A Short Guide How to Setup Your Brave and Accounts To Receive Rewards and Referrals

A Short Guide How to Setup Your Brave and Accounts To Receive Rewards and Referrals

By ankarlie | BlockchainEnthusiast | 20 Mar 2020


The Brave web browser lets you SAVE on your DATA and BATTERY CONSUMPTION, protects you from tracking software, blocks unwanted advertisement and lets you earn a monthly income for your web browsing activities and tips received from other users.  

Download here:  http://bit.ly/BraveBrowserPH

Notable features:

  • Loads faster than most web browsers (Mobile or PC)
  • Blocks Youtube ads
  • 100% compatible with chrome Extensions (same code base with blockchain enhancements)
  • Developed by the same guy that invented the Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla
  • Saves consumption of Data by blocking unwanted software
  • Saves you battery consumption by stopping software that tracks online activities
  • The ONLY browser that lets you earn referral rewards and Tips of BAT


  • Mobile phone (including tablets) or Computer (Desktop or Laptop)
  • Download and install Brave: http://bit.ly/BraveBrowserPH
  • Must be your default browser or active at least for 30 days
  • Your referrals must actively use the browser, have them set it as their default browser
  • You need an uphold account to receive rewards. Just register here:

Note: Use the numbers generated by one of these apps for two-factor authentication in uphold registration. The Key that was given prior to this step is the key to add the account into either Google Authenticator or Authy.

  • You need a publisher’s account to get a referral link. Just go to this site and register.
    • https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org
      • The site will ask you to link your uphold account to the site. You need to do this to receive your BAT rewards.
      • You can also set up you referral link here using either your own website, Youtube channel or Twitch account.
  • You need a Youtube account channel URL to  link with publisher’s account for the creation of your own referral URL link that should look like this: https://brave.com/ani237

Note: If you don't have a YouTube channel just login YouTube with your Gmail account and get the link of your YouTube Channel. Usual YouTube channel link looks like this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPAvi0geHVLpCzaHOZdsUnQ

Conditions for successful referrals, tipping, and payouts:

  • Payout of tips and referral rewards are NOT INSTANT
  • Payouts are done every 8th of the month
  • Your referral MUST use Brave for at least 30 days or Make it their default browser
  • The reward grant that you see on your browser is NOT intended to be withdrawn, BUT to be tipped to content creators (to others not yourself).
  • Do not tip yourself as it is not allowed (some claimed this is allowed but better safe than waste your tips or your account).



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