If you had $1000 what could you buy?!

This is a great question and like any good question deserve a great answer!

Nowadays the world of Crypto have been growing a lot, with plenty of quality projects all over the space, but like anything in life have the best ones and the preferred by most, which lead to assume that each one of us have a different idea to spend that $1000 but considering the time and opportunity I would grab more cryptocurrency assets to Hodl.

The timing is specially great to increase my portfolio and also diversify more my cast of assets, DeFi world is booming and definitely deserve a share of than thousand dollars. Another great projects that I can't let to purchase are the natives coins of Brave Browser and Uptrennd platform (that in the last 14 days have seen gains in more than 700%) also increase my share in holdings of Loopring (LRC) that definety are starting to show the potential behind all the LRC ecosystem.

It's oblivious that the most valuables assets in the CoinMarketCap securing also a stable market and in  constant uptrend, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Ethereum deserve to Be on my list of belongings. I also see great future in Chainlink (LINK) which have shown some great and solid uptrend volume transactions and price increase, but I wouldn't purchase right now the asset betting more in increasing my existing portfolio, which don't means that in the next capital that I grab I couldn't purchase it, it's a splendid asset to hold.

So here's my list to buy with that $1000:

  • BTC, ETH , BCH, BAT, 1UP, LRC and SWAP.

That amount could be split in equal part to Hold a diversified portfolio assuring that all the money is well invested.

Times are different with the world facing crisis in a global scale it's time to step in and collect the more decentralized assets your money can buy, the the traditional financial services are nearly collapse in some regions of the planet, a smart investment can pay off in the future!

And you what could you buy with $1000?!

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Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.

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