The Oblivion [Short Fiction Story]

By Luz | blacklux | 20 Mar 2019


6:00 am - I woke up in the middle of the street almost naked. My head its killing me and I feel very dizzy. I walked like an hour or so until I reached my house, its a good thing I live alone in this woods, otherwise I would have to give some explanations about why I was walking just wearing my underwear and that's a question that I don't even know the answer. I took a shower and noticed bruises on my skin, my stomach feels heavy... how the hell I got those bruises? I can't remember a thing!

8:40 am - My dog its scared of me. What's wrong with him? He is always so clingy and now he doesn't even want to be near me! He's barking so loud and screaming when I get near him. I wonder if he's sick...

10:38 am - Something's wrong with me... very, very wrong! I still can't remember why I woke up far away from my house... For God sake, I don't even remember leaving my house last night! This headache is not going away and now every time I touch something made of steel I feel electricity. Why this damned dog keeps barking at me?

12:18 pm - Ah, fuck! I passed out and hit my head with the dinning table. Am I sick? Now my headache is way worst. I have a disgusting taste in my mouth that somehow reminds me something but I don't know what. The lights are on and off, blinking and blinking. Nothing in this house its working properly, not even myself!

3:08 pm - I need to go to the hospital, something's not right. Something is terribly wrong with me! I passed out again... I lost my sight for a few minutes.. all I saw was darkness. My nose its bleeding and I feel so dizzy. This headache is taking the life of me!

3:20 pm - My car is not working! It doesn't even turn on! What's going on here? Why all this is happening to me? There are too many crows outside today. Where did all this birds came from? I had never seen so many of them before!

4:27 pm - I passed out again... I, I'm starting to see glimpses of last night. All I can remember is lights and... there's someone there. The taste in my mouth, I think someone put something inside my mouth but what and why? My body trembles in fear every time I get a glimpse of last night.. what the hell happened?

5:40 pm - The headache is gone finally but my hands are shaking. I feel cold... Am I dying? The crows are flying in circles on top of my cabin... Is the world ending? I feel like my time is ending!

6:50 pm - Is too quiet outside... where are the birds? The dog stopped barking at me but still fears me. The electricity died, I'm using a lamp but I really don't care. I feel that something is about to happen and I'm scared!

7:00 pm - The dog is barking and screaming again, there are lights outside. I wonder if someone came to visit me.... I'm going outside, my body starting to feel heavy. There's a huge light up in the sky, something is grabbing me, its pulling me towards the light! What's all this? Where am I? Is this a spaceship? What are those creatures? Oh God please help me! I can't move! What's that thing? They are putting a thing inside my mouth! I wanna scream but I can't, my voice its gone! Oh God please no, they're gonna open my stomach! Please God help me!

6:00 am - I woke up in the middle of the street almost naked. My head was killing me and I felt very dizzy. How the hell I got there? I can't remember a thing!

Hope y'all enjoyed my story! Oh, and that's a banana cluster "tail"

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