The #CryptoCooking Resurrection - Brunch and Bitcoin Cash

By PVM | Art of Happiness | 31 Jan 2023

Once upon a time I started blogging! I made three blogs and told to myself that I will publish in turns in all three. Mind Puzzles - the cryptocurrency one - did a hostile takeover and locked the healthy lifestyle blog and the travel adventures in a dark ... dark place!

The #CryptoCooking tag was born after I created my Bitcoin Cash herbs and spices mixes, and created a link between two of my hobbies! One year later ... I am ready to resurrect and revamp #CryptoCooking and the plan is to make it fun, educative and entraining.


The background story!

The BCH Spice Pots were the follow-up of sharing the way I cook on This was the vision behind #CryptoCooking and the Bitcoin Cash inspired herbs and spices pots.

I made three different blends, each with different ingredients and attributes. I wrote down the ingredients for each type of mix and printed leaflets with the information. Than was time for mixing, grinding and finding the right synergy between flavors.

When everything was added in pots, I scribbled on them to remember which mix is in each. From idea to product in few hours. This is how the Bitcoin Cash, Read Cash and Noise Cash spice mixes were created.

The "Bitcoin Cash" mix is quick and easy to use. Was created as an addition to every type of food, from sandwiches and chips to pizza or pasta. Just add it to everything to enhance the taste.

The "Read Cash" mix is exquisite and versatile. Was created to please crypto fans, poets, athletes, teenagers, adults, students, etc ... exactly like Read Cash. This mix is not too spicy and has a different pallet of flavors. The extra zing from the saffron, smoked paprika, juniper berries and ginger was added to add some heat to comfort food.

"Noise.Cash" is exactly as you know it... quality over quantity. Is hot, fast and will create good vibes, same as our favorite media platform. More chilies for heat and rosemary, fennel and star anise to balance the fire!


Once the pots were ready, I shared them on social media and after few hours I had the first message and my first ever client. She was following my #CryptoCooking  posts on and was a fan of fine dinning.


This was a prime example of Bitcoin Cash P2P efficiency! The social experiment was to see if Bitcoin Cash can be easily implemented in businesses

I thought that $10 for a set of 3 pots will be a fair price, considering the posting and packing. I used my wallet to request the amount and I received the BCH in less than a minute.

Bitcoin Cash is the best alternative for small business. It has fast transactions and low fees, is not limited by borders or time zone.


The Resurrection of Crypto Cooking

I was chatting with @ThomasWolf about cooking and gourmet food, and we both agreed that #CryptoCooking can be more than a tag!

The new direction will be towards crypt education through hobbies and fun. Cooking is similar in many aspects to crypto, as there far too many treats and many flavors on the market.

Let's start slowly and have a nice brunch! I check Coingecko quickly before sorting out my ingredients! Was nice to see that the market ........

Let's define brunch as a meal eaten between 10:00 a.m. and 11:59 a.m. often with a couple of alcoholic drinks. The word brunch is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch and is originated in England.

Free range chicken breast from the local market, slightly seasoned with Noise.Cash mix! It will be hot, fast and will create good vibes, same as our favorite media platform. Chilies for heat and rosemary, fennel and star anise to balance the fire, lightly dusted on the breast fillets!


It can't be a proper brunch without bacon! I fried the chicken breast and the bacon simultaneously, in a similar way Bitcoin and the alts are growing together!


Should you eat that bacon? Depends if you want to treat your taste buds! Be a true warrior and eat that bacon! This question has an easy answer and is normal to choose the best! Will you stake your crypto for 2% APR or 30$ compounding profit?


Another mandatory ingredient for a top brunch is the fried egg! My fried egg has to be different, because details are making basic ingredients into amazing creations.

Based on the above statement, I am using the Power-Farming on Biswap and the Multi-Reward Pool to earn multiple cryptocurrencies, such as EOS, BSW, AVAX, ATOM or TWT!


The plating is as important as the preparation, as the eyes are eating before you even take your first bite! Having a synergy of colors and flavors will make the food even tastier.


Did I said that brunch is often accompanied by alcoholic drinks? DEFO not financial advice but the Three Barrels old French brandy was a good investment, probably as good as buying Ethereum under $1000!

You shouldn't spend money on drinks, or same as crypto investing, spend only what you afford to lose! Don't do like me and waste $1360 on two Pega, as the dudes from Pegaxy don't care about the players! The game is slowly dying and is to late for ROI!


If you want to be cooler and wiser ... go party in Ibiza! Many pubs, bars and clubs are accepting crypto payments!


Finishing the day with another #CryptoCooking photo, salt and pepper wings with mushrooms! Enjoy the day and let me know what you want to see in the future posts!


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