Gordon's Opinion - Tagz is a Scam

By BitcoinGordon | BitcoinGordon | 15 Jun 2020

Like most of the crypto world, you may not have heard of Tagz. For the tens of thousands of people they are 'allegedly' stealing money from, it's a name that shall live in infamy. 

This is opinion not fact. I have every right to my opinion. In addition, the evidence provided here is public discussion, free and protected to share with the public. I highly recommend you DYOR and see for yourself.

I will say, some people I deem much smarter than myself recommend not sharing the name of scammers, because it is free advertising. I agree with that intellectually, but with the huge numbers of people they continue to allow on their platform, knowing they will all get caught into the same trap, clearly they are doing something that works, and people are placing a TON of assets on a platform where they will never retrieve their funds again. The only way I know to warn others not to get stuck is to post this. I ask you to share as well. 

I have literally nothing to gain by posting this. I take interest only because I have gone through the nightmare of having funds stolen more than once, so I know how it feels. I am a prolific trader, and I ask a million questions, research things in depth. Anyone can get scammed. Even more, there are newbies to the crypto space every day. It is our duty as veterans of the space to help them, inform them, walk them through the mess.

So, here is the scam. Tagz are experts at dragging the dialog on, making it clear that they are incredibly supportive, but no one is actually able to access their funds.

The entry to the funnel; fully regulated Australian crypto exchange. Low fees. Anyone can register anonymously and load crypto onto the platform and start trading. But, you have to do full KYC to get your money off. People who are approved for KYC later find themselves denied shortly thereafter. Others do not hear back once submitting KYC. Still others are just turned down the first time around. Anyone who asks for the same help multiple times after getting no response to their support tickets, is banned from the Telegram group.

For the small group of people who have passed KYC, they are the first to run into the next level of the scam:

All withdrawal requests fail!

Those withdrawals which are in progress, get stuck in the verification stage. Sometimes, withdrawals DO go through, and they say "complete" and then time out and never get completed on-chain. The Tagz community knows this is a problem, because it was officially addressed as a problem by Tagz support, with a date that it would be resolved. And then, that date passes and the exact same problems continue, with one excuse offered after the next. Even in the interim  of the supposed fix, and specific fix date, excuses were given for individual cases, including stating that the blockchains for top coins were simply congested. I checked several of these times on days that I had sent ETH transactions to other wallets that generated Txid's in 20 seconds and 40 confirmations in a matter of minutes.

Again, I have zero concern for myself in this situation. I've had my own situations with other exchanges and I am very blessed to have my funds working for me on (let us pray) safer platforms. I care about the thousands and thousands and thousands of people hopelessly stuck without their funds.

So, you may ask, is anyone getting their money off of the platform? There is a chance somebody somewhere is succeeding in doing so. After all, in the midst of everyone in the forum getting denied KYC and having 'successful' transactions never reach their destination, they also stated they would be updating their withdrawal fees. The problem? Their fees are the equivalent of $70-80 per coin! Industry standard for Bitcoin withdrawals, for instance are around 0.0005 or 0.001 tops. That's around 4-9 dollars in Bitcoin world. Tagz is $70-80 to get your Bitcoin off of the exchange. There are people who have maybe $100 worth of Bitcoin, who just want to leave the terrible platform, who's best case scenario is to walk with 1/5 of their assets. And again, people with large assets all seem to get denied anyway.

If anyone wonders why the world is slow to mass adoption, perhaps this is one of many reasons?

It is bad enough that the creator of Bitcoin is unknown, the mass media only reports the largest dives, bankers both swear by blockchain and warn you never to use it, apparently you need private keys but if you lose them, no one can help you, and the myriad of "why do we need scary e-money when we have Venmo"?

