Splinterlands - Season end fun with more DEC than cards | Over 50k DEC from rental markets

By Bala | Bala Blockchain Gaming | 31 Aug 2021

I guess the number of cards minted from the game recently has drastically reduced considering the number of players playing the game. Instead of cards, the game has started giving DEC as rewards in the loot chests. The portions are also there and at the same time no cards as such. Read further to know more.


At the same time, the rental market did really well last season. I never got such a huge reward from Splinterlands before for a season. Even if I have got a legendary gold foil card, it would have not been this much in the past. 50K DEC is now a huge value considering the price of DEC right now. I hope the same continues next season as well.

Rented out all my cards

As I have been writing in my previous articles, I have rented out my entire deck and around 50% of the cards that I have rented out have been rented by the players. I had 2 Legendary gold foil cards in the deck and I placed one for 1000 DEC per day and another for 2500 DEC per day as it was worth that much. It wasn't rented and then I reduced the cost to 750 per day for my LGF Ruler of Seas and 1500 per day for my LGF Spirit Miner.


I had no cards in the account but still played this account for fun to get that basic 7 loot chests from the season-end rewards. I'm glad that I got two cards and at least a few DECs.

Season end rewards

I had my other account that was used for playing. I had lots of gold foils in that account and was using it daily for my casual play. I don't participate in tournaments and I even skip playing some days. But in spite of that, I was able to reach Gold II. I followed a strategy where I rented all my Life splinter cards in the market. I usually don't play Life deck and Dragon deck at all. So I rented out both the market and I was playing with the remaining. I received the below reward cards.



I see a lot of DEC in the rewards. Most of the loot chests have given only DEC. Looks like out of 26 loot chests that I opened, I received only 2 cards from that. I'm wondering what the new players would get. I'm sure they might get pissed off if their rewards are also the same for the amount of investment they do inside the game to reach diamond or Champion levels. I wish it was better for them.

My overall DEC earning

I wanted to do this just for my self-assessment. My account worth was close to 35k in one account and 15k in another account. I rented out all the cards in my 35k account and rented partially in the 15k account. It is already few hours after the season end and just for the assessment, I found out that I received a total of around 44k DEC from just renting alone in the main account.

In my secondary account, I received a total of 19k DEC in the last season and I'm sure this also includes the gameplay rewards as well as the daily quest rewards. So it is not just from renting alone. But overall, I guess at least 50k would have been from renting alone. With the current market price, the total comes to around 400$ per season. Considering other rewards as well, it is close to 1000$ per month for playing this game. I guess this is definitely a good thing for people who expect passive income from the game by not playing. I'm someone who doesn't find time for the game so renting it out and has been fruitful for now. Have to see how it goes in the next few seasons.

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