Power-Farming on Biswap - The Multi-Reward Pool

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 26 Sep 2022

I fell in love with Biswap

I am using many protocols, DEXs and platforms but non of them is as rewarding as Biswap. I fell in love with this one because Biswap is not the standard crypto decentralized exchange! Biswap has direct peer-to-peer crypto trading, launchpools, NFT market, a wide range of staking options, dual-earning pools and the "out-of-this-world" Multi-Reward Pool! 


The "stellar" benefits are as good as watching Earth from space. Biswap is the first exchange on Binance Smart Chain with a 3-type referral system and the lowest exchange fee 0.1% in the Defi space! It's like NASA but for crypto, a perfect place for both traders and content creators. You are invited to trade, stake and create content about Biswap, and earn a share of the $5,000,000 in $BSW allocated to the Space Agents Program!


Join the Space Agents Program to showcase your skills and you could earn $BSW for creating content. The allocated prize pool for the campaign is $5,000,000 in $BSW. If you are you passionate about the Biswap project and a social media account with more than 5000 subscribers then you have everything that is needed for a Space Agent!


I covered the Biswap double-reward pools and it is easy to say that the innovative reward system brings DeFi at a higher level. The Double-Reward Pools are available to those that staked at least 500 BSW in the Holders Pool, and limited to 1500 BSW per pool. 

DeFi yield farming for champions, with rewards in BSW tokens plus top tier cryptocurrencies such as LINK, FIL, DOT, ETC, AVAX or XRP. Avalanche (AVAX) and Ripple (XRP) are the newest double-reward pools, and the ones with the highest APY. However, there is a new tool that shines even brighter... the Multi-Reward Pool! 

How does the Multi-Reward Pool work? The users stake BSW tokens and will have 1 active BSW token for every $20 trading volume. The income growth is linked to the trading volume and the users will earn Biswap tokens ($BSW), wrapped Binance Coin ($wBNB), Binance USD ($BUSD) and Betfury ($BFG)


Exploring more Double-Reward Pools

I staked $BSW tokens for 90 days on Binance, at 57% APY. The farming reward was 59 BSW tokens, and the locked asset were returned on the 1st of September. The high APY was available for a limited time, and the most profitable option was to sent everything to Biswap. Minimal fees and less then a minute to receive 309 BSW and explore more Double-Reward Pools. 


My first target was to fill the BSW + ETC pool, where I still had a small allocation to stake. I already farmed 5.6 BSW and $1.73 worth of Ethereum Classic ($ETC), which were farmed automatically when I staked.


Reached the maximal stake of $BSW by adding 70 tokens. I shared the transaction on Twitter for a chance to be one of the 100 weekly winners. During the Sharing Season, over 1000 USD in $BSW tokens are shared by the users sharing their trades or investments.


The BSW + AVAX Double-Reward Pool was new, and staked the remaining $BSW tokens in there. The AVAX token powers the Avalanche decentralized blockchain, an open-source proof of stake with enhanced smart-contract functionality. Both crypto OGs and new-comers know that Avalanche is one of the blockchains that evolved the most in the last year, and the opportunity to earn $AVAX is amazing.


I started the autumn with 3667 BSW staked in the holders pool, auto-compounding at 31.89 % APY and deposits in two of the Double-Reward Pools. The 47% APY on the BSW + ETC pool were farming at maximal efficiency, while the 180 BSW added in the new AVAX pool started the farming with an initial 42.92% APY.


I got some spare BUSD one day later, and there was no better place to spend them then Biswap. Swapped 50 BUSD for 173 BSW, and this trade also helped my Multi-Reward earnings.


The Avalanche chain is the fastest smart contracts platform in the Cryptoverse, based on time-to-finality statistics. It has the most validators securing the network and the outstanding potential made me add another stash of BSW in the AVAX + BSW Double-Reward Pool.