Anyone who breaks through the noise to the cool part of crypto, the decentralized stick-it-to-the-appropriate-authority-figure, distributed ledger like torrents but for cash, and the idea that it is a revolution of better 'something', then has the treat of running into a bad player like Tagz.  Currently, there are more than 7000 people in their support Telegram, and from what I have read, there isn't a single discussion that is a topic other than bad KYC and the inability to withdraw, or the shock of the up-charge in fees, and losing their coins issued from one version of the Tagz proprietary coin to the next during a swap.

I have reduced a mile of complaints from May 5 to present for your interest. This is extremely edited to remove group usernames and because it's a gazillion miles long. No context is changed or manipulated.


[05.05.20 09:06]
please be patient

🚩 Create a Support Ticket:


[05.05.20 10:51]
Why did disable my account? Admin

[05.05.20 11:10]
I have tagz coin in my account why is it that it diddnt swap to tagz5?

[05.05.20 11:20]
[In reply to T]
hello sir, I once bought TAGZ and I want to invest, I hold TAGZ until now, and now TAGZ has swapped to TAGZ5, how to swap TAGZ to TAGZ5 . help mee?
/please request by submitting a /ticket

[05.05.20 11:22]
[In reply to Tagz Group Support]
🚩 Create a Support Ticket:

ok I have read all of them, it means that TAGZ token cannot swap to TAGZ5?
if like that I regret having bought a TAGZ token and I really suffered losses😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I strongly agree, I suffered a great loss, until now I hold TAGZ Tokens, while TAGZ can no longer switch to TAGZ5😭😭😭😭

Me too i have old tagz in my account but not tradable

this is something unfair, very disappointed with this project, very sorry to buy TAGZ

do i need to complete kyc to make eth withdrawal ?

[12.05.20 18:08]
Yes. It's easy. Tagz...kyc

why withdraw failed?

[12.05.20 21:11]
working 3 day and failed?

[12.05.20 21:35]
same here , eth withdraw still in working 2 days

[13.05.20 01:05]
I've been watching this for more than 2 weeks now and can't figure out what they could possibly be doing to fix their wdrawal problems, but it was supposed to be fixed May5

[13.05.20 05:55]
Because TAGZ5 is an erc20 token so it uses the same address. Do not worry.

Like I said, kyc should only be a few hours aslong as you follow requirements properly

 [13.05.20 22:31]

Why, [13.05.20 23:09]

I will buy it..But my account with a balance of $4000 deactivate
I do not cheat or violate I do not cheat or violate the Tagz rules 😏😩

[14.05.20 01:16]
Hello can someone please tell me why the withdrawal for Eth is still not working, it did appear back in my account after the last failed withdrawal ( which was 6 weeks ago very inexcusable ) . I then tried two withdrawals , which then failed, on the third attempted it reverted back to the 1_1 which also failed, the communication from the admin is zero to none what's going on tagz ??????

[14.05.20 11:22]
kyc is not approved, money cannot be withdrawn, I think we got ripped off

[15.05.20 20:50]
Tickets ofcourse get followed up upon and are answered in the quickest possible fashion depending on priority and severity. Sorry for the delay.

[16.05.20 09:38]
hi sorry I have a concern, about how long does a withdrawal take

[16.05.20 09:46]
I want to trade on this exchange but ppl are complaining about withdrawal I don't think I'll deposit my crypto

[16.05.20 10:31]
[In reply to V]
That is entirely up to you. Withdrawals sometimes take a little longer than normal to process is all. Other people comaplain because they haven't completed their KYC so they cant withdrawal. All they need to do is follow our simple requirements which are not far different from any other exchange.

[16.05.20 10:44]
[In reply to m]
Depending on the size of the withdrawal and the asset, it can be automatic & instant or it can take several hours.

16.05.20 10:45]
2.7 eth

[16.05.20 11:52]
I have a similar withdrawal that is "working" for 29 hours now. A bit long, but it will arrive...

[16.05.20 20:18]
I withdrawal eth but it failed. I don’t know how to withdrawal at TAGZ. So said.:(

[17.05.20 00:18]
[In reply to N]
Please re-lodge the withdrawal. It must have timed out.

