How Much Can Bitcoin, Ether and XRP Cost in 2025? 
How Much Can Bitcoin, Ether and XRP Cost in 2025? 

By Li_KungFu | BitGuy | 30 Jul 2019

Making a long term prediction 5 years into the future is a very difficult prediction to make. The truth is that unless you have figured out the mechanics of breaking through the time-space continuum, nobody actually knows!

However, this does not stop many analysts within the industry (and outside the industry) to make predictions on the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP in the future. Now, this might come back to bite them in the ass if it is completely out of the ball-park, however, I do enjoy reading some of the outlandish predictions that some ‘experts’ have made.

Let’s start with the granddaddy of them all, Bitcoin.


According to, they believe BTC will reach a price of $156,301 by mid-2020.


This is a pretty conservative view in relation to other ‘experts’ but is still a little bit of a stretch in my opinion. However, according to the likes of John McAffee, this is not nearly high enough! McAffee has famously stated that he believes Bitcoin will reach a price of $1million by the end of...2020! Now, this is a very outlandish prediction with no substance to it whatsoever other than the publicity received from the prediction. McAffee had made this prediction last year and still stands by it today with around 1 and a half years to go by the end of 2020.

Other prominent cryptocurrency investors believe Bitcoin could reach a price of $250,000 in the coming years. Tim Draper believes this target could be hit by 2020 with Cameron Winklevoss expecting $250,000 in the next 10-20 years, however, pretty much anything is possible with a timeframe of 10-20 years so this really does not help at all.

Some cryptocurrency analysts are much more conservative than those previously mentioned. For example, Bobby Lee believes that Bitcoin should hit $60,000 by the end of 2020 which is pretty conservative. However, he also believes that Bitcoin can reach $1 million in the future with no time frame attached.

Not everybody is positive with their future Bitcoin price predictions. For example, the economist Joe Davis and the legendary Microsoft innovator Bill Gates both believe that Bitcoin will be worth $0 in the future. Yep, that is not a typo that is ZERO Dollars. Davis believes that Bitcoin is only a function of speculation seeing a “decent probability” that the price will go to zero. Gates, on the other hand, believe that the asset is not producing anything and we should not expect it to go up. Although no timeframe has been given, Gates did suggest that he would short the asset if he had the option - I hope he did stick by his statement when the futures markets had opened. 

Taking all of these predictions into context, it is very clear that there is a huge disparity regarding the future price of Bitcoin, even amongst the experts. With some predicting a million Dollar Bitcoin and others predicting a zero Dollar Bitcoin the actual result for 2025 is likely to be somewhere in between them both.


Looking at the price chart above we can see that the highest BTC has reached is close to $20,000. IMHO, once the $20,000 barrier is breached it should leave the market free to explore the higher territory. However, like in any market, after the boom comes the bust. So each time BTC creates a fresh high we can expect another 60-90% price drop which will certainly stall the price from reaching $1 million anytime soon. Personally, I would not be confident to predict a price above $50,000 by the year 2025 - simply due to the fact that these booms and busts will continue as Bitcoin matures. 

Let us quickly move onto both predictions for Ethereum and XRP. 

Ethereum & XRP

For Ethereum, predicts the price will reach $1,496 by mid-2025, constituting a 676% price increase. This is a VERY conservative estimate in which I could totally see happening. 


The case for Ethereum price over the next 5 years relies heavily on the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole. It will require all of the ETH-based projects to gain traction and adoption which will help the overall Ethereum network. 

Brian Schuster, the founder of ARK Capital, believes that if Ethereum replaces gold as a store of value the price should hit $100,000 in the next 5 years. I have never heard the argument of Ethereum replacing gold as a store of value as this position, if gold is ever indeed replaced, will most likely be claimed by Bitcoin. Other analysts are much more conservative with their predictions. For example, Eric Brown, the CEO of Aliant Payments believes that Ethereum should reach $1,500 by mid-2020.


Ethereum has travelled as high as $1,400 in the past and it will be no surprise to see the asset climb to this value once again. However, climbing to $100,000 in the next 5 years is completely out of the question IMHO. I believe that if Ethereum can create a fresh high above $1,400 we could be testing the $3,000 region, so long as Ethereum manages to migrate over to PoS and the family of projects gain adoption.

As for XRP, recent predictions are tough to come by. This is largely due to the host of ENTIRELY wrong predictions given by analysts for XRP at the end of 2018. Many believed XRP would climb between $6-$12, which did not come anywhere close to fruition. 

For XRP predicts that XRP will reach $1.12 by mid-2025.


However, many experts are still very bullish on XRP over the long term. For example, the CEO of SBI Group, Yoshitaka Kitao, believes that all banks in Japan will be using XRP by 2025 and this will help XRP to surpass the value of BTC. Furthermore, an analyst at UsLifted believes that XRP can reach $22.79 by the end of 2020 by stating; 

"I expect 2020 a magical year where the crypto market will reach to its all-time high. You believe it or not but I strongly believe that by the end of 2020 XRP will reach to around $22.79 with the supply tokens 38,739,145,924. Hence Ripple will have a lifetime high market capital of $88.28 billion dollars."


Looking at the XRP chart above, we can see the highest price for XRP is around $3.5. If the team over at Ripple can continue to amass more partnerships with financial institutions and major banks, we can expect the price for XRP to continue to rise, particularly if they actually use XRP via xRapid. If this is true, I would not be surprised to see XRP reaching above $10 by the end of 2025.


As stated earlier, NOBODY knows where the market will be heading toward in the next year, let alone the next 5. However, taking the opinions of the experts into account, the least we can expect is that the prices for the cryptocurrencies to continue to rise and create fresh ATHs by the year 2025.


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