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5 DeFi Projects That are Yet to Steal the Show

19 Aug 2020 7 minute read 4 comments Li_KungFu

I am sure that you are aware of the DeFi craze that is in FULL MOTION as you read this post. The numbers that DeFi projects have managed to post are genuinely staggering. There is now a total of $6.34 billion that is locked inside DeFi smart contract...

Steemit & Justin Sun - Detailed Timeline [FULL STORY]

4 Jun 2020 7 minute read 11 comments Li_KungFu

If you haven't followed the STEEM vs HIVE drama then you are in for a great series of events here! It began when Justin Sun announced an acquisition but this turned out to be one of the biggest stress tests for a decentralized community - eventually...

zkRollups Explained - Slashing fees to $0.003 per trade with Loopring

12 May 2020 2 minute read 5 comments Li_KungFu

The latest scaling innovation to be realized on Ethereum 1.0 is zkRollups, a sophisticated layer-2 scaling solution that increases scalability through the bundling of transfers into a single transaction. zkRollups, (‘Zero-Knowledge’ Rollups), increas...

BAT & WAVES Now Trade On Kraken

24 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Li_KungFu

It is OFFICAL! You can now buy BAT and WAVES in the United States through another regulated means of trading via the Kraken exchange. The announcement was made on August 21st in which Kraken had stated that they were planning on adding support for WA...

BEAM Gains 50% in Just 5 Days - What's This Crypto About

19 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Li_KungFu

When a cryptocurrency rises by 50% in just a few days it is certainly something to take a look into. The latest cryptocurrency on my radar is BEAM which has increased by a total of 50% over the past 5 days to bring the price for the coin up to the $1...

How Much Can Bitcoin, Ether and XRP Cost in 2025? 

30 Jul 2019 4 minute read 2 comments Li_KungFu

Making a long term prediction 5 years into the future is a very difficult prediction to make. The truth is that unless you have figured out the mechanics of breaking through the time-space continuum, nobody actually knows! However, this does not stop...

How Much Would You Make By Investing Just $100 in ETH, EOS & TRX at ICO Prices

23 Jul 2019 1 minute read 5 comments Li_KungFu

This week I was trying to explain to my sister how much money she would have made if she had invested in some of the cryptocurrency ICOs back in the ICO Mania period. Some of the results for the coins I had suggested were pretty staggering to see tha...

Loopring Has a New CTO - Who Is this Guy and Is He Able To Deliver?

9 Jul 2019 1 minute read 1 comment Li_KungFu

When your project hires a guy who managed to get accepted into a top 100 ranked worldwide university at the age of 15 - there is a slight cause for excitement. Well, that is exactly what Loopring has done in hiring Steven Guo into their team to act a...


Steemit & Justin Sun - Detailed Timeline [FULL STORY]

4 Jun 2020 Li_KungFu

04 June 2020
It took me a while to put this together. I've double checked the facts but it might occur that I mixed STEEM with Steemit in the article here and there (it's pretty confusing) . Please let me know if you spot any mistakes. Enjoy the read!

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Binance - Locked Staking / Flexible Staking / DeFi Staking

27 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments Sapphire

Chances Are You Are Staking  If you have ever used Binance and have held coins on the exchange for the short to medium-term, chances are, you have been staking coins in what they refer to as flexible staking. Most people are aware of the staking oppo...

Whale Wallet Analysis - BASED

27 Aug 2020 6 minute read comments D3F1

Hello guys, I am back with another Whale Wallet Analysis article - this time for $BASED. I have previously conducted a similar analysis for AMPL, LINK, and Synthetix and today will continue this series for $BASED. The $BASED rich list is accessible o...

These Two Altcoins Recently Achieved New All-Time Highs - (TA - 25th August)

25 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments pheonixdown-dee

The Cosmos (ATOM) price reached a new all-time high on Aug 23. The upward trend has yet to show any weakness.   The Solana (SOL) price reached a new all-time high on Aug 13 and has broken out over a short-term descending resistance line.   Cosmos (AT...

Aave V2, The Seamless Finance

19 Aug 2020 4 minute read comments Aave

  After months of work, it’s time for Aave to leave phase 1 and announce a new version of the Aave Protocol. As expected, Aave V2 will continue to push the limits of what is possible with Decentralized Finance. What started as the underdog of DeFi,...

BTC, ETH & LINK Price Prediction for Q3 2020

17 Aug 2020 10 minute read comments CryptoChartWizard91

Hello traders! We are currently halfway through Q3 2020 and the performance of the entire cryptocurrency industry has been quite staggering. Since the start of Q3, which began at the start of July, the likes of Bitcoin has managed to surge by a total...

Why The Latest Publish0x Update is a Big Freakin' Deal

17 Aug 2020 4 minute read comments Ben Wehrman

Hello friends!Apologies for being a bit late on this news--I just arrived home from my 2-year Australia/New Zealand trip this week, and it's been a whirlwind to say the least! Let's jump straight into it... About a week ago, Publish0x's founder @danb...

Is El-Fi wave coming up next after DeFi?

13 Aug 2020 6 minute read comments Chenhuang_defi

Ok, my Twitter feed is packed with $YAM content. Decided to dig in and explain similarities between $YAM & $AMPL. Also, it's time to coin the new term for this type of asset. But first, let's do a quick recap of top $YAM twitter posts.   The thing e...

Statera Project. Crypto for human beings

4 Aug 2020 12 minute read comments Alexandru-Balan

"That sounds rather it... Apple?" No, actually it's Ubuntu Linux which used to be "Linux for human beings" before they tried to cram their solutions down everyone's computers. But, I get it. Big project, big money, big responsibilities...

Lessons I Learnt Being Addicted to Crypto

11 Jun 2020 8 minute read comments alexroan

I’m fascinated by Cryptocurrency. If you are too, this fascination was likely born from excitement. When the market skyrocketed in 2017, I believed that becoming wealthy beyond my wildest dreams was genuinely possible. For the first time in generatio...

FULL List of Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) - Updated 2020

29 Apr 2020 8 minute read comments Da_Sound

1. officially launched its Beta stage In February 2020 and was created by the official Loopring team themselves, which is spearheaded by Daniel Wang and Jay Zhou. The decentralized exchange is the first...


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