A Few Coins To Consider

A Few Coins To Consider

I am all about finding undervalued coins that have big future projects ahead of them. If you dig deep enough into some of these coins you can find strong backing along with good leadership and developers who are building the block chain better and stronger.

*Please note this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only it is not meant to be investment advice.

Here are some of the strong Possibles I am looking into.


Brave has come a long way. I recommended it heavly when it was valued at $0.11 - $0.15 and so far that has paid off nicely. But I feel like development for brave has just begun and we are in for some huge things over the course of the next year from it.

Brave continues to receive more and more downloads but more importantly content creators have been picking up on it and registering their accounts as a way to get tipping perks for their content. This number has jumped by 3x since it came out of beta.

If you have yet, be sure to download and check out Brave browser by clicking here


At just three and a half cents each you could consider this one as almost a penny stock. Tron has a strong backing and after today's sell off of 5% it most likely has much room to grow based on the amount of new dapps and projects being launched around it.

Trons value just one year ago was $0.062 putting it at about 100% gains and an all time high in the 2017 rally of $0.25 per each. Torn has been looking bullish over the last few weeks and as cryptos continue to rally moving forward this might be a good bet.


Was recently listed on coinbase and saw major growth because of it. However since then the price has slumped off nearly 100% but this large cap cryptocurrency has a good bit going for it in the background. This also seems like a solid bet for a long term investment at it's current lows.


Yup I always list this one because I simply love it. The amount of programming, money and power behind this coin is making huge leaps in cryptocurrency. It was the first ever contact based cryptocurrency which has paved the way for so many other coins to launch from such as Tron and Binance. As development continues Ethereum most likely will be the key to launching new tokens simply because of its massive market cap.

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