Art, Aneurysms, Cats and Crypto - Art and Health Updates and Coinbase IPO Impressions

Hi Everyone, thanks for coming back to read my ramblings.

Its been a busy few weeks since my last update. On the health front, my improvement from the ruptured aneurysm continues. My energy level is slowly increasing, and my eyesight has begun to get a little better. I have moments where the double vision goes away, and I can see clearly. First time it happened I cried like a baby. I still have some cognitive issues moving things around in three dimensional space, which has made it difficult to paint art. However I mustered enough energy this week to paint an impressionist sunset painting which I am including in this post. It feels good to paint again, but its' exhausting. Hopefully cognitive therapy will make it a bit easier.

Now onto some crypto talk! I need to preface that I am not a financial advisor and this is not investment advice. This is also a reminder to do your own research anytime you invest your own money, and realize that risks are involved in any investment. 

That being said, I am personally excited to see what comes of the Coinbase IPO on NASDAQ on April 14th. However, I question the initial valuation that the stock price will be based on. I will probably purchase a position determined on what the stock price will be on the 14th, however my gut tells me that the price may drop in the week/weeks following the IPO. Private purchases of the stock leading up to the IPO has seen the value go up dramatically, and I feel some will turn and sell for quick profit following the IPO. Once again, this is not financial advice, just my thoughts and what my gut tells me.

In the long run, I do feel that Coinbase will be a stock with some volatility, but a good one to hold onto. As I read in a headline today, the market cap of crypto doubled to 2 trillion dollars in the last 3 weeks. As we see more regular folks investing in crypto and institutional adoption, Coinbase may see an influx of cash over the next few months. I was lucky enough to buy in to Voyager stock a few weeks back, and have already seen that investment double. 

Even though there is great volatility in cryptocurrency, money is flowing into them. And just like the gold rush, not every claim yielded gold, but the people that made a fortune were the ones selling shovels and mining picks. Coinbase and Voyager are poised to benefit from the crypto rush in my opinion.

Additionally, the Coinbase IPO may become a comfortable entry point for newbie crypto investors. As a synergistic effect, the cryptocurrency with Coinbase staking, as well as those that offer "free" rewards through Coinbase may see a bump after the IPO. Retail investors with not much knowledge about crypto may feel comfortable with the Coinbase staked crypto and those may benefit from increased investment. These staked cryptocurrency include Cosmos, Tezos and Algorand. 

All around I feel pretty bullish on Coinbase in the long term, as well as the three mentioned Crypto. But those are just my thoughts....

Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section. What do you think?


Thanks for reading, Rob


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Artist and crypto enthusiast

Art, Aneurysms, Cats and Crypto
Art, Aneurysms, Cats and Crypto

Greetings and Salutations! I've recently landed in the PublishOx world. This post is my first and an introduction. My name is Rob, and I'm an artist specializing in acrylic paintings. Pre-COVID, much of my time was spent driving around the USA attending pop-culture conventions and selling art. COVID shut down most of my income sources, however I adapted and found a way to survive. However, on November 22, 2020, I experienced a ruptured aneurysm and hemorrhagic stroke. My life changed in an instant.

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