First El Clásico in 2021 – Prediction

By Betman | Betting | 10 Apr 2021

Capitalism has perfected ways of causing mass addiction on utterly insignificant things. Like Coca-cola. Or El Clásico…

Another thing capitalism is doing brilliantly is – to provoke conflicts. At this department, El Clásico is much better than Coca-cola. Nobody would ever care for a few guys kicking the ball if there wasn’t underlying conflict between Madrid royalists and Catalan freedom lovers. Well, maybe with the exception of a two or three BetScorum fans.


I know it sounds incredible, but there actually are some odds on El Clásico at BetScorum, and here is a screenshot to prove it:

21:00 CET: Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona 1 @2.78

It’s a value bet, if there can be one at the plonkers from Real Madrid. Not that Betman believes that they can win, but rather have faith in the arbiters who could decide against the Catalan ‘separatists’… That also could be a thing to make a championship full of empty stadiums bit more interesting.
OK, you may find even better odds at William Hill (it’s 3.00 over there), but you can’t use SCRs there, and this may be your last chance to bet cheaply before this crypto start mooning. It’s already at 1.5 cents!
There are few more hours until the game starts. Here is you chance to beat Betman… again. Since you did manage to do it in March, and that would be revealed in the next post.

Make this dull match much more interesting!


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