How to get your BAT from your mobile device to you main account.

How to get your BAT from your mobile device to you main account.

The Basic Attention Token and Brave Browser

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) has not just drawn basic attention, the attention was huge and celebrated by the crypto community. BAT allows managers or owners (creators) of

  • websites

  • youtube channels

  • Twitch Channel

  • Twitter Channel

  • Vimeo Channel

  • Reddit

  • Github

to be tipped by Brave Browser users for their content. On the other hand Brave Browser user get rewarded by watching ads. All earnings are automatically paid to the implemented uphold wallet.

How to get your mobile rewards into your main account.

Right now Brave is still working on the implementation to transfer you earnings from mobile devices, you can still synchronize multiple devices with your main account. But this isn´t what we want, we spent double  of our time to watch the ads and want to be rewarded as promise.

You can easily create a youtube channel and register this channel at Brave creators hub. After registration you can tip yourself from the second device and you should transfer your hard earned BAT to your main account.


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