Brave Browser, BAT, Publish0x: how cool is this Trident!

For a content creator is always good when writing about products that are game changer in the crypto industry also projects that have potential in many fields on the internet or on daily basics in life.

Publish0x is a platform that is changing the way people deal with monetization of articles online, giving a space to publish content and get paid in tips made by loyal fans and random readers who can decide how much the author deserve for his article with a feature proudly original from the site, the adjustable tipping. With that adjusted tipping system the reader can decide to give all tip, or just share a portion of that tip and give 20% of the coins available, which are Ethereum (ETH), Basic attention token (BAT) And Loopring (LRC).


This coins/token are free offered to users and comes from Publish0x rewards pool, and are also the best investment any authors could make to monetise Content on the platform, earning assets with high liquidity market and on the top 50 in CoinMarketCap.

Interesting that Publish0x is one of the best Promoters of the Brave Browser and their native token, BAT, which led the surfing tool focused in privacy and security online blocking annoying ads, trackers and malwares which populates the web a very important tool to use when browsing the blogging site. Not mention that doing that users are maximizing their earnings with the association of Brave rewards program, that rewards Brave users in BAT tokens, for watching non intrusive ads and not all, this users could also apply to become Brave creators to earn even more.

Brave creator program intends to use members social profiles and own websites to invite more people to join the brave ecosystem, and for each referral that enters the environment brought by that link and stays with Brave for more than 30 days the referrer gets paid.

The combination Publish0x plus Brave Browser is a game changer in the industry and could make anyone who adventure to write and be a loyal user of the platform to earn and increase the diversity of their portfolio accumulate BAT on Brave for watching non intrusive ads or applying to be an Author to earn free tips on Publish0x or staying as reader to grab those gems.


No place such Publish0x can be found the combination and availability of earning free ETH, BAT and Loopring for free, maybe just one of those assets but not the 3 combined ones.

Take care and have a wonderful week.

Remember: browse secure with BRAVE BROWSER download it here

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