10 min After-Work Yoga | Wrists, Hips, Heart Openers

By jennyblissasana | Blissasana Yoga | 27 Aug 2020

Unwind after a long day with a chillaxing 10 minute Blissasana Yoga sequence to bring relief and rejuvenation to the body.


Experience hip openers, wrist stretches, calf stretches, and heart openers all with the goal of helping to relieve tension from excessive sitting or being on your feet all day. This is perfect for photographers, those working in an office or working from home as it covers stretches that can provide relief for a variety of different movement patterns.

See you in the woods for this flow!

xo Jenny
Jenny Roberts, Blissasana Creator

Ps. Like the music? Check out Koresma, the artist behind the tunes in this video.

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Blissasana Yoga
Blissasana Yoga

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