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By ArtistByron | ArtistByron | 12 Sep 2023

Hello everyone, I'm Byron from Canada and I draw Zombies. It's my thing.

Orders can be placed here for paypal or fiat or on the WAX blockchain here.


I recently ran headfirst into financial trouble and I'm grinding hard trying to get myself out. My mind exploded with ideas and scenarios and all sorts of bad stuff for about a week after hearing the news. Now that the dust has somewhat settled and a tonne of people have reached out with offers of help in various ways, my positivity is climbing back up and the ridiculous ideas are colliding with past good ones and merging up the two together into one huge cheeze pasta ball of an idea so bad and bizarre that it just might work. 


Gotta pump myself up right? Gotta dream big and then think bigger.

In 2011 I had the neato idea of drawing 1000 people as zombies for just ten bucks a pop. I was naive AF back then, probably like now, just different. In my head I thought I would get a bunch of orders and pound through them fast and furious, one after another and get dozens done in a day. You know . . . half ass it and do it 'just good enough' but not really good enough. A cash grab. 

Then I launched the project, got an initial order of 4 portraits from a Mother who was a fan of my artwork. She got herself and her 3 children done. They were my first and it was cool and I was ready  . . . and then I took my time and did the best job I could.

Each portrait took several hours but I was proud of the art and she was thrilled.


So that was that. I'm doing a good job and getting a few more here and there. It got some traction for a while and I even made a booklet out of the first 50 zombies. I had decided that I would use a different medium for after every 50 zombies. A way to force myself to mix it up. Learn new stuff. 


I got up into the 400s after a few starts and stops but just couldn't keep the momentum going for long enough to sustain it to the end. I was forced to take on other commissions and small projects and whatever I could to get through life.

Life man. It's tough and being a working artist is tougher than the dream makes it feel.


Is it time to let that original 1000 zombie project die for good to make way for a newer, larger and even more advanced zombie project to rise up from its grave and infuse the entire House of the Horde with the full power of web3.

INTRODUCING . . . the WORLDS FIRST EVER 10k Zombie Apocalypse Art Project based on REAL PEOPLE from around the WORLD!

The all cap placement needs some work, but you get the idea right?

So how will it work?

There will be a total of 250 slots available to anyone that wants to be a zombie in this art project. There is an entry fee for this project of $100 USD 
For some people that is a lot of money, for others it isn't. For Byron, it's somewhere in the middle and not money he would easily want to give up.

So because that is in his mind, he needs to be sure that what he is offering for that $100 is worth it.

The very first thing is the actual Zombie Portrait.


This is a 5"x7" hand drawn mixed media zombie portrait.

This is a real hand drawn zombie portrait of you, by Byron. There is no tracing, there is no AI - it is all drawn with ink, painted with watercolours and acrylic paint, then adjusted with various other media until Byron says it's done. You will eventually get to own this painting of yourself as a zombie. 

Not only do you get to own your very own original painting by Byron, you also get the high resolution digital copy as well. As an added bonus, you also get an Avatar image of your zombie for use in social media platforms.


You are also free to use your zombie portrait any way that you wish, as this will also grant you non-exclusive rights to using the artwork in a commercial or non commercial way. Go ahead and sell tshirts or coffee mugs with your undead face on it. If you make a million bucks, buy Byron a coffee or something.
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So now you've got a sweet zombie portrait by Byron, cool avatars and stuff, rights to the artwork, what else is there?

Well if you're not into the blockchain technology stuff like NFTs, then there isn't a lot of other perks.

That said, we're always  coming up with ideas to reward those that collect. Like - a discount codes on future items for sale in my Ko-fi shop. 


High resolution digital images will be sent to everyone as a poster featuring all 250 Zombies. This can be printed out or used for non commercial reasons. There will also be a 250 page PDF featuring all the zombies, and stories to go with each one. So it will be a book and you get the PDF. 


We'll try to think of some other off the blockchain perks. If you can think of any, please let us know in the comments.

As for those that are on the blockchain, there are even more perks, such as a 1/1 PFP on the blockchain of your choice (within reason and you cover gas or minting fees)

Your zombie likeness and 49 others will also be digitally chopped up and used in the PFP machine to generate 10k different zombies. This is how we make a Horde, by crackin' a few zombies.

Participation in this project also means you get to mint 10 free PFPs from each of the 5 different Zombie PFP Generator projects.

THAT'S 50 ZOMBIE PFPs to collect as the projects progress.

In Byron's experience of drawing LOTS and LOTS of anything, variety is important to avoid burning out. So like before, Byron will be trying different techniques and methods of art after each 50 zombie portraits. This project will also fund the purchase of art supplies to allow Byron freedom to experiment with different materials and techniques as he builds the Horde.

So now this has evolved into the 50k Zombie Project, which is good because we were getting a bit worried about the capabilities and limits of the PFP machine. It can only handle a finite # of variables at this time.

Orders can be placed here for paypal or fiat or on the WAX blockchain here.

So back to the perks. Let's recap.

  • Zombie portrait you get to own, mailed to you.
  • Digital files for social media stuff and for printing out.
  • Non exclusive commercial rights to the artwork.
  • PDF files of the final poster showing all 250 different zombies as well as PDF booklets.
  • Discounts for items in the Horde's ko-fi storefront.
  • A 1/1 PFP on the blockchain of your choice.
  • 50 WAX NFTs of your zombie portrait for you to keep, hold, trade, sell, whatever.
  • Inclusion in a 10k zombie PFP
  • Whitelisted for 10 free purchases of each PFP project- so a total of 50 NFTs. 
  • Those that are on the WAX blockchain will also get a special NFT to commemorate this art project and allow you access to potential staking, early drops, and more things as they are invented.
  • This commemorative NFT will also act as a subscription pass for the year of 2024, a nearly $100 value all by itself.

Thanks for reading. If you want to claim a spot for yourself and get a Zombie Portrait, let Byron know in the comments. Otherwise the next post will have the details on how you can take part in this apocalyptical event.

If you want to learn more about me, check out
Byron also has a Ko-fi shop that will someday be selling many more originals, prints and more!

Also check out the Digital Art of Byron on WAX, Opensea,  on EOS, on Objkt .


We've been busy and we're about to go next level.

Orders can be placed here for paypal or fiat or on the WAX blockchain here.


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I am a Canadian Artist living in Canada creating Art ... mostly horror themed. I was shoved hard into crypto early 2021 I still draw and paint horror themed stuff. It has just gotten really weird lately.


This is the blog spot of Byron on PulishOx Byron draws zombies and makes NFTs, this is his story about it ... and stuff See his WAX NFTS here: See the EOS side here: . also on NeftyBlocks here: and NTHive here:

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