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Hey there you! How're you doing? I'm Byron from Canada and I make PFPs from different parts of zombie portraits. I also draw the zombie portraits that I use to make the PFPs, and those zombie portraits are based on real people that really ask me to draw them as zombies. 
Wild eh?

Well, as some of you know I started a MASSIVEly High Hope Art project geared towards building up the horde community as well as WAX and building towards teaching others how to not only sell their art on the WAX blockchain, but also build community and maybe even some art lessons along the way.

Anyways. As part of the rewards to being a Horde Founder or already joining the 50k Project, there will be a lot of FREE drops
Check out the Project here:

Because I really need to try to get more people involved in the event before I go full speed ahead I decided to start testing exactly how the project will get put together as PFPs. What do I need to do to make this work, technically. How should I draw the zombies to fit together after I rip them apart.
Because there isn't any way to really know except by doing, I began to do just that. 

First of all I drew a bunch of people as Zombies just with ink on paper. I did some of these in my TWITCH livestreams


After that I used my wifes iphone to take pictures of them all and edited 'em in photoshop. I cut each of the zombie portraits into 5 or 7 parts and make sure they all lined up pretty close. With this I was learning how to better draw the next batch of zombies to make sure they line up right. Next set of drawings will have some small changes in how features are presented.

Anyways . . . I cut them up and started feeding them into the PFP machine


I ended up with more layers than I originally thought it would take. I added some backgrounds, a few shadow types and then a frame as well.

THEN I went and tried something silly. I first made a drop with this PFP for FREE to give to those that have already joined the Zombie Project, as well as a FREE mint for the Founders of the Horde.

As of this article posting, no one has minted a FREE one or a paid version.
The FREE version is here:

The PAID version is here:


Maybe the preview gif is kinda ugly?

Every single thing done for this drop is a small lesson learned for the next one i make. Better ways to make the art, edit the art, set up the layers, other things to think about ... I try to use it all to get to the next level. My next Experimental Zombie PFP project will focus on more abstract zombie paintings. If you want to be included in the demo, message me. Or better yet, join the Horde

That said - if you want to order a custom piece of art or even just a sketch, reach out. Let me know. The holiday season is coming and everyone loves original hand drawn art.      I can even create the art in a livestream while you watch :)

Read my other artwork articles ...

I am also open for commissions and, once again, I have a MASSIVE Zombie Portrait Project that will be the best thing you will ever join.

$100 gets you a hand painted zombie portrait as well as a tonne more.
Check it out here

If you like my art and want to see more, check out

spare some btc? bc1qcjduf7njjfkn8vmz6x98s4hkprkapjdek87zuskste293nctkneqe327w7
I'll draw you a picture as a thank you!
spare some ETH? 0x11Da33792Ea9BB1DC76fe8D950453beDec720d70
I'll draw you a picture as a thank you too !

Thanks for reading!


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I am a Canadian Artist living in Canada creating Art ... mostly horror themed. I was shoved hard into crypto early 2021 I still draw and paint horror themed stuff. It has just gotten really weird lately.


This is the blog spot of Byron on PulishOx Byron draws zombies and makes NFTs, this is his story about it ... and stuff See his WAX NFTS here: See the EOS side here: . also on NeftyBlocks here: and NTHive here:

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