A depth analysis of bitcointalk.org speculation thread "The next 100x-1000x coin? " - Chainlink

As seen in my previous post here in publish0x - Prologue -  I will provide a series of detailed analytics about predictions made in bitcointalk.org speculation thread "The next 100x-1000x coin? " .
This is a nice experiments able to provide a complete outlook of specific period "ICO MANIA" during August and December 2017.

I decide to dedicate a full chapter of this journey just to talk about Chainlink (LINK) .
Chainlink is a crypto launched in 2017 that is able to connect several data from "real world" directly into blockchain and thus smart contracts. It's a project that has gained a lot of attention during last weeks thanks to a series of news of big collaborations and expansions. 
Despite they haven't a road map have granted a lot of success and have gained attention even from big exchanges like Kraken.com .

In this bitcointalk topic chainlink has been suggested 5 times.
2 Newbies, 2 Member and 1 Full Member with a maximum gain of 56x and a minimum of 34x !

A very huge gain, and a very success for all holders. We can add in this case another chapter, more recent, due the high increase in the price (another 2x) that could touch for the first time a WINNER!  
The prediction made by a newbie on 25 November 2017 with the value of 0,19 eur nowadays has gained an impressive 135x with today evaluation of 26 euro + !

I am not able to make any predictions about further evaluation of the price. Not only because I am holding few coins but also because I am surprised of the value progression. But I don't think this current value will be a kind of maximum evaluation in the time since this is a real application that can be applied even for real world uses cases, bringing a new type of evolution that has been missing during the first 10 years of crypto development.

As I have pointed out in the previous chapter - Intro - despite the huge offer (in terms of numbers of ICO and new tokens), has not been easy get a profit after these years. Up to the end of 2020 no coins have realized a 100x and with LINK there is a success that can be defined "one of a kind".

By the way I can see another "crypto lesson" that is very easy to explain. 
Profitable coins are always a must for any portfolio and even if price are stagnating for a long time this doesn't means the project is dead or there is nothing much better that will come. 

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