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Flaming Souls Dance In The Middle Of Uncommon Sea [Poetry]

24 Mar 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Luz

The cold wind of forgotten desires visited me last night.Memories of fantastic shadows came to my overloaded mind.Wind of dreams are way long dead cold...chopped and healed asking to go home.Heroic hearts fight to stop loving,tired minds fight to st...

A Birdie Post!

23 Mar 2019 1 minute read 2 comments Luz

Oh, the joys of photography! I'm a very amateur dynamic photographer... why I said I'm dynamic? because I always find 100 ways to make miracles with my crappy camera and my grandpa smartphone and somehow manage to make my pics decent enough to be po...

Tall Stalkers

22 Mar 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Luz

Never felt like someone is looking at you? You go walking, minding your own business when you feel someone staring at you. You look everywhere trying to figure it out who's the one stalking you with their eyes but you don't find anything and keep wa...

Wet Skirt [Poetry]

21 Mar 2019 1 minute read 2 comments Luz

  I got a pretty new purple skirt but now its all wet,tears from heaven covered me this morning from feet to head.The wind didn't wanted to dry my skin, the trees are laughing at meand all the bees are here wanting to get the nectar from me.     Mi...


20 Mar 2019 1 minute read 2 comments Luz

Meet Purply! The new resident of the balcony! Hes a little spiky purple kid with lots of personality... _and by personality I mean he will screw your hands if you touch him_... He can be very defensive! He loves sun and... uh... screwing your hand w...

The Oblivion [Short Fiction Story]

20 Mar 2019 2 minute read 4 comments Luz

6:00 am - I woke up in the middle of the street almost naked. My head its killing me and I feel very dizzy. I walked like an hour or so until I reached my house, its a good thing I live alone in this woods, otherwise I would have to give some explan...

You Didn't Fixed A Thing, You Made It Worst!!

19 Mar 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Luz

  You only had one job: Fixing the thing that was broken! In your mind you say "pfrr, this is piece of cake, I can do this with my eyes closed"... so you walked around the problem, look at it, make some mathematical calculations and start fixing the...

Where Did The Time Go?

19 Mar 2019 1 minute read 2 comments Luz

It seems like it was yesterday when playgrounds were filled with happy kids playing and getting dirty. Technology has taken away the real games, the one that requires you to move, to talk, to transpire, to catch sun rays, to see the clouds. Nowadays...

Happy To See You!

18 Mar 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Luz

Aww, my aunt's doggie its happy to see me! See?! He's smiling to the camera! He's so photogenic! Every time he sees a camera he poses with beauty and grace... He's a natural model! Even showed me his best pose! Smile for me Wison! Show the world yo...

Who Killed The World?

18 Mar 2019 1 minute read 2 comments Luz

That's a good question!     I was lost in the blue of the Atlantic ocean, in the waves, in the sky. So lost that I didn't noticed what was written on the wall. I took the pic, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I let my mind fly away with the so...