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Are Governments Really To Blame For Crypto ?

2 days ago bitcoinflood $0.06 (10.0837 BNTY)

When we talk about bitcoin adoption we think of the government, the SEC and the FTC being in the way to adoption. But is that really the case? As I look back at the history of bitcoin and all that has happened in that time frame there are a few selec...

3 Core Reasons Bitcoin Is Still Bullish

4 days ago bitcoinflood $1.34 (237.8472 BNTY)

Bitcoin has already gone up over 110% in just the last month and a half and while it looks to be stagnate around the $8,000 mark at the moment there actually are a number of key reasons to still be very bullish on bitcoin. Reason Number One - Stock M...

Is Altcoin Season Upon Us ?

1 week ago bitcoinflood $0.18 (31.4479 BNTY)

It is pretty crazy to say but Bitcoins price has honestly been slowing down. When you look at the numbers at the moment bitcoin is only up 2% while other major altcoins such as Ethereum (20%) Litecoin (14%) EOS (12%) Ethereum Classic (30%) Steem (11%...