A depth analysis of speculation thread "The next 100x-1000x coin? " - Prologue

I've always been curious about two things. The first one is the ability to make a good prediction.
The second one is an high return from a speculation investment. 

Follow me in a series of blogpost dedicated to 1000 posts and 834 predictions left in speculation thread:

"The next 100x-1000x coin? "


All predictions!!!

Results obtained are fascinating since depict altcoins interest of an entire community during the ICO Mania of Aug - Dec 2017.
It could be possible some coin could hit these value? Take a look after three years to see what happens about these promising coins.
What I will show with these data is a sort of lesson about a good investment during these  “fear of missing out” days. 

To avoid time bias, only one quarter was analyzed (with a fixed limit of 1000 messages). The "current" values are set at December 17, 2020.

                                                                                       Can you guess which coin has been enough hyped?

In the coming weeks I will post a series of articles about these data and some insights so follow me on this long journey.

Here the list of argument, feel free to leave a comment!



What happened to Btc?
Top 10
Top 10 vs BTC
The winner
Top -90% loss
Rebranded coins
Dead Coins

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