Why I am buying crypto: my personal case.

Cryptocurrency have been my motive of living for about 2 years now and I strong believe that many around this immense world somehow manage to live by Crypto neither trading, Holding or like in my case writing.

The journey isn't easy and I had to prove myself that I can be financial sustainable using just crypto in my country, it isn't an easy task because I live in a country of 28M people where mostly of them doesn't know a damn about decentralized assets. They just know Bitcoin (BTC), the asset most times connoted with "gambling and easy money" (the ones who have few knowledge of crypto in my location like to invest in Scam, promising huge money in return, ending up robbed by this criminals) the other few part of them are hustling to find more about cryptocurrency and that is good for them and when I have sometime off I support and teach them the basis of decentralized assets.

When it's still a mirage for my fellow citizens in my country is clearly different from me, I have been on the market for years now and I keep buying or exchanging one coin to another (that I believe have potential) doing that for quite a time and enriching my portfolio, when the world and country nationals discover more about cryptocurrency my Bag will be bigger.

But which crypto I am buying and why.

I am buying more Cryptos that is surely what I am doing, and this Crypto I believe in long run will have huge gains if nothing coming on the way (I believe nothing will) and let put them below to you:

Since the release of the project, Brave Browser, the token backing up this Blockchain tool have been undervalued and have huge potential, most due to the asset usecases that can be used to pay users of the surfing tool who watch ads in the Brave Browser or receive as tip for content creators who adhere the program of publishers (also receive BAT tokens for invite people to the Brave ecosystem), and recently with the DeFi euphoria registering significant use of BAT to secure loans and used ad collateral on smart contract protocols (MakerDAO and Compound) the asset have been showing why I bet on it to secure in long term run.


There are several companies who applied to the Brave publishers program and among them big names such as New York Times, which makes more of my desire to buy keep increasing as I see a great future ahead of the project Brave and the asset BAT.

  • Ethereum (ETH).

People can still talking nonsense (to me but for them aren't and have reasons) about this project but i see this one as one of the best on Crypto space, this isn't just a project but a concretization of many architecture projects on top of ETH mainnet, tokenization of things (real estate, shoes, houses, cars...) smart contracts (projects that can negotiate with users without human interference), NFT (non fungible tokens) and many more, turning the Ethereum coin the asset which fuel all the ecosystem surrounding it, nothing can be done without ETH so I buy them when I can to Hodl it!


  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The pure definition of electronic money, the funniest is that I had it on my wallet back in 2017 when the fork occurred and unfortunately I lost the private keys of my first Blockchain.com wallet (but I can still find it on my "electronic dust", I keep all my hard drives containing that info) but I strong recommend the project to Hold it for future gains, the asset still cheap, is a revolutionary blockchain, fast than ever, immediate disposal of funds when transfered best of all with powerful community backing up the project.


I am buying all this coins for one clear reason:

  • I believe in Crypto

  • Cryptocurrency have the power to unite nations with a unique purpose, a better way of payment and empower individuals for all over the world.

I also believe that the world we know today may not be the one tomorrow, the things we deal with today, may be obsolete in near future it's crucial to get knowledge about this ecosystem and benefit from it sooner than others.

Blockchain is the future of things and crypto is the power who will drives the money tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more exciting news, Download Brave to support my writings and subscribe for more updates, also don't forget to register your read.cash account, where you can earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for your articles.

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Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.

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