Simple steps to create a blockchain game on Hive

By Bala | Bala Blockchain Gaming | 14 Feb 2023

This article is going to give only a basic overview. I'm not going to go into technical details or any code in this article. For someone who would like to get started with gaming on Hive, this article can be of use to them. One of the biggest advantages we have on Hive is the community. There are so many people ready to invest in Hive if the concept is very good. It is the duty of the developers and game founders to make sure what they promised is delivered. There are two parameters involved here. One is to give the investors their return on investment and another parameter is to give the entertainment and fun the players were looking for.

Let's go with steps one by one to understand how to get started.

Prepare the game concept

The concept is the heart of any project. Success and failure are entirely dependent on the concept only. Not everyone can be very successful by recreating something that is already there. Adding unique elements to your ideas will make things interesting for investors and gamers. Try to make sure your concept is unique and not something that is very common out there. There are several games already available on other blockchains but come up with something special to be successful. Another important thing is to plan how you can reward the users continuously. A whitepaper is mostly the way to go and this is how people would show interest in your game.



Prepare the Tokenomics

Tokenomics plays a vital role in the crypto world. If you are planning to do a Play2Earn game, it is important to note that the NFTs and FTs you are going to create should have tokenomics that are long-lasting and sustaining. There should be proper inflation and sink to the tokens. It is good to decide the supply of the token and how it would be minted. Some projects might allocate some tokens for the project owners and devs.

Onboard a blockchain developer to the project

This is the most important thing. Some projects might start with regular developers trying to learn blockchain stuff but onboarding a blockchain developer is very important if the game is going to be on Hive or a similar blockchain. There are many Hive developers out there who understand Hive concepts and are capable of coding on Hive. Onboarding a good developer would help in taking the project forward.

Develop the game

The development can start based on the game design documentation or a similar one. The development can involve a single person or multiple people working on the project. The focus can be on the first significant feature in the game that can be launched to the players and investors. There can be multiple releases after the initial release and there can be communications about each development and the progress the developers make.

Purchase supporting FT and NFT contracts on Hive Engine

If you want to integrate the game with the Hive blockchain, the token can either be Hive and HBD directly or it can even be Hive Engine tokens where you get a facility to create your own token and issue them. Most of the games on Hive are using Hive Engine as their platform to create and issue their FT and NFTs. It costs BEE to create a token and issue them. The token creation cost is also not much on Hive compared to other blockchains.

Get ready for the launch

Some people go for a pre-sale and the funds raised from the pre-sale are used for further development of the game. This used to be the concept but now things are changing. Many projects are expecting some initial things to even invest. An alpha launch with some basic features of the game would be a good selling point and further, the game can be developed and multiple releases can happen followed by the initial launch.

Marketing plays an important role after this where we have to go around the community and talk to people about the project. The more people we onboard, the we get more players and more popularity. Even though the game concept is important, marketing is even more important.

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