Everything happens at 10x speed in the Cryptoverse, and the BSW + ETC Pool finished. I told you I fell in love with Biswap, and a gentleman always pampers he's love! I swapped 0.156 ETCH, approximately 10 dollars, for 17.33 BSW. 


I was unsure which pool to choose for the 1500 BSW I withdrew from the finished pool, when I noticed something new! The Ripple Double-Reward Pool was added, with BSW and XRP farming at 65.58%. I was thrilled I staked early, when the APY was high.


Crypto farming at high standards! I admire how $BSW keeps compounding in the Holders Pool, and makes me eligible for all the Double-Reward Pools. I am farming  Ripple ($XRP) at maximal power, with 11 BSW and 10 XRP earned over the last week. Also gathering fractions of AVAX and bits of MLS in the pool.


I received another BSW boost and shared the bounty between the new EOS - BSW and the ATOM Double-Reward pools. Filled both with 1500 BSW and started earning crypto at an accelerate rate. Farming BSW and EOS started at 47.88%, while ATOM and BSW staking had a slightly better APR. 


I like Avalanche and I wanted to enhance the farming by adding 205 more BSW in the AVAX Pool. The new staked amount doubled the farming power, while $2.25 worth of crypto was claimed automatically. During the bear market we should build our portfolio, and this is exactly what I am doing now.


The building process takes time, and needs opportunities. Biswap tools are helping crypto savvy people with both aspects, as the pools and staking options are boosted for specific timeframes.

Over the summer I expanded my investments on Biswap and earned ATOM, MLS, XRP and AVAX. I will keep the farming perpetual, shifting the $BSW from the pools that will end to the newest ones.


An example is moving 568 BSW from the ended  Avalanche Double-Reward Pool to the newest addition on Biswap - Earn BSW and TWT!  Trust Wallet Token or simply $TWT, is the BEP-20 utility token that provides a range of benefits and incentives to Trust Wallet users. Trust Wallet itself is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that supports dozens of popular native assets, in addition to popular tokens on the Ethereum, Binance and TRON blockchains.


The end of the month review looks as juicy as the Harvest Festival, with good amounts of $BSW compounding, full baskets of Ripple and EOS, and ATOM and MLS treats!


I also discovered another unique reward for Biswap users, the fee reimbursement from trade. I didn't knew I was receiving fee returns of up to 50% in BSW tokens. The NFTs can also be bosted for higher earnings, as 10% of the reimbursement is credited to Robi Boost & Squid Energy,   


The Multi-Reward Pool

Here comes the most complete DeFi tool in the whole Cryptoveres ... the Multi-Reward Pool! Biswap traders will earn additional rewards, based on staked BSW that will be activated by trading volumes. It is located in the "Earn" Tab, and added multiple tokens return, high APY, low entry barriers and enhanced income for traders. Time for power-farming on green DeFi fields! Just remember this words of wisdom ... a true DeFi farmer harvests from the Multi-Reward Pool! 


Earning via the Multi-Reward Pool requires locked $BSW and trading volume from the user to increase the profit. One staked BSW will be activated for every $20 trading volume achieved in the 30 days following the stake. There is a 60 days locking period, and a 10% commission fee for early withdrawal. 


The Multi-Reward-Pool income depends on the user's trading volume on Biswap, with a ratio based on trading volume/BSW tokens. If the user doesn't reach the full trading volume income required by the staked BSW, the reward will be the exact percentage of trading volume achieved in the 30 days.

I dived into the pool and staked 27 BSW, with $500 trading volume required to activate the whole amount. The APY was 594%, with rewards in BSW, BUSD and wrapped BNB.


The mechanics behind the Multi-Reward Pool are powered by the Biswap innovative framework, and the TVL growth will bring positive benefits to the whole ecosystem. The number of stakers, traders and LP providers will record organic growth as a direct result of the Biswap trading fees addition in the rewards pool. Every trade will send 10% of the commission to the Biswap Earn features, including Multi-Reward Pool.

