamed as she laughed at the end. "And those three girls are my friends now." She added as Jake looked at her weirdly and horrified. "Oh o-okay then..yeah.. Sure..."

"Don't mind me." She stated as something caught her eye. "Oh look! There they are! I'll be going now, bye, bro!" She barked happily as she ran towards them. "Layla! Ruby! Brianna! Wait up!"

He stood there poker faced as he sighs and laughs. "Oh that baboon."

He checked his watch and sees that 15 minutes had already passed. Welp make that 16.

He shrugs his shoulders as he decided to be 14 freaking minutes early and went to his first class. English.

He sat down on his usual seat as he grabbed his sketchbook and started sketching robot designs.

"Hey that's pretty good!" A voice behind him beamed. He got startled as he slams his sketchbook shut and faced the host of the voice.

"Oops. Sorry. What's your name?" She stated. Yup. Female.

He stammered as he eventually smiled sheepishly and managed to say "J-Jake.."

She smiles.

She had straight dark red hair that was tied in a half ponytail.

She wore a white shirt with an ice cream design, paired with shorts with leggings underneath, and ankle boots. Finished with a red headband.

"That's a nice name. Say. You're a really good artist. Why don't you like showing it? If I had a talent like yours, I'd be hella proud about it!" Her pink eyes glimmer.

He didn't know what to say. "Sorry if I seem too weird."

He broke out from his daze as he immediately sits up properly. "Oh no! Not at all!"

She giggles. "Yeah." She trails off, "Mind if I sit beside you?"

He jolt up and stares at her. She stares back. "I guess its a no..?"

"Oh no no no! I don't mind at all! Go ahead!" He yells out of instincts. The girl stares for a few seconds before laughing. "Oh gosh. I can already tell we'll be friends."

She states as she sits down beside him, setting her bag behind her.

They sit in silence for a few moments. "You know.." Jake starts. "I never got your name." He faces her as her face flushes in embarrassment. "Oh right. How stupid of me." She smiles sheepishly.

"Cassandra. Cassandra Keys." She states joyfully. Jake smiles back. "Ah. That's a nice name." He compliments as she blushes, twiddling with her hair. "O-oh wow.. Th-thanks.."

He smiles as he stares in front. A few seconds later, the bell rings as students came flooding in the classroom.

The teacher comes in and everyone takes a seat. The teacher smiles briefly as she stands proudly, shoulders broad. "Good morning everyone, as you may all know, I shall only be a substitute for today. For Ms. Laurens called in stating she was sick. You shall call me Ms. Roberts."

"And since I do not know any of you," She scans the classroom and students, "I would need you all to introduce yourselves."


Everyone nods as she picks a random student. "You, in the back with yellow hair."

A girl stands up and goes to the front. She was... Cute.


She wore big glasses and a mint green sweater, together with black pants and boots. Her skin was fair and she also had freckles on her face. Her long blonde hair was tied in a low ponytail.

"H-hello as you all know m-my name is Justine. Justine R. Willows." She says shyly, yellow eyes shining in embarrassment as Ms. Roberts nods and writes her name on a piece of paper. "Thank you, Justine. Now, you with the red hair."

A badass looking girl goes in front as she flips her braided red hair. "Heya, sup. Name's Yasmine Star S. Junior. Y'all can call me Star."

She had piercings in her ear and she wore a black motor jacket with black ripped jeans. She wore a yellow shirt underneath that had a skull as a design. And to finish it up, a pair of combat boots.

Her dangerous orange eyes' gaze burned on everyone's skins.

Ms. Roberts nods and lists her name. "Thank you, Star." She looks at a black haired boy. "You, please come here at front."

He stands up and looks at everyone. "Lucas. Lucas K. Browne." He states in a monotone voice. He faces Ms. Roberts. "Browne with an e at the end." His green dull eyes held no emotion.

He wore a simple gray sweater with pants.

He turns around and goes back to his seat. Ms. Roberts nods. "Thank you, Lucas."

She looks at Cassandra. "Please introduce yourself."

Cassandra nods as she goes up front. "Hello! I just transfered today and its nice to meet you all! My name is Cassandra F. Keys and I hope we'll be good friends!"

She greeted cheerfully.

Ms. Roberts nods and lists her name. "Thank you, Cassandra."

Ms. Roberts looks around and lays her eyes on a ginger haired girl. Before she could say anything, the girl jumped up from her seat as she rushed to the front.

Damn.. Jake thought. Someone's excited...

"Hello everyone! My name is Charlotte Comet S. Junior! I'm Star's older sister by a minute and yeah!" She giggled, orange eyes beaming with joy.

She had a cheerleader like outfit with green and yellow shoes, together with a flower in her hair. In which it was styled in two low ponytails.

"You can all call me Comet!"

Ms. Roberts smiles slightly and nods. She lists her name. "Thank you, Comet."

She shoots a look at Jake. "Come in front and please introduce yourself."

Jake froze. Shiit...ake mushrooms...

He sighs as he stands up. Yesterday's introduction was bad enough..I don't want to...

"Hello everyone. My name is Jake G. Collins. Thank you." He says, trying his best to hide the panic in his eyes.

Ms. Roberts nods and lists his name. "Thank you, Jake."

She continued.

As Jake sat back down, Cassandra faced him. "What does your G stand for?"

"Believe it or not, its Galaxus."

Her eyes widened as she gave him a weird look. "Nuh uh. No way!"

Jake shrugs as Cassandra starts shaking him. "Are you frigging serious..!?" She whisper shouts, causing him to chuckle as she continues.

"Next is-" Ms. Roberts gets cut off as the door opens, revealing a girl with long curly chestnut brown hair. Not being bothered to be tied.

She wore dark gray pants, paired with a light brown shirt with a black jacket. Together with black shoes and a black face mask.

She seemed to have purple eyes.

She was carrying a white board. On it, it wrote; "Sorry I'm late, Ms. Roberts!"

Ms. Roberts nods and smiles. "It is okay. Care to introduce yourself?"

She nods. "Now everyone, please excuse her for not talking for she is mute."

The girl nods. She writes: "Hi! I didn't get a chance to go in yesterday but I am here now! My name is-"

There wasn't any space left so she waited a few seconds for everyone to read before erasing it.

Jake swore he heard someone growl.



To be continued....

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