Sunday Travelling — Photowalking along the roadside — I 'm alive and thriving Challenge — My Actifit Report Card: January 28 2024

By Aslamrer | Aslam-Hiver | 31 Jan 2024

Hello Publish0X Community! Welcome to my blog. Another weekend brought me an opportunity for travelling around the Country. During, this Journey, I enjoyed Actifit Photowalking as well. Hence, I 'm able to share my other Actifit Report here.

I booked my seat for the Lahore to Faisalabad tour through application. My departure time was 9:00 AM and I reached the bus stop thirty minutes ago.


After reaching my terminal, I found there was a delay due to the fog issue and the motorway was closed. Hence, I decided to fill my empty stomach with breakfast. There was no brand breakfast near me but I found one eating Stall owned by Pathan. Pathan is a hardworking nation if you were in Pakistan then you must be realized by their taste.


I was feeling hungry because I came to the bus stop before taking anything. Now, I was introduced to the simple breakfast menu. I ordered for

  • ****ChickPeas**
  • Chicken Eggs
  • Tea
  • Fermented Bread

These all are my favorite breakfast. When these edibles are cooked by Pathans then they have a special and delicious taste.

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After thirty minutes of delicious Spicy breakfast, I came back to the bus stop. The bus was ready to depart Lahore station. All passengers were sitting comfortably in their seats already. Hence, I entered the bus promptly.

96c5ab24-e9a8-468f-8abc-a49d7970b3a30beb1c15-8cfd-4ba7-9f4a-baa3880eabeaStay at Junaid's Mart

After two hours travelling, our bus stopped to refresh passengers for 10 minutes at Junaid's Mart.


This mart was facilited with all types of Snacks, teas and beverages. I decided to buy

  • Lays
  • RIO Biscuits
  • Tea

Tea is constst drink everywhere because I don't want to stuck my mind with headache. All these snacks were enough to energize myself.


At last, we entered into Faisalabad after three hours travelling from Lahore. There was still fog on some places but we managed everything.


As winter is worst season in Pakistan hence I avoid travelling. There was a simple tour to visit Aunt's house at Weekend hence I can't stop myself for this travelling. Moreover, I 'm happy to take some cool clicks during my journey. I hope, you will enjoy my Photowalking.

This is my entry for today Actifit Report. Thanks!


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