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Logical Fallacies Video Series Part 2

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I have written many logical fallacies blogs in my series and decided to continue while also making videos for it too. In this, we cover the alphabet soup, alternative truth fallacies, and appeals to closure, heaven, nature, emotion, pity, and traditi...

Knowing That You Don’t Know

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Socrates once said I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing. There is a lot of truth to this in the sense that a wise person knows there is more that they don't know than what they do know. However, in our day to day lives, more people act...

Mixing Ethereum Transactions For Anonymity

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Do you have Ethereum you want to send, but want to ensure the transaction is completely private and anonymous without having to convert your crypto into a private coin? Now you can do so with an Ethereum mixer. So, I’ve previously done a blog on Bit...

Do You Look For Ways To Earn Money Online?

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This is mainly for people who wonder why bother with all this stuff going on with cryptocurrency and blockchain and why should I even care? Well, because earning money online has never been easier than now in the time of blockchain and cryptocurrency...

Authoritarian Academia Is Indoctrination Not Education

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It seems to be the case more and more that education isn’t teaching students how to think, but rather what to think. I’ve shared examples of this in the past, but today we are talking about a student being expelled for questioning the left agenda be...

Well Then It’s Not Luck Is It?

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The other day someone said to me, if you succeed, it's just luck. I told them if you succeed and you didn't work hard, then it was luck. But, when you put in work and effort to achieve something, that's called results. I only say this because I want...

Minds OffChain vs OnChain Tokens & Boosting

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Minds has OffChain and OnChain tokens. In this video, I explain the differences as well as cover their new boost system. Simply put, the main difference between OnChain and OffChain tokens is their use of and integration with the blockchain. Because...

Facebook Changes Their Community Standards Then Retracts After Outrage

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Facebook recently made radical changes to their community standards allowing for users to illegally call for incitements to violence and post death threats if the individual is considered dangerous by the media then redacted them. Given there are ver...

A Lesson On Holding: Selling NRG Too Early

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Energi is an amazing company and NRG has excelled over the past year increasing about 10x its value at its peak. I foolishly sold my NRG in November and would like to share with you the hard lesson I learned on holding onto your crypto. Back in Octo...

Logical Fallacies Series Part 20

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Hey there! I want to talk to again you about logical fallacies! There are oh so many and I'd like to go over them. We are now on to part 20 of my series on here. In this series, we are only covering the actual fallacies and what they are, not the app...