Have you found a better place than Publish0x?! I doubt that!

Have you found a better place than Publish0x?! I doubt that!

Cryptocurrency platforms where content creators meet together to share amazing and exclusive articles covering all incidents happening on crypto field and not only, just can be found at Publish0x!

That is an reality, Publish0x is the best blogging platform which awesome authors who publish astonishing and very valuable content in compensation loyal fans and common readers tip money worth in assets such as Ethereum (ETH), which is the second more valuable asset in the world of cryptos well positioned in the Coin Market Cap, with daily volumes to make even traditional banks to be afraid of this powerful coin and not all:

  • Ether is the fuel that drives all Ethereum network who built on top millions of the most important projects of tokens of the world, with many being part of the top 50 currencies on the crypto market, and can be tipped free on Publish0x.


Ethereum asset isn't the only one to be tipped over Publish0x, also BAT token can be earned on rewards (get tips by readers who love the authors job) and finally the Loopring (LRC) token who is the other gem found at Publish0x and get it just writing marvelous articles.

This two assets referred above are built on Ethereum network and are ERC-20, are part of projects that I personally love them and I know that in future will be a great powerful ones.

BAT tokens (Basic attention token) is the native token from Brave Browser and works to pay users who watch non intrusive ads on the Brave ecosystem also can be tipped by loyal fans to their favorite authors on various platforms such Twitter, Reddit, twitch, Vimeo and many others where content creators help the Brave team to expand territory and grab more people to use the best blockchain based surfing tool focused in privacy and security.


Loopring in other hand have built a decentralized exchange where users pay absolute anything to trade assets there and use a technology that helps to reduce fees on withdrawals between their platform make this asset also valuable and I believe that in near future many good things will come from this project of cryptocurrency.

All this "gems" can only be found at Publish0x at once, and only in the platform can be tipped them, each reader or author on the platform have the hability to collect and Hodl this cryptos and cash out them at once...tell me, is there any other platform that do this?! 

I doubt!

Stay tuned for more exciting topics, download Brave Browser to earn BAT tokens for watching non intrusive ads, subscribe for more updates on the crypto field.

Take care and have a good Monday🙌.


"...just me carrying the world" _Bitcoin Cash enthusiast _Crypto content creator Always @alberdioni8406 find me online...

Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.
Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.

All topics related to Crypto, Blockchain tools, Cryptocurrency in the world and specially in Africa [the cradle of humanity] becoming crypto catalyst.

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