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By Bayarizard | C.A.S.H. | 25 Aug 2020



I don't really swing trade anymore, even though I have had successes [& failures] with it, but you can read about those in my first C.A.S.H. article. I do love to do technical analysis, which thus far was lacking in my research articles leading up to this point.

The following are Crypto that I already have, or are dollar cost averaging into; these are the projects I personally believe could push a global economy to mind-boggling market capitalizations currently unthinkable. By showing these, and my opinions, I hope to aid in your research and provide entertainment, but it is always recommended to seek professional financial advise, and not to try what I do at home :)

If a Crypto is highlighted, it's a link to a personal analysis; and for first timers -- "Sats" or Satoshis are 0.00000001 of one Bitcoin. Let's begin shall we? :)


The Charts

  • Basic Attention Token [BAT] -- According to Coinbase, BAT is most correlated to 0x [at 90%]; The price is currently at USD$0.381 or 3,260 Sats

  • [CRO] -- Recently, CRO has been 95% correlated with Cardano & 93% with VeChain; The price is currently at USD$0.173 or 1,485 Sats

  • Theta [THETA] -- No coorelation analysis available on Coinbase at the moment; but, the price is currently at USD$0.524 or 4,480 Sats

  • Theta Feul [TFEUL] -- Same as THETA; Though TFEUL's has risen over the past few weeks, and is currently at USD$0.0131 or 112 Sats

  • Nexo [NEXO] -- The highest  correlations NEXO has are to Kyber Network at 53% & Cardano at 52%; The price is currently at USD$0.132 or 1,129 Sats

  • Energi [NRG] -- According to Coinbase, NRG has an inverse correlation to almost everything -63% to Kyber Network; The price is currently at USD$1.80 or 15,340 Sats

  • Chainlink [LINK] -- Algorand & Cosmos are both 97% correlated to LINK; The price is currently at USD$14.94 or 127,598 Sats

  • Litecoin [LTC] -- LTC is coorelated 98% with BTC & 97% with BCH. The price is currently at USD$61.22 or 522,928 Sats

  • Bitcoin Cash [BCH] -- BCH currently is 98% correlated to BTC; The price is currently sits at USD$287.25 or 2,453,778 Sats

  • Binance Coin [BNB] -- BNB is 88% correlated to LINK; The price is currently at USD$22.35 or 190,912 Sats
Got em

  • Ethereum [ETH] -- ETH's two highest correlations are both 98% with XRP & Monero.  The price is currently at USD$402.40 or 3,436,801 Sats

  • Tezos [XTZ] -- XTZ's highest coorelation with anything is BAT at 66% according to Coinbase. The price is currently at USD$3.62 or 30,945 Sats

  • Dogecoin [DOGE] -- DOGE & Vechain have the highest coorelation at 78% - and also as of this week, the price is currently at USD$0.0034 or 29 Sats

  • Enji [ENJ] -- The price is currently at USD$0.234 or 2,002 Sats

  • Electroneum [ETN] -- As of this week, ETN was -77% inversely correlated to CRO; The price is currently at USD$0.006 or 51 Sats

  • TRON [TRON] -- Besides the earlier stated CRO, TRON is 89% correlated to NEO; The price is currently at USD$0.0246 or 211 Sats


Markets so researched. much money yours. I do use both Fibonacci circles and trend lines to make my trades, but since I'm not a financial advisor ... I'll just leave the pictures as art, and ask how do you trade? Which Crypto? How is your Blockfolio doing this week?

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