An Honest Review Of SoMee.Social
This is my attempt at fully reviewing and going through comprehensively. I do not recommend it for many reasons

An Honest Review Of SoMee.Social

By Scott Cunningham | Crypto & Things | 29 Dec 2020

This is my attempt at fully reviewing and going through comprehensively. I do not recommend it for many reasons however, I still use it so I can share my experience using it with you.

  • 00:00 Intro & Disclaimer
  • 02:12 A Few Things To Mention
  • 04:29 ONG Token
  • 04:58 ONG Burn Address
  • 08:38 Website Traffic & Alex Report
  • 12:04 SoMee Platform
  • 17:16 The SoMee Wallet
  • 20:40 Advertising
  • 21:32 Power Up Packages
  • 24:12 Summary
  • 24:35 Questions To Think About
  • 32:20 My Recommendation & Outro


Now to be fair and to protect myself, I will state that I am not calling this a scam and that SoMee is a beta even though it’s over 2 years old. Also, they would like me to note that there are many advisors and influencers on their team as shown below:


Also, this is their supposed traffic numbers: 


Also, this isn’t about being right or wrong, this is simply my experience using SoMee and everything I don’t agree with.

My Review

You can earn quite a bit of SoMee points and consequently ONG from posting and curation. For a social media platform that utilizes the blockchain and has crypto monetization, this is a great achievement. It doubles as the start of a good crypto alternative to Facebook. The thing is that to actually claim your earnings, you must spend about $99 USD to verify in order to be able to withdraw your cryptocurrency and cash out or get a discounted verification when you buy a power-up package which is significantly more expensive than just buying ONG and depositing it. By significantly, I mean about 60-80% more based on the time of doing this review in the video. Otherwise, you don’t have full access or control of the funds that you have invested directly, bought via powerup packages, or anything you’ve earned.

While the platform is still in beta, it lacks many fundamental features like muting notifications from the groups you’re in or replying in a comment thread. It’s coming along, but the platform has hardly changed over the last year from my user experience.

In the future, you will be able to verify via your earned SoMee points, but it has been nearly a year since this promise was made and the promise of ad stake revenue sharing which both haven’t happened as of putting this out. The verification process is a huge obstacle for users and a huge roadblock for those who prioritize decentralization, however, many platforms are starting to require KYC by law, so this may be something we will continue to see more on more platforms. I will criticize all that do. You also pay using a credit card which is a bit annoying and odd given it’s a crypto platform.

They had a lot of issues when switching their servers from Google to AWS and upgrading their blockchain over a 2-3 month period where I had stopped using SoMee. After coming back, things seem to be working great again and I was able to test out the verification and withdrawal process for free. In doing so, there were issues KYC verifying, but I was helped by staff, there were issues accessing swaps, but I was helped by staff, and I will say it was pretty confusing, but it works (sometimes). While I can say, it is legitimate and you can withdraw SoMee to ONG, I was limited to a 10,000 limit for withdrawals every 24 hours. I believe I was told this was done so people don’t tank the price which in of itself leads me to believe it’s not very stable. Nonetheless, I was able to withdraw over 100,000+ and sell it over the course of a couple of weeks or so where the price did decline every day, but that could easily change.

I did notice though that my SoMee power down had never gone through and I had about 30,000 SoMee in limbo. It was then explained that the logs do not show power-downs which is a bit frustrating and that I was missing SoMee which they credited to my account after about a week. I did have an issue with withdrawing SoMee one day, but I was informed that they send it out in batches which is fine I guess but this will make it so that it will take more than 24 hours to get out 10,000 ONG. Shortly after that, they said there were issues with swaps and proceeded to work on that for about a month. After turning swaps on again and allowing you to withdraw, they turned off again after about a week. They claimed they were upgrading and adding nodes which is fine, but it all seems very sketchy considering the ONG price continuing to decline from the platform accounts dumping a lot of ONG throughout both downtimes. It was also unfortunate as ONG continued for months to decline even as the market, in general, goes up. After a month of that, they turned it back on just the other day and now things are seemingly back to normal.

