Why Publish0x is the best blogging platform!

I was just sitting on my room watching a very good movie when something in the move made me to get back in time, a scene with a man struggling to find a place to publish his work, at the time he got dismissed from his duties in a big tech company and he wanted to write something that since is youth wanted to, but was difficult to find the right place to publish those works.

Eventually he found it when the movie evolute, but what took me to familiarize with that particular scene my own struggle back in 2019 when I was looking to a place where I could write and develop my writing skills, I searched a lot that time when finally got known about Publish0x and that was love at first. Why?


It gave me what I was looking straight away: a place to put my work and with that earn some crypto (which is a passion also), so gave my place, my work and entertainment blog.

Surely I have more writing skills now but I keep learning a lot with all authors, readers, loyal fans who backup the platform, Publish0x is s place who respect users and users also have fun sharing or reading content.

Publish0x have become a place where Crypto and non crypto enthusiasts meet together to express their feelings about cryptocurrency and with that earn awesome tips in ETH, BAT AND LOOPRING tokens. Which despite being agnostic platform keep sharing wealthy with users giving them high quality tokens and coins showing the Team commitment with the crypto community.


The Publish0x team is promoting Crypto and making more users adopt and embrace dex assets.

Brave Browser (the Blockchain tool focused in security and privacy on web) and the native token BAT, used to share wealthy and tip content creators on the Brave ecosystem have been promoted very hard by Publish0x management, and their role isn't only on Brave, but also promoting ETH to the masses the second most important asset on Crypto space giving opportunities to members to earn that just as tip on the platform.

The Loopring (LRC) asset is also being spreaded highly by the Team and let people know about this token in the four corners of the world. Publish0x is doing their role in Crypto mass adoption and users are an important part on that promotion.

Publish0x isn't just a regular Blog platform but one of the best around, doing a big difference in the world of Crypto.


Stay tuned for more exciting and motivational lecture, don't forget to download brave browser and earn BAT tokens for watching non intrusive ads, subscribe for more.

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Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.

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