To take direct advantage of the new feature, I had to stake BSW and swap eligible trading pairs to activate the tokens. The dashboard helped me track the trading volume and active BSW, helping me to achieve the trading volume required to maximize my income. 

The Trading Volume is affected by the multiplier of the exchanged pair, as BUSD -USDT, USDT- USDC, DAI-USDT have a 0.9x multiplier while all others have a set 1x for trading. Based on multipliers, $1000 BUSD traded to USDT will count as $900 trading volume and $1000 BUSD traded for BSW will count as $1000 trading volume. I swapped bags of BNB and BUSD for BSW, and slowly built my trading volume with 1x multiplier.


The Trading Volumes will be burned after the 30 days period, and the counter will sum up the following 30 days at 12 PM UTC. The rewards will be accrued on a daily basis and displayed in the Multi-Reward Pool page. 

The rewards are accrued every 24 hours at 12:00 PM UTC to your balance on the Multi-Reward Pool page. The reward can be harvested any time with a 0.0015 WBNB commission from the reward balance. I earned few cents after the first day, and noticed the Betfury addition into the pool.


The announcement took the Biswap Telegram by storm, and everyone was thrilled when 5,000,000 BFG where added in the Multi-Reward Pool. BetFury is an exclusive and innovative platform dedicated to social Crypto I-Gaming. The platform had the first BTC Dividends pool in the I-gaming market and revolutionized the crypto casino industry. The Biswap and Betfury partnership builds the strongest "hand" in crypto! 


The BetFury token ($BFG) is the utility token based on TRC-20 smart contract for profit-sharing and a healthy gaming environment. BFG tokens can be staked on Betfury for a tokens share from the dividends pool. 


With the new addition, the total distribution balance reached $119,117, and will be replenished in 7 days. Over $82,000 worth of BFG to be distributed, $18,842 of BSW and a fair share of wBNB and BUSD. 


The BFG rewards started to accumulate, and I staked more BSW into the pool. The new focus will be to activate the whole amount, and improve the daily rewards. I had 57 active BSW from 70, another $260 trading volume being required for maximal earnings.


One more week done and not much trading, but the rewards are accumulating as long as the $BSW is active. The Biswap Multi-Reward Pool is a truly unique DeFi tool, and farming four hot tokens simultaneously is a blockchain dream! 


The trading continued, the staked BSW increased and the rewards accumulated! The Biswap Multi-Reward Pool is by far the most complete DeFi tool across the Cryptoverse, and I mean multi-chain not only BSC! The APY stayed above 1100% for days, and took me 20 days to accumulate over 1 dollar in BSW rewards.


I swapped the earned AVAX on the Biswap Exchange to improve my trading volume. I use Biswap for all my trades on Binance Smart Chain, as every little helps boosting my Multi-Reward Pool earnings. Part of the long term strategy is to swap every crypto crumbles into BSW, and improve my holdings.


As of 26th of September, the reward in all the four crypto passed the dollar value. I accumulated 4.5 BSW, 1.1 BUSD, 85 Betfury tokens and 1.12 worth of Wrapped BNB. The rewards will grow along with my trading volume, and will add more value to my crypto mission on Biswap


CetiK Security Audit Completed

Biswap is now Certik audited, receiving 87 Skynet Trust Score. The score ranked Biswap in the top 25% of all Skynet projects, and a 97/100 score for Market & Community shows the outstanding synergy created between the project and the users. 



Biswap brings freshness to DeFi, while providing a wide range of active and passive income opportunities. User can trade with the lowest fee, stake in Double-Reward Pools, Launchpools or the hot Multi-Reward Pool, while taking an active part in the development of the protocol. The users are invited to bring constructive feedback on social media or in the local communities. Join me on Biswap and let's have the biggest Cryptoverse party!

Join the Biswap Social Media and Local Communities and be up to date with the blockchain evolution. With Biswap you can read, learn and explore in your preferred language:


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