[17.05.20 00:21]
I try to withdrawal 2rd time. It's still working 5 hours. How should I do now?

[17.05.20 06:39]
No, it failed. So I submitted it again.

[17.05.20 07:02]
the same thing happens. put assets for withdrawal yesterday, but returned back. Today I repeated the process is still running, waiting for confirmation.Possibly we have to wait for technical support to be available to have a look at it.Yes, maybe, I think that if there are problems with the withdrawal of funds, technical support will inform us of this.

When we can withdrawal without of thinking ? That’s basic problem. TAGZ IS THE BIg SYSTEM. I don’t know why the basic issue still happen.

Make ticket for ur problem sir ..

The withdrawal is too Long, i withdrawed 4 hours ago and now you dont finish yet.

[18.05.20 03:44]
I see on etherscan that eth is transferred from tagz1 to tagz2. us.. when we can whitdraw?

[18.05.20 06:27]
Dear administration, please tell me if there are problems with the withdrawal of funds. Many have already asked this question, but have not received a specific answer. If you have any information (announcements) from a technical group, please let us know. Thank you. @

🚩 Create a Support Ticket:
Can approved level 1 withdraw successfully from your exchange?

[18.05.20 11:37]
it's still working 28 hours

[18.05.20 12:04]

Yes, it is long : my first request failed after +30 hours "working", my second request is now also +30 hours working ... I hope we see improvement soon.

[18.05.20 15:48]
Dodgy that the withdrawel isn't working

 [18.05.20 16:01]

It is strange that all day they ask what to do, but in response there is complete silence.😞

[18.05.20 16:03]
[In reply to ]
Yup, a month ago withdrawels worked fine but now they dont seem to work...

There is minimal delay response time for BTC & LTC at the moment. ETH is primarily the main concern.

[19.05.20 04:15]
[In reply to Benn - CEO of the FREE coin www.FREEcoin.technology]
the problem is that the third time I try to remove Tagz5, but to no avail.

[19.05.20 05:17]
Please see my comment above. Ethereum blockchain is severely delayed in processing. Any ERC20 token including BAT & TAGZ5 works on the same chain. A withdrawal will go from "working" > "failed" if it times-out from processing.

[19.05.20 05:20]
Bitcoin blockchain is currently not encountering such delays. Please be patient with Ethereum OR trade to BTC for quicker withdrawals.

[19.05.20 05:26]
I withdrawal ETH 2 times. 2rd time take over 45 hours and the result is still failed

[19.05.20 05:28]

While we work on the Ethereum network speed issue, please try trading/converting to BTC/LTC and you should find your withdrawal will be a lot smoother.

[19.05.20 05:30]
ℹ️ It is not just our exchange facing such issues - the Ethereum network is major lagged and minimal gas transactions are taking multiple hours and most failing getting reverted.

[19.05.20 05:31]
The only way I think we can fix this issue is to increase our Withdrawal fees but then everyone would also complain about that too.

[19.05.20 05:34]
there is no problem in the commission if there is a guarantee that it will work 100%

 [19.05.20 05:40]
If I convert to Ltc, Will I withdraw quickly?

[19.05.20 05:44]
They said that they did not encounter a problem in the LTC network, there should be a smoother withdrawal.

[19.05.20 08:38]
Hello Admin, can level 1 kyc approved withdraw successfully from your exchange?

[19.05.20 08:39]

[19.05.20 08:48]
Why KYC is rejected i provided all necessary info


[19.05.20 10:08]

Please Admin, how can I cancel my withdrawal?

[19.05.20 10:18]
[In reply to W]
Unfortunately, you do not have the opportunity, as it is immediately sent for confirmation.if you have already confirmed via email, there is no way back from there.

[20.05.20 00:16]
Can we withdrawal from there?

[20.05.20 00:32]
[In reply to Why]
Today I placed an order to remove BTC, it was said that there were no problems in the network, but it was said that there were problems, and they remained in the ETH network.