The burned ONG token address included below holds 150,000,000 ONG which is half of the original supply. They claimed to have destroyed the keys that access it, but without proof, one has to ask “why they didn’t send the ONG to a null address?”.

The only other gripe I had was that there aren’t a lot of active users and a lot of posts are low quality. For example, I’ve been invited to many groups, all of which have very few members and the main SoMee official group only has about 1300 members and 90% of the content is stock photography, screenshots, ads, or spam. Their telegram group also has only a couple thousand members and yet they allow polls that barely anyone votes in to determine how they handle these things. People who go against the grain eventually get banned like myself. Also, every post in the group sends you a notification which was extremely spammy to the point where I never noticed a legitimate notification for a comment or upvote and had to leave the group. I’ve seen little to no original content on SoMee. When looking at the companies on the website there are about 600, almost all of which are only followed by the creator of the page and have a name like “dfdfdfdf” or “test group 1”. Everything has been fixed but it seems odd that I had to regularly contact staff to fix what I would consider being normal operations on the platform until I was told to just wait and eventually silenced.

You can watch my original interview with Christopher Kramer the CEO at SoMee here from a year ago:

They even started a fundraiser because they couldn’t get enough people to actually just buy ONG or verify: This screams desperation for SoMee.

All in all, it works, and it’s making me a decent chunk of money so while it’s not perfect, it’s absolutely worth indulging. I can’t help but feel though that I was given special treatment to help the review go more smoothly and I doubt most people would receive the same care. I don’t know how withdrawals and verification will work for everyone else as my experience was riddled with issues and there was a lot of manual intervention and help from the administration. I still don’t see how it’s sustainable at this current rate, but I would have to presume they must rely on very few people actually withdrawing ONG for it to last.

The official site:


Here are the links I covered:

ONG Dev wallet address:

ONG Oracle address:

The “burned” ONG token address:

Alexa Traffic Data:

SoMee ONG Token:


Some Questions To Consider:

  1. Why does everyone have an absurd amount of Gbucks? It's basically valueless because when ads start, for a very long time there will be no profit made by SoMee.
  2. Could swaps be turned off to prevent dumping?
  3. Why are spammers getting massive amounts of Gfuel and then able to give out massive upvotes?
  4. Why are powerups sold at WAY above market price?
  5. Where's the data on 80k active users?
  6. Why did you start a Gofundme campaign then cancel it soon after?
  7. Why were only a handful of people allowed to use swaps previously and not all verified users?
  8. Why were developer wallets and the oracle wallet being drained?
  9. If all these people posting low-quality content receiving massive payouts per post are allowed to continue doing so, how is that sustainable? Also aren’t these rewards misleading to new users?
  10. If 5% of everyone on the platform wanted to withdraw wouldn’t it destroy the platform given the supply is a fractional reserve?
  11. Why don’t we have a whitepaper or a roadmap?
  12. Will that swap ratio of 1:1:1 GFuel:Somee Points:ONG change?
  13. Why is there a 10k daily limit on swaps?
  14. Will the token supply increase, and if it does will current holders be diluted, or will they get an even split?
  15. If someone blocks you, why can’t you downvote them? This incentivizes you to block everyone who downvotes you for spam, etc. and circumvents any kind of community moderation.


Will you use SoMee? Do you use SoMee? What are your thoughts on this platform and the ONG token? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

Nothing is above questioning. Oh, and please don’t SueMee. Thank you.

Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham

I am the host of Crypto & Things and a huge social blockchain enthusiast using what I believe to be the next level of social communication. I make educational content, review platforms, and interview cool people. Links:

Crypto & Things
Crypto & Things

I am the host of Crypto & Things and a huge social blockchain enthusiast using what I believe to be the next level of social communication. I make educational content, review platforms, share my passive & crypto income journey, and most importantly, I get the opportunity to interview and chat with so many amazing people in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and tech space every week and share it all with you. Links:

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