Splinterlands - 3 cards that can make your water deck powerful

By Bala | Bala Blockchain Gaming | 11 Sep 2021

After seeing many people share their strategies with the new players, I also wanted to share some of the strategies that I have been using in the game. Water deck is one of my favorite decks to play with. I have been using my water deck more frequently since I got my Gold Foil Legendary Ruler of seas card. Only then I wanted to upgrade my water deck and play with the water deck on most of my battles.


In this article, I would like to discuss 3 special cards that I think can decorate our water deck and increase our winning chance when we have a need to play with our water deck. I always use these three cards to increase my winning chance. I will also try and give some explanation on why those cards are powerful for Water splinter gameplay. Also please note that this strategy is something that worked well for me and doesn't mean that it can also work for you. If you are planning to invest in these cards, invest with caution.

Ruler of the Seas

First of all, I was very lucky to get a Gold Foil Ruler of the seas card. I initially thought I should sell this off and with the amount I get from selling this, I should be upgrading my summoners to a better level. This was during the early days of the game. I did try by placing the card in the market for some time but nobody picked it up. I then canceled it and started using this in my battles.


After I started using this card, I found it very comfortable and all my games after that had this card selected if it was a simple Water splinter game. There are a few advantages this card gives.

  • It increases the speed of all the monsters
  • It has a blast effect during every attack.
  • It has 3 magic attacks which when combined with the summoner becomes 4 and is insane to defeat the opponent.

One disadvantage this monster can have is health. 5 points are not very great but it is still enough to be able to defeat the opponent before getting hit by the opponent.

Spirit Miner

I was again lucky enough to get this card as well from the rewards. I did not imagine I would be getting this Gold Foil Legendary card. The greatest thing is that I got this two times which was quite rare. Every since I got this card, I started using this as well regularly in the games I play with Water splinter. This card with the combination of the Ruler of the Seas card is indestructible.


Those days with the combination of these two cards, I was able to reach Diamond level very easily and also champion level for quite some time. This card again gives some additional speed which is very important to dominate the opponents. I don't think anyone would have both these cards in the game to dominate the opponent when playing water splinter.

I guess I'm one among the 88 people who are having this card. I was lucky enough to get 2 cards. Getting a gold foil legendary is not an easy thing I would say and these cards are also not affordable in the market as well. I tried renting this card in the market and nobody is willing to rent this card as it is pretty costly to rent.

Prismatic Energy

This is one of the most common cards that a user can get. But ever since the price of all the cards pumped, the price of this card also pumped. I cannot imagine that the price of these cards is very high right now. I remember selling my extra cards for a few cents. I was also fortunate to get a gold foil card as well. But as that is only in level 4 right now, I mostly use the below with level 6 in my battles.


I think this is another good card to decorate the water deck. This becomes a good use only when we have enough mana to use in the game. Most of the time we may not even have enough mana to use this card and only in rare scenarios do we get to use all three cards. If there is a 99 mana rule, we should be lucky to use all these three cards. If the opponent is also coming with the same set of 3 cards, then the battle can be tough. Otherwise, I think the winning chance can incline more towards our side.

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