Which Cryptos are you buying to increase your Portfolio.

The bear season (when Cryptos go down relatively to market price) and with the volatile on it open also a good and affordable way to purchase some coins when capital to do that is available.

Of course not all of us have that Portfolio filled with money to purchase more Cryptocurrency but if anyone can it's the better season to purchase more assets and Hodl, we don't know when this Cryptos will be available with that price again on market. Bitcoin (BTC) price is bumping between $10,000 and going up and down every time, and one thing is for sure that asset will go up even higher in future.

The same applies to BCH who is showing a good resistance in market not allowing to go down to $200 and the coin have a large potential awaiting in the future.

So what Cryptos you buying?!

Well, I am securing more assets with a potential in market with working product and with an immense market in Crypto and I will list some of my gems below:

BAT is a token that is a good and marvelous investment to me, I have been accumulating each time more when I have opportunity to and I believe that BraveBroswer is a good tool backed by this asset to tip or even to pay for watching non intrusive ads is definitely a token to Hodl.


  • Ethereum (ETH).

Ethereum (ETH) is the other exciting coin that I Hold and I continue to purchase more and more when I can, most because I believe that ETH network have been undervalued project, with the intense gas fees I believe many I running off but the asset have a great potential and deserve to be part of anyone portfolio, 90% of many users portfolio are filled with ERC-20 tokens that are assets built on top of ETH mainnet.


  • 1UP token.

1UP token is the native asset from Uptrennd Platform an alternative to Facebook who pays users to comment, share topics, and engage on the platform with all actions paid in points that can be converted to the tokens once the withdraw threshold is reached, the project have been growing day after day and now have been integrated to DeFi world, users can now stake their coins on their partnership with Ferrum Network and can receive up to 100% in return staking those coins. A great coin to hodl and I buy some when I can they have really usecase and the value recently exploded but now retreat very well and can still be grabbed cheap.


  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

One thing that many enthusiasts in the crypto space don't realize is the imminent potential about this coin and their Blockchain. When others networks can have some huge congestion and increase their fees to execute a damn transaction with BCH that is just a mirage that don't happen in BCH ecosystem. Besides being a good investment its a secure and fast asset with somehow continues cheap and could break All-time-high without notice.

When I have capital I keep buying it besides earn it on read.cash.


Well, you may notice that I don't have Bitcoin (BTC) in my list, that's because I prefer to Hold this ones and for me right now I don't buy it, more because I have selected this ones to bet high on then and if somehow need BTC could spare some to swap into it, but definitely I like the gems I mentioned on the post.


So what's your favourite tokens/coins you continue to buy to increase your portfolio?!

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