10-Day-Old NFT on Sale for U.S. $16,000,000,000

10-Day-Old NFT on Sale for U.S. $16,000,000,000

No, that's not clickbait, U.S. $16 Billion is the actual asking price

Gemini exchange's new NFT marketplace and digital art galleryNifty Gateway—is offering pieces from the inaugural exhibition. Although first-run non-fungible tokens are still for sale, collectors rushed to populate the secondary marketplace.

And one profiteer has set the bar very high. How high? Well, they're expecting a $10 purchase to go beyond the moon, beyond our solar system, and straight out of the milky way galaxy.

Compared to traditional NFT marketplaces, like OpenSea, for example, Nifty Gateway stands out in a few ways.

For starters, the site's focus is narrow. Whereas OpenSea offers a wide variety of NFTs from projects throughout the entire non-fungible exosystem, Nifty's first collection includes only 3 artists. Well, 2 pro artists and an MMA athlete/artist.

In addition, the barrier of entry is very low. Anyone with a debit or credit card can open an account, make purchases through the dashboard, then after a few minutes for minting, automatically appear. All purchases display in a socially shareable user profile. Super simple!

And once you become a proud NFT owner, you're free to put pieces up for sale in USD. in other words, Nifty Gateway users don't require crypto knowledge. The informed will export them to external Ethereum wallets, but that's only optional.

Since users are free to set their own prices, we're already seeing wide ranges of price action. But since everyone has other options, Mr. $16B will need to hold his breath for a loooong time!

What are those other options? Well, let's just scratch the surface, because that's all it takes in this instance.

Limited Time Only: Save $15,999,999,990

As you can see in the lead image above, if you're willing to accept #99/250 instead of #33/250, you can get the same piece of art for $25.

But, at least for now, here's where you can get an even deeper discount:


Image credit: NiftyGateway.Com

So, if you'd like to pop one of these designs in your profile, you're out a mere $10.

At the time of writing, March 27, 2020, only 103/250 'Cyborg Ready' NFTs have sold. But since there are still roughly 11 days to go in the current sale, a complete sellout isn't out of the question.


NFTs are an exciting and growing segment of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. And as these digital works of art display, it's not all about gaming. Unlike the playable NFTs in games like Gods Unchained or KOGS, Nifty Gateway's first batch of collectibles is digital bling.

In other words, you can look at them and trade them and show them off, but the gameplay element is entirely missing. But that's not to say the Gemini-backed NFT portal won't soon make the triple-jump into gaming.

After all, millions of gamers all over the world suddenly found themselves with lots of time on their hands over the past few weeks. As the world hits the pause button on non-essentials, videogames are experiencing a fresh spike of gameplay hours. 

I hope everyone is staying safe out there!


How's your NFT collection doing these days? Do you find yourself exploring the non-fungible ecosystem, or are you returning to familiar videogame favorites to get you through the drudgery?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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Blockchain, Crypto, & AI

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