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There is nothing illegal being done in crypto that isn't, can't, or won't be done with the good old American dollar. Bankers perfected money laundering.  They are in the news far more often than crypto currency for shady to downright tragic displays of inhumane illegal activity. Starring the head of the US money and policy, Snoochy Boochy.  What they are attempting to cover up, is that they don't want you in control of your own money.
Some other facts about Crypto:
1.  It's crypto-secure.
2. Gives you your privacy back. All of your information is secretly, safely stored in a record that can not be changed.
3. There is no snoochy behind the curtain. Blockchain is scientific, and calculating; it follows code without influence or preference.
4. It is reliable and accessible 24/7.
5. I assure you every company will eventually use this superior technology, however in the very short term the big boys are the majority on the cutting edge and are investing heavily into its benefits.
6. You may believe the hype and think crypto is a four letter word.  When you find out you've been lied to; Bitcoin and all her friends will welcome you to decentralized finance.
7. There are a few projects with no merit - scams. But there are also some that are going to be world changing. Environment, safe food and drugs, clean water, immutable voting and record keeping, and more.
8. Millions of people want to know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, hours upon hours of research collected and compiled to determine his identity. 10 years later - one of the 50 richest people in the world remains anonymous, with a net worth of $11 billion. If Bitcoin were to hit a low target of $100,000, Mr. Nakomoto would find himself between Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates in the top 3!  That's not bad for the first decade, and things are really just heating up.

Regulated banks launder more than $2 trillion. Bankers are directly involved or complicit. They have to be for the whole scheme to flow and not attract attention.

Crypto exchanges attribute approximately $2.8 billion to money laundering. It's hard to imagine $2.8 billion being a drop in the bucket, but I think it shows the shenanigans of the banking industry are far greater than those of the crypto currency industry. Money laundering on an exchange could be done without knowledge or influence from anyone on the exchange. Personally, I feel like an immutable record is not the place to do illegal transactions. 

*Reference is from an impartial review (MIT Technical Review)

In summary, I would just like to say I didn't understand Bitcoin when I first heard it mentioned.  I think most of the people who are long time Hodlers (or holders) were skeptical. It is only thru education about what Bitcoin is and the undeniable change it will inspire; that you can understand a crypto investor. It is revolutionary. And it's here despite the efforts of those who will lose control of YOUR money.

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Blockchain is my business
Blockchain is my business

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