Why do you Blog at Publish0x!

Publish0x have been part of my life for about year and a couple of months now and I have to admit that isn't the only one which I use to blog but certainly is the best blogging platform for my needs and I believe for many content creators and readers who daily login to share and appreciate content on the platform.

I realized that Publish0x is already a a crucial part of my Blogging earnings on my different sites that I share my articles  but also a place to get inspired reading awesome content from others authors on the website. They aren't just merely content creators but the best of a selected group of writers.


When it comes to share content this guys can really surprise anyone who visit the site for the first time with their articles, they have own touch with own visions about Crypto space, world news, culinary or else they found comfortable writing about. I particular love the ones who concentrate more in Cryptocurrency, my area of exploration, but there is  plenty of room to diverse kind of writers to place Jobs.

Of course I also Blog on the Publish0x because of the incentives in the coins offered in tips to evaluate and appreciate my writer ups, being the unique blogging  platform across the Crypto space whom offer valuable assets such as BAT token, the native asset and principal coin for a working product the Brave Browser.

Also the platform have  Loopring (LRC) which is another great asset with a growing community across the crypto ecosystem backed up by the LRC decentralized market Loopring.io also have a successfully payment service on top of it reducing the fees paid when using their DEX market, and lately have been pumping the price. 

Recently we saw the great Ethereum network main asset Ether (ETH), being added on the Publish0x which increased the content creators presence on the website, turning it in one of the best platforms offering the asset online.


There are plenty more reasons on why I blog at Publish0x but I just focused in the authors interaction and engagement also in the incentives that sounds good to let anyone join, use and embrace the platform sharing astonishing content, and you, what makes you blog on Publish0x?!

Stay tuned for more Cryptocurrency & Blockchain news, don't forget to download Brave Browser to protect your privacy and earn passive income watching non intrusive ads, subscribe for more.

Take care.

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Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.

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