A depth analysis of bitcointalk.org speculation thread "The next 100x-1000x coin? " - What happened to Btc?

As seen in my previous post here in publish0x - Prologue -  I will provide a series of detailed analytics about predictions made in bitcointalk.org speculation thread "The next 100x-1000x coin? " .
This is a nice experiments able to provide a complete outlook of specific period "ICO MANIA" during August and December 2017.

My series of articles resumes today talking about bitcoin.
This pause was necessary. Since I need some time to collect all ideas and best point to be presented in a single article as full as possible of points of view and new ideas in order to know and fully understand the concept/idea behind Bitcoin.

As you know, and probably you have heard several time, bitcoin is called the mastermind or the king of all crypto currency. 
Not only because it was the first crypto that we have seen.
I do not define it as the "king" nor in others strange ways, but I really see it as something that is much more like a digital gold standard than anything else. I posted this message initially on bitcointalk forum here
Today I will talk to you about bitcoin, as perhaps few have done, or as perhaps you have rarely read.
Because bitcoin is not just peer to peer electronic money.
Only by being able to see what this series of innovations linked to bitcoin really represents, can a series of completely new and in a certain sense futuristic scenarios "open up".

It is difficult to have coherent opinions or ideas on this topic.
There is a whole different set of ideas on what the vision or mission is to follow.
There is no single concept, no common idea.
Yet everyone agrees when they use it or on the information reported on the blockchain.
Blue or Red and white or black..... everyone agrees when they have to evaluate data from the blockchain is bitcoin able to distinguish good from evil? No as we know no transaction can ever be prohibited or hindered, obviously excluding particular situations through miners and here it spontaneously arises at least for me it is a question...

How do you defend good or evil? Who are we to set ourselves up as judges of good or evil and trust or not a system or facilitate someone?
When I read posts on the internet, on forums, on youtube channels, there is a total difference in the cultural level of age or experience.
Precisely for this reason bitcoin belongs to nobody and it is always useless to talk about leaders or groups.

A little philosophically "I don't know I know" even bitcoin "knows it belongs to no one": I have more and more the impression that I am dealing with a "pre-existing and selfish natural force" like the sun, heat, wind, maybe you can "harness" them, but they ARE NOT YOURS.

Maybe you can legally impose rules but they are not yet yours.

Or others may not follow them (Forks nds).
Here this force of nature is now "trust".
You can trust this "blockchain" mechanism as if you were using tap water at home.
Why does everyone manage to focus only on the classic aspects?
Mathematicians? visible? tot vale drops beep ...
As if inventing an airplane or the internet can be exclusively linked
How many packages can you trade at
Or some speed you can travel on a biplane!

All interesting speeches, all technical speeches and of a certain importance on a practical level but which then in reality fail to make people understand the real value of an innovation that is not so much a numerical datum but from its real intrinsic functionality.
that's when they tell you that it is worth nothing, in reality its true "numerical" value compared to something tangible is worth nothing.
it could also be worth 1 dollar again, but with 1 dollar you buy an entire city .... And this is precisely its (subtle) political meaning. It has the ability to be a democratic tool for achieving other goals.

In the digital world an "innate - congenital" trust was born. It is as if today we said that the ice melts at 100 ° under the sun, with the same kind of trust now you can also have in Bitcoin when managing some processes .
Although hypothetically there could be conditions capable of violating this law of nature, then you realize that it is different…. you realize that in itself the very existence of such a law of nature would not only affect Bitcoin, but maybe a whole series of other factors then ....
Here's how we all know (maybe?) Bitcoin is a trusted network.

As we all know, time is fundamental and it is probably the only thing that really has a value in our life, even if it is not transferable or measurable in perspective. With Bitcoin a concept of mathematics is also introduced, thus combining "mathematically time with a concept of trust".
These three fundamental elements of trust / network / time are somewhat the very essence of our times.
because if you think about it, those who use bitcoin rely on a "social blockchain", a network of "pairs" where trust is in rules created by third parties.
Nobody really explains it to you.

They don't explain the "soft skills" of bitcoin to you that easily. Nobody will ever tell you “WHAT IT REALLY MEANS” bitcoin and why they are using it beyond mere economic gain.

Many will disagree with my words. Others will control me. Others will shill an unknown coin hoping it will really be an opportunity like "the new bitcoin".
These almost random words of mine written almost in one go will be useful for someone else

On balance, in this life, I realize that I can only trust the blockchain.

I will resume talking to you about others at the Coin and I will provide you with a new update with the quotations updated to this year as soon as the series ends I will continue with an article every five days I wish you all that you enjoyed this series and now we wait for the next update


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