[20.05.20 05:48]
Perhaps a week

[20.05.20 05:51]
It does not take a week lol. It will confirm soon 👍

[20.05.20 05:55]
Please confirm soon

[20.05.20 06:43]
How abt btc withdrawal

[20.05.20 06:44]
We have lots of users who have been using our exchange since release of Alpha v1.0, 12 months ago. We are doing our best to remedy the current blockchain delays and upgrade our platform. It isn't a question about trust but rather about patience.

[20.05.20 06:44]
How long does it take to withdraw

[20.05.20 07:11]

Depending on the size of the withdrawal and the asset, it can be automatic & instant or it can take several hours.

FYI: Enjin was delisted last week.
ok. I know he was delisted. but I can't withdraw?

[20.05.20 09:32]
Always decline to widrawal enjin.. 😢 Why..?

[20.05.20 09:34]
at least let us withdraw the funds. isn't that right?

Why, [20.05.20 09:35]
At least let us withdraw and sell it elsewhere

Why, [20.05.20 09:37]
I think some Enjin Tokens to widrawal do not make the Tagz bankrupt

[20.05.20 11:06]
Can a support representative tell me why all of my withdrawals are in "working" stage for around 2 days, then fail for over a week now? I'm not flaming, I just want my money.

[20.05.20 16:59]
@k... but, as one human being to another, do you think there's any chance I'll get my money? It's around $600.

[21.05.20 16:05]
Why did the LTC Withdrawal fee increase from 0.1676 to 1.69414

[21.05.20 16:20]
I withdraw 40 LTC, and now the status is completed

[21.05.20 16:21]
But I dont receive any LTC in my wallet

[21.05.20 16:22]
Could you check for me @T...


fee up 100%

[21.05.20 18:13]
Yes and Im trying to figure out why

[21.05.20 18:15]
ℹ️ Blockchain Delays FIXED

⚠️ Important! Must Read 👉

[22.05.20 09:30]
I am going to lose 1800$

[22.05.20 09:34]
Ethics is the activity of man directed to secure the inner perfection of his own personality.

[22.05.20 09:34]
The difference between a moral man and a man of honor is that the latter regrets a discreditable act, even when it has worked and he has not been caught.

[22.05.20 09:56]
This is a advertisement of TAGZ: "Instant Deposit/Withdrawals
All deposits and withdrawals are processed automatically without any manual delay"

[22.05.20 09:56]
Yes, "Without any manual delay"

[22.05.20 10:13]
TAGZ is 1 of the world’s largest Crypto Exchanges by global reported volume and Australia’s largest fully regulated and licensed AML/CTF compliant AUSTRAC registered Dual Gateway Exchange Platform.

[22.05.20 10:14]
@Tag Pls your team have to meet and resolve these issues from members above. Think long term here. This exchange has potential to be huge and it is members that will make it possible.

[22.05.20 10:16]
Yes, They I think they should solve the withdrawal problem faster because it is one of the very important factors to attract traders.

[22.05.20 10:40]
[In reply to ]
I texted him about it, but I still didn't get the answer

[22.05.20 10:40]
[In reply to Johnny Nguyen]
Update me on the outcome. ..I will email them on the coming week

[22.05.20 11:32]
not yet but in my opinion raising wd fees unilaterally might lead to a scam

[22.05.20 16:28]
i am try to withdraw my coin but not able please tell me i am waiting

[22.05.20 20:19]
0.356 ETH withdraw fee... bigged withdrawel fee I have seen in my life

[24.05.20 02:24]
[In reply to Tagz ]
my withdraw is still in working for over 6 days

[24.05.20 03:57]
[In reply to T]
oh, what do you mean "ordinary" while many people reflect they dont withdraw successfully?

Don't you get tired of having to receive lots of feedback without resolving it?

