Accumulate BAT just by using Brave Browser?

Accumulate BAT just by using Brave Browser?

By BLIP | Bitcoin Trading Experiments | 3 Jul 2020

I started using Brave Browser exclusively in the beginning of June. I installed it on my home computer, my work laptop and my phone. I have not earned any BAT from it yet (I think payments are coming on the 6th).

Yesterday I read the Road to 100K BAT (#1): The Beginning where Ben Wehrman talks about planning his journey to accumulate BAT. I got jealous/inspired and decided to also start documenting my usage of Brave Browser (and the BAT that comes with it!). The difference is that I will do nothing to promote this, no referrals, no social tips, nothing that would require me to change my everyday habits and workflow. OK yes I know that am writing this article right now, but that's about it.  

My goal is to record how much BAT I get just by making Brave Browser my default browser. No special skills or extra time required, if I can do it, pretty much anyone can do it.


My Settings

I have activated Ads, but to be honest i don't even know if i should click them or not. I set the maximum allowed ads displayed per hour: 5.

I verified my Uphold account so that I can get paid every month. 

I also turned Auto-Contribute Off so that I can keep all rewards. Maybe I will enable this later on, since I would love to give something back to the creators that actually got my attention. Isn't this is the whole point of Brave Rewards anyway? But for now, as I am starting out, I am more interested in accumulating as much BAT as i can.  


Month 1 stats (June 2020)

I enjoy the beautiful photos and apparently I have blocked a lot of trackers, saved some bandwidth and saved 24 minutes of my life! 

My Estimated earnings so far for this month: 11.0 BAT

A lot more than I was getting from Chrome and Safari, may i say...

Brave Browser usage



My Total BAT: 0

This is by far the most hands off experiment I have ever done. Talk about passive income! I will get paid to do something that i was gonna do anyway. Exciting times indeed.

So let's see how this plays out!


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Bitcoin Trading Experiments
Bitcoin Trading Experiments

This is just a place to record my journey trying to trade Bitcoin with simple strategies. Actually this is also meant to help me stick to a trading strategy after many, many (really so many...) failures. Sharing this experiment and the accountability this brings, are probably the biggest gains for me at this point.

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