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Ahem | How Nexo turned $2k into $10k

By Bayarizard | Ahem | 16 Aug 2020


I just wanted to show how the scheme concocted in here in picture form: turning USD$2,000 into almost $10,000 worth of Stablecoins (split between Pax and USDC) using my Nexo account.

*Yes, I asked permission beforehand; and no, I don't show the loan process because it does show a bit of PI (it is short & intuitive though).


1. Have a Plan

The current Crypto industry Loan to Value rate is 90%

Have a Plan

2. Execute le Plan

Contrary to the screenshots I have available: you DO need a credit line to withdraw from the account ... just a PSA

Execute the Plan

3. Reap Rewards

I obviously should have e-mailed them this, but after writing my step-by-step article linked here ... they patched it the next day anyway

Reap Benefits

4. Get Rekt by Update 

This is closer to what followers may see in the C.A.S.H. thumbnails

Get Rekt by Update

5.  Review extent of Update

The update basically means borrowers can't earn interest simply because they have Stablecoins & other assets in their account. 

Show Update


That pretty much leads me back to my latest monthly Blockfolio update. For those interested in finding out more about Nexo as a whole, I tried my best to be unbiased in my review (linked here), but full disclosure I do own NEXO tokens (so I'm biased; but hey, it means you can DYOR ;) -- and for those who know about my overall plan, this is all just the beginning >:D  *evil laugh*


... but wait, there's more ...


The Perpetual Giveaway

Full explanation/context for giveaway (linked here). Water is the Chelsea Queen of Africa; one of our banters on Twitter is going to be a P0x article coming soon to a business pitch near you :)

Technically cheating cuz this was tipped before I said I was doing giveaways ... but ... it's the thought that counts


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