I love Tagz

 [25.05.20 05:02]
So Please solve My problem About My withdrawal

[25.05.20 05:05]
Yes please resolve the withdrawal problem

[25.05.20 05:08]
If you scam, you shoud say to everyone

[02.06.20 11:31]
How can i withdraw

We are all waiting for a solution ...

[02.06.20 13:17]
Yes I also have problems with withdrawals

[02.06.20 17:27]
Thats Not Good

[02.06.20 17:28]

 [02.06.20 17:31]


[02.06.20 17:31]

Another one bites the dust...!

[02.06.20 22:37]
Hi, admin.
I sent a message to Telegram @Y... on June 1st.
But there is no answer.
Please answer what I asked.
Thank you.

[03.06.20 00:51]
How come if I check my wallet address in a block explorer it shows as empty?

[03.06.20 01:29]
We turned 2 today 🎉

[03.06.20 05:36]
Any admin that can support me to unlock my account? I wrote a support ticket but I didn't got any reply. Many thanks in advance.

 [03.06.20 07:22]
Does I need KYc for withdrawal?

[03.06.20 07:23]
Eth Withdrawal is available at the moment?

[03.06.20 07:30]
[In reply to ]
Yes and yes.

 [03.06.20 07:32]
[In reply to ]
But I see many people who have problems with WD? Is it normal?
Can you explain why people have problems with WD?

Tagz Group Support, [03.06.20 07:34]
[In reply to ]
Please join @T... to stay upto date and to read the recent communications about withdrawals.

[03.06.20 07:34]
[Forwarded from T...]
ℹ️ Blockchain Delays FIXED

⚠️ Important! Must Read 👉

=[03.06.20 07:35]
My tickets

=[03.06.20 07:35]
Not replied yet

=[03.06.20 07:35]
When admin??

The Letter of TAGZ CEO Bryan Seiler on TAGZ Announcements seems to tell that withdrawal issues are solved, while in practice they still fail ? So usefull to give an update on the current situation ?

[03.06.20 08:19]
Can you tell me, Withdrawals available or not?

 [03.06.20 11:51]

my status is at work. it's been more than a day.

 [03.06.20 14:06]
it depends what you want to withdraw : Hex, BZT, RDB, TAGZ5, ACCO withdrawals seem to function.
BTC, ETH and other ETH tokens are the problem currently

[03.06.20 14:34]
Hi! Any chance to get support here with disabled account? I wrote a support ticket but no answer

[03.06.20 15:01]
I've been trying to withdraw btc out for a few days now

[03.06.20 19:05]
What it mean ? WD fee 0.356 Eth ? Why so huge fee ?

[03.06.20 22:48]
Dear Admin. Can you please support? My account is deactivated and I have no E-mail about this. What are the steps to activate it again? Support ticket is not being answered.

 [04.06.20 00:22]
[In reply to T]
My query has not been resolved till now

[04.06.20 00:33]
This status is bs the withdrawal is time stamped 25 minutes before I've actually submitted the request

[04.06.20 00:34]
I'm done with this.... I want a fix... You have 48hrs or ARPA will know about you

[04.06.20 06:45]
No answer to open ticket! What other contact options do I have? Assets are blocked on tagz at this point

[04.06.20 09:55]
I have withdrew LTC from 19-05-2020

[04.06.20 09:58]
The status is success

[04.06.20 09:59]
but there is no link for checking on blockchain

[04.06.20 09:59]
and i dont receive my coin in my wallet

[04.06.20 10:01]

[04.06.20 10:01]

[04.06.20 10:13]

[04.06.20 10:13]

[04.06.20 10:51]
I have the same problem. I can't withdraw my funds

[04.06.20 11:57]
Whats going on with the price

[04.06.20 12:59]
Could anyone make a whitdrawal here?

(D), [04.06.20 13:12]
Until now my token is still in tagz nobody to help for the convertion.

