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By Bayarizard | C.A.S.H. | 10 Jun 2020

Bayarizard?  Ö?


If you've ever wondered what they mean, because you've heard different things ... well ... this isn't an article explaining that. Rather, this is what I stand for and my goals. Investing in others is a lucrative business; but Kurzgesagt says it better in their video about Egoistic Altruism. If you want to join me on the journey, here's a link to a referral list, especially for those who like discounts, bonuses, etc :)

We all have chances of becoming a millionaires thanks to Crypto -- personally I'm investing to be a Quadrillionaire; but not via simple capitalism, rather through Egoistic Altruism.

Two questions I've asked people commonly: If you were a celestial [space] body, which would you think you'd be? ... and ... if you had all the money you could ever want, how much would be enough and what would you do?

Neutron Star and Quadrillionaire would be my answers ... but I was rarely asked haha; and I typically know what I'd do with every penny I get my hands on; but getting to the six figures is the first step; so I broke down the average categories high income earners usually get their paychecks from (because typically, if you earn +$200,000 per year, it's not just from one source):

  • Labor Income -- [Active] Salary & Wages; consultation & contracting work -- typically constrained by time, but steadier than commission work
  • Yield Income -- [Passive] Dividend, Interest, Rent & Airbnb revenue; basically parking your cash in a place to earn residual income over time
  • Royalty Income -- [Passive] Revenue sharing, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights; these are typically rights or registered ideas that earn you money
  • Royalty Income -- [Active] Affiliate Marketing & Commissions; higher incomes in this category tend to have a good reputation or large audience
  • Capital Gains Income -- [Active] Speculation or buying low & selling high; Stocks, Crypto, Property, Accessories, Drop-shipping, etc 

How does all this tie into Egoistic Altruism? ... how does this affect you?

As I gain, giving away is a priority. On Publish0x, I honestly think I tip a nice amount, even though I take 31% >.>  As of August 2020, my mindset is: Supporting those both now and in the future is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to grow; and instead of merely saying it ... I'll show you :)

After all, my 10 life goals include superseding these fellows in certain areas:

  • Employer & Partner for Life < George Westinghouse
  • A.I. Public companies < Carl Ichan
  • A.I. Private companies < Marcus Lemonis
  • Revolutionizing transportation < Cornelius Vanderbilt
  • Philanthropy < Andrew Carnegie
  • Diversification < J.P.Morgan
  • Head of Conglomerate < J.D.Rockefeller
  • Aid Agriculture < John Queeny
  • Affordable Health & Cosmetics < Charles Walgreen
  • Interstellar Travel < Elon Musk

As I grow financially, I hope to achieve dreams I've laid out on Pinterest, but the truth shall be in the photos via Instagram

Enough chit-chat ... Crypto talk time


If each of these targets keep their price in Bitcoin [Satoshis] relatively the same, at their all-time lowest, then at Bitcoin Core $300,000 -- the average estimated height of the next bullrun, though likely to hit half a million -- for each of these, I'd need to HodL:


  • Basic Attention Token [BAT] -- Attention was the subject of one of my first articles -- to be a millionaire at 32,000 Sats, I'd need only 1000BAT [ACHIEVED ✔ August 2020; earning 4% APY via simple interest]
  • [CRO] -- It has a loyalty earn program via staking, as well as discounts and cash/crypto back when using their card; having a card in the first place is hard to do for many Crypto companies; their exchange services and charting data are not to be forgotten either -- At  10,000 Sats I'd need about 3,500CRO
  • Theta [Theta & TFEUL] -- I have more hope than anything for Theta and it's Theta TV servers to eclipse Twitch sooner or later, but the staking features taking place right now are also things of beauty -- At 25,000 Sats I'd need about 1,500THETA & at 2,000 Sats I'd need 170,000TFEUL
  • Nexo -- At 50,000 Sats, I'd only need about 6,600NEXO [ACHIEVED ✔ July 2020; earning 4% APY via dividends]
  • Energi [NRG] -- Energi was created without an ICO and has had many outstanding achievements; without a doubt the high yield staking and masternodes -- recently dropping startup costs from 10,000NRG to 1,000 -- are my favorite, but the upcoming stablecoin projects & Energi Impact group are not far behind. Their 10% pledge is also a thing of beauty, and if you have time to sign up and visit their discord, very few would be disappointed, especially with their "Energi Rain" channel -- At 150,000 Sats I'd need about 2,300NRG to be a millionaire
  • Chainlink [LINK] -- The potential to use an API via the Chainlink network, among their other features is a long time in the making, but seems to be on schedule; and I for one definitely want to be a part of it -- At 500,000 to 1 million Sats, I'd need 333 to 666LINK  O:<
  • Litecoin [LTC] -- Whether it's Charlie Lee being priceless on Twitter, or friends new to Crypto choosing it as their first purchase, due to it's price & scarcity; or maybe because of it's transaction speed and price coorelation to BTC like silver is to gold; whatever it is, Litecoin seems like a logical choice to have in a Blockfolio, just like BTC. -- At 500,000 - 4 million Sats, I'd need 83 to 666LTC  (:<
  • Bitcoin Cash [BCH] -- I actually agree with Goldman Sachs when they argued that at least for now, Bitcoin's forks (mainly BCH) are essentially the same ⁵; you can earn interest on BCH, collateralize and take loans out on it, and it seems as of the last two years to be pretty correlated in price movements (best seen from the Coinbase app) -- At 2.5 - 20 million Sats, I'd need about 135 or 16BCH
  • Binance Coin [BNB] -- Thanks to it being the biggest, most widely recognized exchange; its quarterly coin burn and acquisition spree: Binance seems unstoppable, and limited in supply -- At 1 - 2 million Sats, I'd need about 333 to 160BNB
  • Ethereum [ETH] -- There's very little explanation needed for this one besides the upcoming staking features and the potential rise in demand for collateral & interest rates -- At 2 - 10 million Sats, I'd need about 160 to 33ETH
  • Tezos [XTZ] -- I hold a small sum accruing on Coinbase, but since it's so far always been in an uptrend, even though it's currently not enough for the baking roll masternode, I'll assume for millionaire via Tezos, I'd need only about -- 1,000XTZ
  • Dogecoin [DOGE] -- Yeah ... this one is up in the air as well, but ... -- Assuming it stays between 30 - 100Sats, I'd 3.3 to 12mil DOGE would be the safest bet
  • Enji [ENJ] -- At about 750 - 5,000 Sats, I'd need about 67,000 to 450,000 ENJ 
  • Electroneum [ETN] -- My excitement for all things optimistic concerning Africa aside, if their project isn't live, their price is only going up because a rising tide lifts all boats -- At a 30 Sat price, I'd need at least 10mil ETN 
  • TRON [TRON] -- Yeah ... I'm not price targeting this one ... I just want 1,000,000TRON 

The holding targets are what I believe will make me a millionaire in each investment over the next decade, but due to Crypto Activist StakeHodling, which I'll go into more detail in my next article(s), I don't really intend to sell any of these goal positions once they are attained.

In addition, I'll not only be updating this article, but linking to C.A.S.H. reviews of the Crypto once I've achieved my base goal


In summary -- If making a lot of money is a priority, starting small tends to be the way to go -- or at least that seems to be the average advise I hear. Whether my targets above come to fruition way earlier than a decade or never: all opinions and projects are merely my thoughts and actions done via my own research & it is probably best viewers do their own as well; and since I displayed everything here for entertainment purposes, let me know how i did; once again here's a link to a referral list, especially for those who like discounts, bonuses, etc :)  Let me know how much money you hope to make one day and which space thingamajig you'd be!

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