 [04.06.20 13:25]
[In reply to ]
Same here

[04.06.20 13:40]
[In reply to ]
depends of what : some ETH TOKENS can be withdrawn, but BTC, ETH, ... does not seem to be working

[04.06.20 13:54]
I hope at least the Australian regulator will answer faster than support

[04.06.20 16:44]
i got 89 BAT that you delisted OVERNIGHT

[04.06.20 16:44]
and the transfer fee is 365

[04.06.20 16:44]
are you trying to steal assets from people?

[04.06.20 16:45]
anybody in my same situation?

[04.06.20 16:46]
The fee is changed

[04.06.20 16:46]
THe high fee but I cant withdraw successfully

[05.06.20 00:43]
[In reply to T]
why is my accounts being deactivated, no reply from support

[In reply 
Many traders report blocked withdrawals in LTC, ETH or BTC : withdrawal request remains "working" for several days, and then "fails".

ETH are currently only being transfered from the TAGZ1 wallet to the TAGZ2 exchange wallet (you can follow the TAGZ exchange wallets via Etherscan, look for wallet addresses labeled "TAGZ")

[10.06.20 07:19]
Can you stop my withdrawal? The transaction doesn't go through for 5 days.

[10.06.20 07:19]
Status: working

[10.06.20 10:39]
I can't login to my account. It said my account does not exist. I can't even use forgot password in this problem.

[10.06.20 11:45]
[In reply to ]
hi, already submit ticket with "Withdrawal not received" will wait for the solutions
thanks @T

 [10.06.20 14:49]
Any update on my withdrawal issues? Still waiting two weeks on

B[11.06.20 05:51]
When back TAGZ5 price 3/5$

  [12.06.20 08:56]
What happened to exchange any responsible authority here?

 [12.06.20 09:08]
What happened

withdrawals in ETH/BTC/LTC blocked by exchange since a couple of weeks now (still possible to withdraw TAGZ5, RDB, HEX, FREE, ...), no communication on target for resolution ...

[12.06.20 10:37]
any update on my withdrawal problems?

 [12.06.20 10:37]
still no response… its been 3 weeks already

 [12.06.20 10:51]
why my Tagz balance disappeared. my balance went blank. long time no open

 [12.06.20 10:51]

 [12.06.20 11:15]
Dear support.
I need your help, my account locked out, why?

[13.06.20 23:44]
[In reply to ]
@T already 3 days, doesn't have any respon yet

 [14.06.20 08:01]
Admin : I need help related to withdraw. I created many tickets on provided link but I did not get any help. Please provide me any solution.

[14.06.20 08:55]
same, still waiting 4 weeks on

[14.06.20 11:20]
Yes, still waiting...

 [14.06.20 11:57]
We have received multiple reports from the HEX team about impeded withdrawals on this exchange.

[14.06.20 16:55]
Is there anyone from support who can unlock my account? Is been deactivated without any notice and support tickets are not answered. Do not PM me to deposit money for account retrieval. is there real supoort here?

 [14.06.20 20:48]
Hello. I have questions about fees. 0,35600 ETH for withdraw ETH ? Is correct?

[14.06.20 20:49]
It’s about 82$

[14.06.20 21:08]
On Binance I have 0,003 ETH so it is about 0,693$

[14.06.20 21:36]
[In reply to P]
The problem is can you withdraw even accept that high fees?

[14.06.20 21:39]
TAGZ has very high fees

[14.06.20 21:39]
I can’t change it.

[14.06.20 22:04]
[In reply to P]
But can you withdraw even with that high fees?

[15.06.20 04:15]
[In reply to W]
No, you can not withdraw ETH, BTC, ...

[15.06.20 04:17]
LTC alsoindeed, you can only withdraw ERC20 tokens like HEX, RDB, FREE, .... My last succesfull withdraw of ETH was 3 weeks ago, since then all withdrawals "failed" ...

[15.06.20 07:59]
HEX Withdrawal is about 18000 hex fee

Decide for yourself.

Protect others.

... and for now, Gordon Freeman, Crypto Super Hero out.

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